You Need Me,I don't Need you (remake)


2. Chapter 2

I sit up from my horrid slumber and shake my head as if that's going to rid the Nightmare I've had every single night since it happened.That Horrible nightmare I have every night was actually a reality I lived six years ago I remember it like it was yesterday,I can still feel the way my heart sunk to my feet when I seen my mom laying on the white carpet,lifeless, the way my dad's chest was heaving from struggling with her the way my eyes stung like I had gotten pepper sprayed. 
  I Walked along the street my house sat on until I heard the familiar voice voice of my Neighbor,and Best friend Zayn "hey Addison" he has a bright smile painted on his face and his hands are shoved deep into his pockets,I give the Dark haired Boy a small smile before greeting him "Hi" he grabs my hands and flips them over to examine my wrists but I quickly snatch away not wanting him to see the still red and tender lines etched into my somewhat pale skin "why?why did you do it this time?did your dad hurt you?" I shake my head slowly as I think of the last time my dad hit me,it was for being out ten minutes past curfew,My father began taking out his anger on me After he lost the woman he married after my mother."then why'd you do it?" I let my shoulders shrug and then fall "I-I was so lonely.." he looks at me and his eyes soften drastically "Babe I live right next door..why Didn't you come and get me?" I sigh and my bottom lip slightly quivers "I D-Don't Know...I-I want someone New to accompany me" He shakes His head slowly and watches the ground "am I not good Enough for you?" I grab His hands and shakes my head "No,No Zayn It's not like that at all" He scoffs and drops my hands to my sides "It Seemed like it."My legs feel slightly weaker than they were just minutes ago,somethings wrong with Zayn,Usually He's so understandable and Gentle with me,but not today somethings off "Zayn What's Wrong?" His eyes don't meet mine and he shakes his head "you basically just told me you want someone else to comfort you instead of me..I've been here for you since we were thirteen Addy" I shake my head and stare up at him"there's Something else bothering you,I can feel it" He denies it once more and I sigh and go back inside.
   I hear Noises coming from outside and Loud Talking I push my curtains Back and there's a Large Moving truck Outside,great new neighbors.My eyes stay glued on the moving truck and Finally A Red Dodge Viper and a Silver Chevy equinox pull up behind the truck,I sit on my knees in excitement, waiting to see the knew family that's moving next door.A small smirk plays on my lips Once I see the intriguing boy exit from the red Car,He was Perfect.


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