Unknown cyberbullying(COMPLETE)

Harry's been dared to cyberbully a girl . He doesn't know who he will be bullying .but he is bullying his crush Rachael High . Will he find who he is bulling? Will they become friends ?... Or more? READ TO FIND OUT !!!! P.S this is my first book!!!!read my other ones


11. sorry

Harry's POV

I swear I'm gonna beat the sh*t out of Brian . HE F**KED MY GIRL ! What is up to him . Is he trying to get revenge on me or something ?! I saw Brian . I ran up to him and yelled "BRIAN!" He looked a bit scared but then he said " What !"

Harry: get away from my girl!"

The gang looked confused.brian made a smirk .

Brian :" make me."

I got so angry I pushed him at the lockers . I punched his stomach as hard as I could . I hit his nose too.

Rachael : oh my god Harry stop!

I looked over and It was Rachael . She pulled me . Damn she strong !

Rachael : what the hell ?! What was that all about ?! You know you could have been hurt or suspended !?!

Harry : he f**ked you up! What the hell was I suppose to do . Do nothing about it !

Rachael : you could have almost killed him! You could had almost end up in jail !

Harry : I was trying to protect you !

Rachael : you think beating the sh*t out of someone means you're protect me ! You are so wrong !

After that she walked away and I was stranding there all stupid and alone . I looked at Brian . He had a bloody nose .

Brian : I think I messed with the wrong guy and girl . Sorry bro . You deserve her not me .

I couldn't believe he actually said that .

Harry : no I'm sorry I bust you up.

Brian : no I deserved that .

Brian left .

Liam : ok I don't know what the hell happened but you have some explaining to do

The guys agreed with him

Harry : ok I will tell you everything

I told the gang EVERYTHING

Louis : woah

Harry : yeah yeah I know '! Guys I gotta go catch you later

Rachael's POV

I knew that Harry would kill Brian . BUT NOT NESSESARY ! Knock knock ! I got the door .it was Harry .

Racheal: what do you want !

Harry : I came to talk to you

Rachael: of what you want to beat Brian again !

Harry : I came to say sorry

I rolled my eyes

Harry : I knew this would happened .

He left to get someone . It was Brian . I got scared and Harry could tell

Brian : don't worry I won't hurt you . I see you didnt accept Harry's apology eh?

I nodded .

Brian: I guessed I messed with the wrong guy's girl . I deserved that punched actually . I'm really sorry .

I guess I should apologize to Harry .

Rachael: I'm sorry Harry

Harry : I'm sorry too

Brian left the house . Which was us all alone .

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