Unknown cyberbullying(COMPLETE)

Harry's been dared to cyberbully a girl . He doesn't know who he will be bullying .but he is bullying his crush Rachael High . Will he find who he is bulling? Will they become friends ?... Or more? READ TO FIND OUT !!!! P.S this is my first book!!!!read my other ones


12. our family

*7years later*

Rachael's POV

Harry : Rachael help

Rachael : what

Harry : the kids want to attack me ! I don't know why ! They sprayed water all over me!ah here they come

Steve , Lisa ,& Noah came with their water gun .

Rachael : hold the water gun and drop it !

They dropped it

Rachael: stop this & apologize to your dad now!

Noah : we're sorry daddy

Harry :aw give me a hug . You too Rach .

I hugged him and kissed him

All the kids :ewww

Well three years when we graduated from university we got married . Then I had 2 5 year old twin boys & 1 6 year old daughter . We grew a family

I love Harry ,my husband, and my kids


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