Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


17. Chapter 17

A/N: This Chapter Is Crazy!!


Jennifer's POV:

Wonder why Zayn acted weird last night about that girl called Amanda. I know she's his friend, but there's something going on. I'll figure out soon... I need to talk to Harry first. I got ready for school and ate breakfast, I called Zayn to pick me up since we decided we wouldn't go on the bus. I got my stuff and herd a knock on the door, I open it and it was Zayn.

"Hey beautiful, ready for school?" he asked and kissed me

"Yes I am" I said and headed to his car

"I don't wait for school to end" he said

"I know right.. but we need like 3 more months" I said.. we talked till we arrived to school, we went inside and everyone was staring at us.

"Will y'all stop fucking staring?" Zayn almost shouted, everyone stopped staring and did something else.

"Babe chill" I said rubbing his arm so he could calm down, he nodded.

"Nice to see you again Zayn" we herd a girls voice, we turned around to see Amanda here... Zayn just looked down

"Oh hey" he said, she was just smiling at him, and acted like she didn't see me.. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable, I mean she's pretty and everything but some part of me didn't trust her with Zayn...

"Hey nice to see you again" I said and tried to smile... She just faked a smile, she was very nice yesterday, or I thought she was.. and now she's all that

"Zayn can we hang out some time, just me and you.. so there's no interruptions" she said looking at him, excuse me?? do you not know his girlfriend is right here??

"Why do you wanna hang out?? I'm going to be busy" he said and I smiled

"To catch up.. You know, of what we left" she said with a grin. To catch up what?? Zayn got nervous

"We didn't left anything.. Can you just leave? We need to go to class" he said

"Are you sure we didn't leave anything? You perfectly know what I'm talking about" she said getting closer.. what is going on? I'm so lost, what does she mean? Zayn and Amanda were something more than friends, I can tell already

"Don't bring that up Amanda... I'll talk to you later, but not here" he said

"Why not? Because your girlfriend is here? You don't mind hearing this, right Jennifer?" she asked.. wait how did she know my name, if I didn't tell her yesterday?

"No I don't mind, keep going" I said, Zayn looked at me

"Will me and Zayn need to-" she got interrupted by Zayn

"We have to go or we'll be late to class, I'll talk to you later Amanda.. I promise, so don't be bugging me" he said and she nodded, and gave him a flirty smile before she left

"Why didn't you let her finish? You know we have 10 more minutes before class start" I said

"Because she'll be all bitchy.. and I don't think you'll want to hear her" he said getting pissed

"She's already acting like a bitch, so what difference did it make?? And I don't care, she said something about you and her, and I want to know" I said

"You don't need to know anything, she was my friend... And whatever happened, that was in the past. So don't worry about it, it's nothing important" he said, I know there's something else going on, but he doesn't want to tell me. Now he's mad.

"Ok than, if it's nothing to worry about than tell me.. I don't care what it is just tell me, I feel like I'm left out" I said half shouting, he got angry

"Like I said it's nothing important, so don't worry about it" he shouted

"How do you expect me not to worry when my boyfriend doesn't tell me things that are supposedly not 'important'? If it's nothing important than just fucking tell me, because for me it seems like that friend of yours had to do something with you in the past, and I just want to know!" I shouted back angrily.. I know I'm acting like a bitch but I know something is going on, and I have to know. He got very angry

"Just shut the fuck up! If I say don't worry about it, don't!" he shouted and I just nodded. Ok than, you want me to shut up, than I will.

"Y'all going to get in trouble if you don't get to class on time" Harry said and the rest of the guys behind him

"Yeah we were just leaving" Zayn said and the bell rang

"Actually we all are, because the bell rang" Louis said laughing, they all laughed except me. I just faked a smile

"Yeah, better get going, see you later guys" I said walking off

"Wait Jennifer, I'll go with you... Since we have to make up some work bye guys" Niall said and I nodded, Zayn just looked at me, but I ignored him. We got to the make up room, there's nobody here except me and Niall

"Jennifer are you ok?" Niall asked and I nodded

"No your not, I can see it in your eyes. Tell me what's wrong" he asked

"It's Zayn... Why does he keep things from me?? He doesn't want to tell me about his friend, he said it's in the past and she came up yesterday and talked to him, and today as well and she told him that they need to catch up, he just tells me that is nothing, that all that is in the past, but I know he's lying to me" I said and he looked confused

"Wait you said a 'she'? he asked

"Yeah, it's a 'friend' name Amanda ,but I know there's something going on between them" I said and he just shook his head

"I thought he already told you... she's his ex-girlfriend, why didn't he tell you that... you supposed to know that already" he said, no wonder she keeps saying 'we need to catch up'

"Oh.. Will he only told me that it's a friend in the past and that's it" I said to him, but I think Niall knows about it

"He lied, it his ex.. it's a long story, he's gonna tell you. will I hope he does, you need to know all this stuff since your his girlfriend" he said. I know Zayn won't tell me, if he didn't tell me that she was his ex, why would he tell me what happened??

