Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


3. Chapter 3

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Jennifer's POV:

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Ugh! SCHOOL! It's been now a week since I moved here, but I still get peoples stares, and respect. I wonder why. Zayn still flirts around, and when were in school, he totally tells people what to do. I'm kinda scared of him.

I got up quickly, and dressed up. Went down stairs.

"Hey hun, are you going to eat breakfast??" My mom asked

"Umm, sorry mom, I'm going to missed the bus, I'll eat breakfast at school" I told her

"Alright, hun, oh and don't forget your keys, I'm going to get back home after dinner, so eat and don't wait for me" my mom tells me

"Ok mom, bye!"



"I'm sorry Emma but I haven't ate breakfast yet, can we go and eat?" I asked her

"Yes, I'm hungry too" she laughed

We got our breakfast and went to a table. than a guy comes up and sits beside me.

"Hey hottie, how you doing?" he asked looking at me

"Good thank you" I said trying to be polite

"That's good, but so is your body baby" he smirked. I just looked at Emma, she just told me to ignore him.

"Thanks, but can you please leave?" I asked him

"Come on baby don't you wanna play a little bit?" he said touching my leg, I quickly shoved it away.

"No thank you" I responded

"I really wanna touch that cake" he said trying to touch my bum. I pushed him, but that didn't seem to help.

"Will you leave her alone? she's not a slut ok" Emma told him

"Nah! I can't, I wanna fuck her" he said looking up and down my body. he was about to touch my bum again till he got pushed by someone.

"Look little piece of shit, don't you touch her again, or there won't be a tomorrow for you, be glad we're in school or your face would of been uglier than it is, now leave before I lose my patience" Zayn said. he's very angry. the guy just ran.

"Thanks" I said looking at him

"No problem beautiful, I wouldn't let him touch you" he said turning red of anger

"You really scared him" I said looking down

"He better be scare, and don't come near you" he said, I just blushed

"Your very cute when you blush" he said smiling, than we were just staring at each other eyes, till we hear a fake cough, it was Emma, I forgot she was hear, I got supper red.

"Will see you later gorgeous" he said, than kissed my cheek

"What was that?" Emma said

"I'm sorry I for-" she interrupted

"No, I mean the way he acted. He never acted that way towards a girl like never. I think he's starting to fancy you" she winked at me

"No, he's different, so I doubt he is" I said kind of sad, why should I be sad?

"Don't worry, he might, he was so different when he saw that guy touching you, he got angry" she said

"Whatever you say, let's go back to class before we be late" I said

"I know right, than see you later sis" she said

"Ok sis bye" I said

Zayn's POV:

I got so mad when that asshole tried to touch her! like heck! She's not a slut! He better back away from her, or I'll break his face. Wait, why am I mad?? I shouldn't. God! that girl is driving me crazy, but I don't love her, or do I?? No, I can't!

"ZAYN!" Harry screamed in my ear

"What?!" I asked him

"Damn, someone is mad" he said laughing

"Yes, I'm so mad"

"You mad because of what happened in the cafeteria?" he asked me

"Yes! that piece of shit wanted to touch her, like what the fuck does he think he's doing?!" I said raising my voice

"Dang man! Your very mad, but in love too" he said

"No I'm not, I'm just protecting her

"Will your OVER protecting her" he said

"Just shut it Harry" I said

"Ok, ok, ok, Mr. Protector, oh no sorry, I mean Mr. Love Bird" he said now running away

God! I think he's right. I'm starting to.


Finally going to third period, I saw Jennifer with Emma, I smiled, and she blushed. Damn I love when she blushes!

"He man, stop staring love bird" louis said

" Shut up Louis" I said smacking him

"Just admit it! you fancy her" he said with a smirk

"Louis just shut up! you don't know no shit" I smack him again playfully

"Whatever you say love bird, but I admit she's very hot" he said and headed to his seat. whats with all that love bird thing?

"Hey zayny! baby it been a long time since we had a little fun, I miss you" she said putting her breast on my face. I rolled my eyes and pushed her away. Than I saw Jennifer looking at me, is she jealous??

"Not a chance! and don't call me that, and get this clear, I'm not gonna fuck you, ok?" I said it clearly

"Whatever than" she said, than left. THANK YOU! I looked back at Jennifer she just rolled her eyes. Yup! she's jealous.

Jennifer's POV:

Why was that girl on Zayn?? she's totally a slut, she kept putting her breast on his face. He saw me looking, I quickly turned around. I felt anger through out my body. Am I jealous? I can't be. Than the teacher came.

"Lady's and Gentleman's, I have news, I'm not going to be here for 3 weeks. so while I'm not here y'all will do a project and y'all are going to be working in partners, the substitute will tell how y'all acted. And no, y'all don't get to choose your partner, I already did. so hear your name and who's your partner." He said. really?? I want to do it alone. "Alex and jasmine" "Katy and Sam" please hurry! I got lost in my thoughts till I herd "Zayn and Jennifer" What?! NOO! I looked at Zayn and he winked.

"This assignment, will required for you and your partner to work TOGETHER. you can call each other or visit each other, either way is fine" he said REALLY? with Zayn??


A/N: I'm so sorry, if it's boring! I'll do it more interesting the next chapter! thanks for everything! luv ya!

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