Unknown cyberbullying(COMPLETE)

Harry's been dared to cyberbully a girl . He doesn't know who he will be bullying .but he is bullying his crush Rachael High . Will he find who he is bulling? Will they become friends ?... Or more?

P.S this is my first book!!!!read my other ones


2. cyberbullying

Harry's P.O.V

The gang were there waitin for me to do my dare ."well are you going to do it?" Asked Liam ."Uhh yeah I am." But I really didn't want to . I started to type "hey loser 😝"

Rachael's P.O.V

I was listening my favorite "teenage dirtbag" when I got a message that said "hey loser 😝" I was confused . No one knows my kik username except my BFFs . I typed "who is this ?" " who is this ?I'm your bully." What ?!?! No I can't have a bully!!! "WHO THE HECK ARE YOUUU!!?!?!??" "I already told you I'm your bully loser." Whatever he/she might just leave me alone .

*next morning*

Rachael's P.O.V

I woke up and checked my phone and it said " see you at school fatty !" Fatty ? I'm not fat ? Am I ? "Mom do I look fat?"" No but you do look a little bit chubby ." "WHAT!?!?" "Kidding . Have some chocolate cake."I looked at it it looked yummy but I didn't want some" no thanks mom got to go bye!!" Did my friends gave him/her my kik username ? I gotta ask them .

*at school*

Rachael's P.O.V

"Hey girls" "what's up girly !" Said Emma . "Did you gave anyone my kik username?" "No why?" Asked Katy confused "well read this ." I said as a grabbed my phone . " I don't know that username ." Said Lisa . "I promise you I would never give anyone your username." Said Emma ."well I need to find out who is doing this to me. And why . Got to go girls bye." "Ok bye."

Harry's P.O.V

I couldn't believe I actually did that! I'm still wondering who I'm doing this to. I saw the gang hangin out & I went to join in "hey guys ." "Hey!" "Hey I know something you could the tell the girl !" Said Brian . "Ok what?" " ok so in junior high she secretly use to date Micky . " NO"said louis and he drop jaw at the ground " Yes! Then the broke up secretly and they don't want anyone to know ." " I will try to use that " I answered

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