"He won't tell me" I said looking down

"I'll tell him to tell you" he said and I nodded... I'm so mad at Zayn right now. I mean, I'm not mad that he dated her, but that he doesn't tell me this stuff.. especially when something is going on between them.

"Let's just forgot about it.. How you been?" he asked

"Good what about you?" I asked

"Good.. and I want to let you know, that I'll always be there for you.. As a friend, if you need anything or something happens just tell me" he said and I smiled

"Thanks Niall... I'll keep that in mind" I said and he nodded.

Zayn's POV:

Jennifer just left without saying anything to me.. I know she's mad that I didn't tell her about Amanda, but it's better for her not to know.

"Class, you have the rest of the class free, don't get loud or y'all do work book" she said, than Louis came and sat beside me

"Mate what's wrong? You just stared at your book the whole class period" he said and laugh, I faked a smile

"I saw Amanda yesterday and today" I said, and his laugh faded

"What?! Amanda here?!" he asked disbelief and I nodded

"Yeah, yesterday when I was on my date with Jennifer, she appeared... And for my luck she's in this school, she came up and started saying shit in front of Jennifer, and now she wants to know what's going in between Amanda and me" I said and he shook his head

"She'll never leave you alone... Are you going to tell Jennifer what happened you and Amanda in the past?" he asked and I shook my head

"No. Like you said, it's in the past.. she doesn't need to know, because if she does she'll hate me" I said

"Zayn I know you don't want to tell her, because what you did was pretty fucked up, and now Amanda wants you back.. But she'll found out soon or later, and she'll hate you even more for not telling her... I'm just warning you, it's better for you to tell her than she finds out herself.. trust me she will, she's very smart" he said, he's right. if she finds out she'll be really mad, but only 'if' she finds out, but she won't... I'll talk to Amanda about it.

"She won't find out, I'll make sure she doesn't" I said

"What if Amanda te-" I interrupted him

"You said it. IF Amanda tells her, Amanda won't, because I'll talk to her today and make sure she doesn't open her mouth to tell Jennifer" I said with a smile, I won't let that bitch open her mouth to tell Jennifer all this shit

"Zayn you perfectly know what she'll want in return, you can't just accept it because you don't want Jennifer to know" he said and I chuckle, this boy don't know me

"You don't know me tommo, if I have to kill 200 people just so Jennifer won't find out, I will" I said and he shook his head in disapproval

"You don't know what your getting yourself in to.. Your going to make it worst! Just because you don't want Jennifer to find out, it means you'll do what that bitch tells you to do! Mate, you don't know Jennifer she'll know anyways, I won't tell her... but she'll find out, trust me, she will.. than it's when she'll get mad at you and will hate you" he shouted, everyone looked at us, and the teacher got up

"Boys, you got detention!" she said, I rolled my eyes

"She won't know Louis, trust me. I'll make Amanda shut her mouth, anyways it won't be that bad if I do it for one night" I said with a smirk, he shook his head again

"I thought you would've change, but I see now that your still the same one. I totally feel sorry for Jennifer, she shouldn't be going through this.. and I'm warning you, you hurt that girl you won't see her again in your life, she's like a sister to me... and just because your my mate it'll mean I'll let you hurt her" he said and headed back to his seat, I just rolled my eyes. Than the bell rang, I got up and went to the bathroom.. I got out and on my way I saw Amanda

"Amanda I don't want you to tell Jennifer anything about us in the past" I said, and she smiled

"But you'll have to give me something in return" she said and got closer to me

"I know what you want, and I will do it.. But you can't open your mouth, do you understand me?" I said and she nodded

"Crystal clear... your little girlfriend won't know, I promise" she said and I nodded, she better not know. than I saw Jennifer coming with Harry, she rolled her eyes and went the left side of the hall with Harry.

"Will I got to go" I said

"I'll see you later" she said with a smile

"Alright, remember, nobody has to know about this... and Jennifer can't know about this and what happened" I said, and she nodded.

Jennifer's POV:

The bell rang, and me and Niall got out of the classroom and I saw Harry, I need to talk to that boy.

