Run Me Down

Jamie they called me.
Jamie Thompson.
The reason his mother died.
A disgrace, as my father says.
A waste if space, nuisance, inbred.
At least that's what he says. But after all the bruises and brats and cuts from him..
Ya, you get the picture.
But this one girl, Emma, she's the one reason I smile. I live for. Everything else has been taken away. But until this gem is gone, then so am I. Then I'm offically a waste of space with no purpose.
So go ahead.
Knock me over
Run Me Down.


5. The Crew

The rest of the day was like usual. Got spitballer in English class, locked inside of a locker, and robber of my lunch money at the usual 12:13.

At the end of the day I decide to take the long way home, passing my usual hangout behind 711 on 7 Avenue. I go there to see my friends Jesse, Olly, Skip, Damon, Izzy, Jay, and Mac.


Hey guys! Quick interruption...

THanks for reading my story!!

Those are nicknames so here are thier real names:





Mac-----McKenzie (guy)




Okay that's all love you!


"Yo ma man!" Says Mac.

He was my best friend. I mean I love my crew, we were all equal. Hippies you might call us. Goths, Druggies or Bums. But we just go by the and Mac joined them a few mounts ago since school stared. We were freshmen and they were sophomores or juniors. Only Johnny was a senior, but God knows where he was that night.

But Mac. We knew each other since we were little and I can always count on him to back me up with anything. One time when I got caught steeling a pack of smokes and he time the bullet for me and went to juvy for 3 days. Of course he gave me a big speech saying if I ever did something that stupid again he would skin me alive, but that's Mac. He has a record with the popo already so they go easy on him.

He signals me to come sit beside him. He has a girl with him, Rachel, that's was sitting on his lap. She passes me a bong. I take a big whiff off it and choke.

"Take it easy man! What's wrong?"

After a few more puffs it starts to work its magic and I calm down. I tell them bout my day at school and my dad's new girl. I hated that word. Dad.

"Oooh brah you don't have it so good" says Skip.

"Yeah man, come spend the night at our place if your in a jam with your old man!"

"Na-ah Maan! Your to hiked up to take care if a kid. He's coming with me!" Yells Izzy.

As they fight I take a few more puffs until I get a smokey felling in my throat, but I wash it away with whatever was in the bottle that Mac was holding. Whatever it was, it was strong, and I got a headache from it.

After they wouldn't stop yelling at each other I said:

"Nah guys it's all good. I should get going"

I get up and head down the ally, badly able to walk since my legs felt like rubber and the whole world spinned.

Next thing I know, my face is on the ashfault and I hear Mac calling

"he's down! We gotta druggie! Yeehaw!"

The last thing I remeber is everyone else laughing until the world around me shut down.

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