Run Me Down

Jamie they called me.
Jamie Thompson.
The reason his mother died.
A disgrace, as my father says.
A waste if space, nuisance, inbred.
At least that's what he says. But after all the bruises and brats and cuts from him..
Ya, you get the picture.
But this one girl, Emma, she's the one reason I smile. I live for. Everything else has been taken away. But until this gem is gone, then so am I. Then I'm offically a waste of space with no purpose.
So go ahead.
Knock me over
Run Me Down.


2. Wakey Wakey



The alarm clock screams at me.

I get up, leaving the warmth of the covers and stand in front of the mirror. There, a tiny figure with a slouched over figure stood. Only wearing a pair of ripped pj pants, revealing bruises on his arms, back and stomach. Some from school and some from his 'be loving' father. Then there were the cuts...

His black hair falling down over his dark blue eyes, and covering his tear stained face. A face that would never smile again. A face that looked exactly like the man he was forced to live with. The one that blamed him for everything.

Why they live where they do.

Why he couldn't get a better job.

Why his mother died.

All that was pushing down apon him.

Or so he was told.

Along with that, came all the pain. The bruises and slaps he had to put up with. Another reason why smiling was a far away dream. All that, was pushed down on the boy that stood in the mirror. And that boy, was me.

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