Run Me Down

Jamie they called me.
Jamie Thompson.
The reason his mother died.
A disgrace, as my father says.
A waste if space, nuisance, inbred.
At least that's what he says. But after all the bruises and brats and cuts from him..
Ya, you get the picture.
But this one girl, Emma, she's the one reason I smile. I live for. Everything else has been taken away. But until this gem is gone, then so am I. Then I'm offically a waste of space with no purpose.
So go ahead.
Knock me over
Run Me Down.


4. Monday

I mwalk down the hallway of East Oaks Middle School. All the freshman gathered in there groups and making it impossible to walk past. When I finally make it through, I turn down the next hallway with my science class.

I see the door when I'm pushed sharply into the lockers. I go falling down, dropping my binder and papers everywhere.

A hand grabs the back of the jacket, yanks me up and nails me in the gut a few times. Someone grabs a handful of my hair and yanks me away, then I'm stuck in a headlock where I'm socked In the gut a few more times.

The grip tightens and I hear laughter, as my head is lifted to see Chase McNeil.

"Hey, momma'a boy!" He says.

A teacher comes by and yells at Chase, but he dosent losses his grip. Then Brady Andrews comes, takes my binder and goes running down the hall. The teacher goes chasing after him and so does the rest of the group, leaving me there alone laying In the middle of the hallway.

I finally get up. "Just die. Right now. Just do it. Die." I mumble towards myself.

As I make my way to science class.

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