Can't you tell I'm dying?

Harper has been best friends with Piper ever since kindergarten. And they made a pact. If one of them saw a guy they liked, he was theirs. So in 7th grade when Alex moves to their school and Piper claims him, will Harper fall for him or leave him?


1. I saw him.

It was the first day of 7th grade and Harper and piper walked in as confident as ever. And then they saw him. Alex Markham. He had dark drown hair, just like Harper. But what Harper saw was his eyes. A sea green. Those were the color of her dad's eyes, that died just 3 years ago. Harper felt like she already knew every detail about Alex by just his eyes. And then there was piper. She saw that he was handsome and his hair was marvelous. She didn't care about things that actually mattered, only the physical attributes. But Harper didn't care, she knew Alex would be special. 


 Lunch came around finally and Harper was ecstatic because she sits next to Alex in every class. Piper saw Harper and ran over, her red hair bouncing with her. Piper had to talk about Alex with Harper. 

" OMG did you see Alex, the new kid?!?" 

" Yea he actually sits next to me. " 

"ugh. Lucky. Wait, who saw him first?"

" I don't know. Oh wait it was me cause I screamed'EYES!'"

" So? I totally saw him first. Alright, it's settled, he's mine. "

"What?!? Okay..."

Harper knew this would happen. But how could she see Alex everyday and not be able to like him or talk to him? It was going to kill Harper, literally. 

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