You Need Me,I don't Need you (remake)


1. Chapter 1

I sat on the cold window seal,my knees hugged close to my chest,my eyes red and stinging from the tears that had just spilled moments earlier,my cheeks stained,"I wish Superman would come and save me" I chuckle at the ridiculous thought,knowing that no one would save poor little me.As I sit there in my dark room,alone with all my thoughts,just my thoughts,I knew..I knew I was going fucking insane.As I sit in the window I hear voices whispering 'Do it,jump you know you want to' a sigh slips past my dry,roseate tinted lips 'you can escape the pain,no more fighting,no more trying just give up already you are worthless' and at that moment a boisterous shout comes from the room just next to mine.I stand up, hesitant of where to step next not wanting to create even the slightest noise. "I said don't touch me!!" I can hear my Mothers whimpering pleas and I want to Help I really do..but I can't I'm Just a scared little girl.I mumble to myself 'do it for Alex'.
 I make my way to the door slowly twisting the knob,stepping out into the dark hallway a small gasp comes from my mouth when a loud crash comes from the room I'm readying myself to enter.As I open the door I stand there,frozen and in fear,My father stood over my Mothers limp body,his hands bloodied and her fragile body covered in large black and purple marks,my Father hasn't realized I'm standing in the doorway witnessing something no twelve year old child should witness.My father had just beaten the life out of my poor helpless mother and I stood there not able to a damn thing about it.His towering figure turned to face me his chest heaving and scratches covering his face. "Addison Sweetie..." I flee to my Mothers body shaking her and gently tapping her cheek "MOM!PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME" I wail loudly,My head falling against her stomach "I can't lose you too mommy" I let the word that I haven't use in years eject from my sore,dry throat. "please...Mommy" I stand to my feet running towards the phone frantically dialing the numbers I needed to get in contact with the police 'Hello this is Nine-One-One,How may I help you?' "M-M-My D-Da-Dad Killed My-" My lip quivers and I let out loud sobs into the speaker 'Hello?Your Father what Hon?' I heave in deep breathes attempting to regulate my breathing "H-He Killed...My Mom" I let continuous cries sound through the small room,holding onto my Mothers cold,soft hand.Before the emergency vehicles could arrive to the horrifying scene I was snatched away from my Mothers cold body,I screamed in fear wanting to be let go but my Fathers strong arms wouldn't give in "Please!Let me go" I sob in defeat as my frail body was thrown into the back of the car everything else was a blur as the car accelerated at almost top speed down the empty street.

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