"Hey Niall I need to talk to Harry, thanks for everything I'll see you later" I told him, he nodded

"Alright, see ya" he said

"Harry I need to talk to you" I said

"What is it about?" he asked

"I know your gonna ask Angie out, don't ask how I know... But I'm telling you, I don't want you to be messing around with her feelings" I said

"I won't I promise.. I really like Angie, I wouldn't do that to her" he said

"Tell me something... Do you like her as a friend, or something more?" I asked, he turned red. I smiled to myself

"I-I ummmm... Will she's very pretty-" he said looking down

"I didn't ask what you think of her" I said and grin

"Ok fine.. I love her, but not as a friend, something more. you know how I am, I'm trying so hard to change, that's why I'm doing things slow.. I wanna take her out tonight" he said

"Alright hazza, but I'm warning you, break her heart, I'll break your face.. or even worst, so better be careful" I said

"I won't.. Can you tell me what's her favorite restaurant so I can take her" he said and I nodded

"It's Olive Garden, but I'll tell you all this stuff at lunch" I said and he nodded. we were walking, than I saw Zayn, but he wasn't alone... He's with Amanda, I guess he's having a good time since she's so close to his face and he don't bother to move, I felt jealousy through out my body. He notice me, I rolled my eyes and I quickly took Harry's arm and left

"Harry let's go.. Zayn is too busy" I said

"Someone is jealous" he said, I rolled my eyes

"Hell yeah! Why wouldn't I, when I see my boyfriends face centimeters away from that bitch face and he don't bother to move?!" I said almost screaming

"I'm sorry" he said looking down

"No I'm sorry. it's not your fault" I said.. than people started entering the class, than I see Zayn coming he looked at me, I looked away, I don't want to see his face right now. The class has ended, Zayn was coming towards me, I quickly grabbed Harry and went to the cafeteria.. I know I'm totally a bitch right now, but that's how I get when I'm mad and my boyfriend keeps things away from me.. oh and I forgot, he told me to shut the fuck up, so that's what he's getting. We went to the cafeteria, I sat beside Niall and Harry, Liam was having lunch with a teacher since he had make up work to do.. than I saw Zayn coming, but guess with who?? the lovely Amanda... And with Louis in the back, Zayn and Louis sat in the lunch detention tables, while Amanda and some girls sat an another table.. I can tell she's a slut, just by looking at her.. she's flirting with a guy, and and hour ago with Zayn.

"Jennifer are you ok?" Niall asked

"I don't know Ni... If I'm more mad or hurt" I said

"What do you mean by-" he got interrupted by Louis

"Hey guys, that stupid teacher let me sit beside y'all, since she owe me" he said, everyone laughed except me

"Jennifer you didn't tell us why your hurt and mad?" Niall said, did he forgot about Zayn and Amanda?

"Niall it's the same situation" I said

"What situation?" Louis asked

"Zayn and Amanda" Niall said

"Amanda?! what the fuck is she doing here?!" Harry shouted

"You know why Harry" Niall said

"No wonder... But what happened?" Harry asked

"Zayn, he don't want to tell me the damn story.. he said they're friends, but Niall told me the truth" I said, Louis looked at Niall than at me

"Niall you told her?!" Louis asked Niall

"Only that Amanda is his ex" Niall said

"Oh. Zayn is going to kill you" Louis said, I shook my head

"Why? because he told me the truth?! If he does he'll have to kill me too, because I asked! He shouldn't, because he told me a damn lie! he says it's not important, so I guess it's not important to know that his lovely ex is back again, and she wants Zayn to get involve in who knows what shit she's putting him into, and Zayn won't fucking tell me!!" I said screaming, everyone turned to look at me, I was way pass angry

"What the fuck are y'all looking at?!" I shouted, they just turned around

"Jennifer I'm sorry... I know this would've affect you, look Zayn will tell you, he probably don't want to tell you yet, but he will" Louis said

"No Louis, I'm sorry... I Just get out of control, I need to know what happened.. the only think I know, is that she wants to get Zayn involve on something, and I need to know in what, what if it's tramp? I'm just worry" I said, they all nodded.. they understand me, but I will know the truth somehow

Louis POV:

I knew this would've affect her! Damn Zayn Malik!!! If she's like this now, imagine how she'll be when she finds out about Zayn and Amanda?? Lunch ended and Harry came up

"Amanda is here?!" he asked

"Yeah... A whole shit is happening right now" I said

"Poor Jennifer... I really feel sorry for her, but why doesn't Zayn tell her.. I mean, she'll be mad.. but it'll be worst if she finds out by her own" he said

"I told Zayn. But he being an asshole, won't listen... but anyways, are you going to the club today?" I said

"No, I'm going to ask Angie out" he said with a big ass smile

"Oww! what a love bird" I said

"Shut up Lou, what about you and El?" he asked and I smiled

"I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend" I said and he smiled... The bell rang


For today :(

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