Unknown cyberbullying(COMPLETE)

Harry's been dared to cyberbully a girl . He doesn't know who he will be bullying .but he is bullying his crush Rachael High . Will he find who he is bulling? Will they become friends ?... Or more?

P.S this is my first book!!!!read my other ones


9. Best valentines EVER!!


*2 months later*

Me and Harry have been dating for two months . And valentines is in two days (A/N not really it's in 6 days . I just wanted to make it 2 days .) so far I haven't seen Brian . Wonder what happened to him. Oh well he's not my problem .

Harry's POV

YAH! Valentines is in 2 days ! I already got her her gift . Diamond earrings .shes gonna love it. " hey Rachael ." I said kissing her cheek ." Hey babe." "Do you want to stay at my house on Thursday ?" "Why ?" She said with a smirk ." It's a suprise ." "Ok babe ." She said then we kissed . Her lips are soft . Our lips together were perfect .

*1 day later *

Rachael's POV

I'm staying at Harry's place for the night . Good thing my parents are at their vacation & my sis is at a sleepover . I walked at his place, knocked at his door , he smiled and started to kiss me . His lips are just soft . I slept at Harry's room with him (we didn't do anything). I woke up with Harry saying "I love you to the moon & back" I blushed the he kissed me . Today would be the best day ever . "Harry" " yeah ." "I love you Harry ." He was about to cry " Harry are you gonna cry ?" I said laughing . " no. I love you too." Then I hugged him .


"I love you Harry ." Did she just said that she loved me . I was about to cry ." Harry are you gonna cry?" She said laughing " no . I love you too." Then she hugged . This afternoon we are going on a date . And after dinner I will give her her gift . Then I will sing to her" I won't give up" .when I was little there will always be talent show and my mum will make me sign up . She always says I'm a star . I thank her to let me in all the talent shows . I was always the winner .



I had to get ready for our date .i wore my favorite black dress.


I picked her up . She looked wow . I can't even explain how she looks . " babe you look gorgeous ." She blushed "thanks " we went to our date . "Babe I want to give you this ." I gave her a little box . She opened it & gasped." Harry you shouldn't have. This must have cost a fortune !" " I wanted to give you it." "Thanks babe." She said with tears in her eyes and hugged me " wait I will be right back" I grabbed the guitar . And sang " I won't give up." . She cried and we hugged ." Harry you are the best boyfriend I had ever ." She said . She stayed at my place and we slept.


I knew he would give me a gift . But not that expensive ! He also sang to me . I stayed at his place . I felt like if I was in heaven when I was in his arms


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