Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


7. Chapter 7

Jennifer's POV:

So it been 4 days since David came, it's been all good. Me and Zayn are good friends now, but I'm getting tired of his little slut friend. Ashley keeps sending me death glares, and yesterday she told me that, if I keep talking to Zayn I'll be dead. I wan to tell Zayn, but if I do, she'll make a big deal, and a big drama. I've been in this school for 2 weeks.

"Emma, can I borrow your algebra 1 book?" I asked her

"Sure bae! but you'll have to get in my locker. You know the password right??"

"Yeah, it's 36-6-0" I said

"Yup! hey I have to meet Mr. Smith, I'll see ya at lunch" she said running to her class

"Ok!" I said back. I went to her locker, and tried to open it, but I couldn't. then someone came.

"Hey baby, need help?" he asked with a smirk.

"No it's ok" I said, than I notice I was in the wrong locker.

"C'mon babe, I'll help you" he said getting closer, I backed away.

"N-no thank you, I'm o-ok" I said

"Let's play a little" he said, than started kissing me. I put my hands in his chest, and tried to push him off, this reminded me of David.

"N-no" I said. than I kick him in his private part, and than slapped him.

"Don't touch me" I said angrily. than he left. I try to open my locker again, but I saw Zayn coming, towards this way. He looks pretty mad.

"Hey Zayn" I said

"Hey" he said coldly, and walked passed me. What's wrong with him?

Than some group of girls came.

"Look who we got here.. some piece of shit" Ashley said, looking at me disgusted. She is with her friends.

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed

"Well, I told you like 4 days ago, to leave Zayn alone. but you didn't listen, so I had to make him hate you, and I made it. I'm so glad he left you hanging like a piece of SHIT which that's what you are" she said smiling

"Y-you planed this?" I asked

"Hell yeah! you think I'll let you have him?? Hell NO! he's mine!" she said screaming. Than the bell ring.

"I hope you learned your lesson bitch" she said smiling. my eyes are watery.


Lunch time! I was going to the bathroom when I saw Zayn. I NEED TO TELL HIM THE TRUTH. I went and put my stuff in my locker, and headed where Zayn was. But I was too late. he has Ashley. They're laughing and Ashley keeps flirting, and touching his arm. I felt pain in my chest. But I need to tell him.

"Zayn I need to tell you something" I said

"What the hell do you want? How about, you tell your little boyfriend what you need" he said coldly

"That guy isn't my boyfriend, I don't even know him" I said, he looked at Ashley she just looked away like nothing happened.

"Oh really?? will that didn't seem when you were getting all over him." he said getting mad.

"I wasn't getting all over him. tell your little friend why was he there" I said, he looked at Ashley, she just turned red.

"Will.. Maybe.. Because your a freakin slut!" she said, I was about to slap her, but Zayn got my hand.

"Don't touch her! Why you want to slap her?! because she said the truth?! What makes you think that just because you said a lie, I'll change my mind?! you don't have the right to slap her when she said the truth! She's right, your a slut! Now leave us alone bitch!" he said angrily. I felt tears in my cheek. how could he?

"Wow, and you didn't let me finished. Alright, but when you find out I said the truth, don't come running after me for a apology" I said. I went to the bathroom, I cried and cried. Than Emma came.

"Honey, what's wrong?" she asked

"Z-Zayn, he doesn't trust me anymore, he r-rather Ashley than me" I said crying

"Why? what happened?" she asked. I told her everything.

"He doesn't believe me" I said

"He's a fucking bastard! and that bitch is going to hear me!" she yelled

"He didn't even let me explain him everything, he started calling me names" I said

"You know what? I'll slap that bitch right now!" she said and got out of the bathroom.

Emma's POV:

Who the hell that bitch thinks she is?! She'll hear me, so is Zayn! Oh look at them, talking and laughing calmly. I went up to her, and grabbed her by the hair and slapped her, hard as I could. she deserved it.

"What the fuck Emma?! what's wrong with you" Zayn said

"NO! YOU MEAN WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU STUPID ASSHOLE! but I see that you care about this hoe more than Jennifer" I said

"Don't call her that, and yes I do care more about Ashley, since your little friend, being a slut got all over Andrew!" he said. I slapped him.

"Oh really?! Alright than, leave Jennifer for this hoe without a explanation! I just hope, this shit can give you what Jennifer gabbed you! And I hope Jennifer finds someone better, and not a freakin bastard, so he can help her out when her ex comes! have fun with this hoe!" I said.

"What's wrong?" Liam and the rest said

"She-" I interrupted Zayn

"Your stupid friend left Jennifer like a pice of shit! just because of this fucking hoe!" I said angrily. Ashley left. Fucking motherfucker!

"Man, I told you Ashley would give you problems" Niall said

"Wow! now everybody is against ashley?! She didn't do nothing! Jennifer was all over Andrew, and I saw her!" he said, I laughed

"You can be a real dick you know? Did you saw every single thing?! Were you there the whole time?!" he just looked down "EXACTLY!" I said.

"What did Jennifer said?" Liam asked

"Your friend didn't even let her explain the whole thing! because he was so entertain with his hoe, that he didn't want to listen to Jennifer!" I said angrily, he just looked down the whole time. "you know what?! keep believing your little slut! because right now, Jennifer doesn't want to see your ass!" I said and left.


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