Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


6. Chapter 6

Jennifer's POV:

WHAT?! Why is he here?!! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!! He got inside, and looked around.

"Look who we got here. My beautiful ex-girlfriend" David said. He's my ex-boyfriend, everybody thinks he's dead. But I guess we were all wrong. He use to hurt me a lot, I was scared of him.

"W-what are you d-doing here?" I asked nervous. he just smirked and stared at me.

"Will.. You know, I always get what I want. And I want something from here" he said, getting closer.

"W-what do y-you w-want?" I asked backing away, but he keeps getting closer. Than I touched the wall.

"You" he said looking at me

"M-me?" I asked scared

"Yes. I want you, you're still mine, and you'll always be." He said touching my cheek.

"Don't touch me! I'm not yours and I'll never be! What makes you think, you can control me?!" I said

"Don't talk to me like that again bitch! Your mine! only mine! Do you understand?!" He said, getting my waist.

"No!! I would never go back with you!! NEVER!!" I said screaming at him. Than he slapped me, I felled down. He than, grabbed my wrist harshly. I wish Zayn could be here.

"I already told you, to never talked to me like that!! I'll have to teach you a lesson!" He yelled. Than pushed me against a wall, and started kissing my neck, I tried to push him away, but that didn't helped. I started to cry.

"Stop! P-please!" I pleaded.

"Never. I'll do whatever I want with you. I'll make you mine. Only mine." he said kissing down my chest. Why is this happening to me?! He than, started unbuttoning my shirt.

"No! please! David stop!" I said, but he'll never stop.

"You taste good babe. you know what, I'll fuck you right now" he said, kissing my lips roughly.

"No! s-stop! I don't w-want to! g-get off of m-me!" I said in between the kiss, and pushing him off of me. He took my shirt off, and started kissing my breast. Than he kissed my lips, I bit his lip hard. It started to bleed. He got mad and slapped me.

"Don't fucking do that again!" he tried to kiss me, but he got pushed away.

"Get your fucking hands out of her!Don't you even dare to fucking touch her again!" Zayn said

"Who the hell are you, to tell me what to do?!" David said getting up. I put my shirt on.

"And who the HELL are YOU to fucking touch her, without her permission??!!" Zayn asked angrily.

"She's mine! And I can do whatever I want with her! so fuck off!" David said

"Really?! I think YOU should fuck off! She doesn't want a piece of shit like you!!" Zayn said

"Will guess what?! I'm gonna fuck her! and I'll make her mine" David said getting my wrist, and started kissing me, but I tried to push him away.

"I told you to NOT FUCKING TOUCH HER AGAIN!!" Zayn said, and got David by the shirt, and started punching him. David punched Zayn back. I cried even more.

"Stop! please! Zayn he's not worth it" I said. Zayn stopped punching him.

"You better leave RIGHT NOW! Or I'll beat the whole fucking shit out you! Don't you dare come back! Or your dead!" Zayn said.

"This is not the end. I'll come back to get you, soon or later" David said, and started to walk out. Zayn was about to punch him again, but I stopped him.

"Leave him, he's not worth it" I said

"Are you ok?? did he tried to do something to you??" Zayn asked worried

"Yeah, I'm alright" I said looking down

"Jennifer, did that bastard touched you?" he asked. with a very mad expression.

"H-he didn't, he tried, but he didn't" I said still looking down.

"Look at me" he said. I looked at him

"He FUCKING SLAPPED YOU?!" he asked. but now, he's angry. I just nodded.

"Don't worry about it, I'll be ok" I said

"You know him?" he asked

"Yes. He's my ex-boyfriend" I said, and my eyes got watery.

"Oh, but why is he here?" he asked. I told him the whole story.

"That's why he came back" I said, I was crying now. he hug me

"Come here. Don't cry babe, It'll be alright, I'm here with you. That fucking asshole is not going to touch you again." He said. Somehow I stopped crying, I felt safe around him.

Zayn's POV:

I'm gonna fucking beat the shit out of him, if he dares to come back. I'm going to be here for Jennifer.

"Thanks Zayn, for everything" Jennifer said, with a smooth voice. I smiled, I'm glad she feels safe around me even though I'm 'bad'. But I love being with her.

"No problem beautiful. I'll always be here for you" I said kissing her head

"Zayn, he's in a gang too" she said looking at me, I was about to say something when someone called her. She answered.

"My mom said she's coming back at 2" she said

"You want me to stay till she comes?" I asked

"No, it's alright. not that I don't want, but my mom is going to be like ' who is he' and 'what is he doing here'" she said acting her mom voice. I chuckle, she's so cute.

"Alright babe, whatever you say" I kissed her cheek. than I received a message

From: Liam

Hey mate! Are you home?? I have something to tell you, it's very important.

To: Liam

No, but tell me, what's wrong??

From: Liam

The rebels got a leader. This is not good at all.

To: Liam

Who is it?? A girl or boy?? What's the name??

From: Liam

It's a boy, && I forgot that niggas name.

To: Liam

Ok, will I'm not home right now. I'll call you when I get home

From: Liam

Alright man! C ya later!

To: Liam

Ight. C ya!

I turned to Jennifer.

"Sorry, I was texting Liam" I said

"It's ok" she said. I assume she was thinking about something

"What were you thinking about?" I asked

"All the things that happened, and the gang David is" she said.

"It'll be alright, that's in the past. and what about his gang?" I asked her

"It suits him, he's exactly like the name. He's rebel, and does whatever he-" WHATS the name again??

"Wait, you said that his gang name is rebels??" I asked

"Will he's the leader. and is something like 'The Rebels'" she said. SHIT. I guess we'll see each other more often.

"Oh" I said

"Why? What's wrong??" She asked

"His gang is our worst enemies" I said

"Oh, be careful I don't want you to get hurt because of me" she said

"It's alright babe, I'm going to be ok" I said

"We didn't do our project" she said, and giggle

"We'll do it tomorrow, or some other day, we have 2 more weeks to complete it anyways"

"True" she said

"I have to go gorgeous. Take care ok, call me if you need anything." I said, she smiled

"Oh ok, I guess I'll see you tomorrow" she said

"Of course"

"Will bye, and take care" she said

"Alright beautiful bye" I said and kissed her cheek and hugged her. than I left. TODAY WAS A BIG ASS DAY.



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