The Superheros Without Capes

16 year old Kelsey Ross enters a world that should never be entered. When she hers there songs she gets stronger everyday. But what happens when her last cut cuts to deep!


1. Introduction

As he pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear "why?" I couldn't control myself and burst into tears as I remember exactly why I did, each and ever single one of them had a story behind them. He hugged me as if I wasn't just another fan but as if he understood me and supported me.

Soon the other members realised the crying and quiet "shh's" from Zayn. Niall stared at us for a while as if he were trying to figure out what's wrong, but he say my arms he frowned and looked away.

Harry knew exactly why I was crying when he looked at Niall and saw the sadness in his eyes. Harry shook his head and signed a picture for a little girl.

Liam heard the crying from across the room and got a tiny tear in his eye to because he knows how a girl cry's when she cuts herself and one of them mention it.

Louis looked across the room at all of there faces and then back at me. He walked over to Zayn and I and gave us a huge hug around both of our body's.

Right after that, I realised that all five of them were around me and my broken heart stared to burn like it was on fire. I just wanted this moment to last forever!

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