Run Me Down

Jamie they called me.
Jamie Thompson.
The reason his mother died.
A disgrace, as my father says.
A waste if space, nuisance, inbred.
At least that's what he says. But after all the bruises and brats and cuts from him..
Ya, you get the picture.
But this one girl, Emma, she's the one reason I smile. I live for. Everything else has been taken away. But until this gem is gone, then so am I. Then I'm offically a waste of space with no purpose.
So go ahead.
Knock me over
Run Me Down.


10. Moes on 6th Ave

We arrive at a place called Moes On 6th. It's a little brick parlor that you wouldn't go to willingly. But the poutine WAS amazing.

We also had a burger, pancakes and these amazing choco-strawberry milkshakes.

After desert and a few more milkshakes we just talked.

About everything.

It was nice.

We talked about bands and hairdos and the populars at our school and comparing them to animals.

She laughed really easily.

It was nice to see someone happy.

Not that I wasn't happy.

Because I was.

Seeing her happy because of me made me happy

. And her laugh was just like my mothers.

Which actually made me smile when I heard it.

It felt wierd to smile.

But in a good way.

It's been ever since I did.

Looks like I have a new reason too.

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