Run Me Down

Jamie they called me.
Jamie Thompson.
The reason his mother died.
A disgrace, as my father says.
A waste if space, nuisance, inbred.
At least that's what he says. But after all the bruises and brats and cuts from him..
Ya, you get the picture.
But this one girl, Emma, she's the one reason I smile. I live for. Everything else has been taken away. But until this gem is gone, then so am I. Then I'm offically a waste of space with no purpose.
So go ahead.
Knock me over
Run Me Down.


8. Emma

After arguing with the crew about what just HAPPEND, I finally get away. Now I'm running down 5th Ave, the crisp autum air filling my long and the sounds of my shows against the road fill the air.

I'm done with this.

No one more.

He can hurt me but not my friends.


The road becomes invisable behind a flow of tears. I finally run out of breath and rest in a old bus stop. I sit and let tears go free and my sobs pour out. I start to shake, but from the cold. I get up and punch the wall, but my legs trample and I slide back onto the ground.

"Simmer down, cream puff, ull break a nail." Says a voice.

I ignore it.

"Want a smoke?"

Then a pack of cigarettes lands beside me and I realized the voice wasn't just in my head. I turn around, and see a figure in the shadows, sitting on the bench across mine.

I step closer.



"J-Jamie Thompson."

She blows a cloud of smoke. When it clears I finally see the girl.

She sat crossed legged on the bench in a pair of sweats, a cut up crop top and a brown leather jacket. She had a pink beanie and bleach blonde hair, but with a tint of honey, hair that ran down her back and covering her face. She looked up at me with bright green eyes that were filled with pain, sorrow was and a history but also welcoming and perky.

In a voice as smooth and Gental as silk she said "Welcome to my home"

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