Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


16. Chapter 16

Jennifer's POV:

I woke up by a terrible sound, which it's the alarm.... I check the clock and it's 8:57, I have to go to Liam's house, so he can help me practice boxing. I'm so excited!!! Someone called, and it was Liam.

"Hello?" I said

"Hey Jennifer, are you still coming?" he asked

"Yeah. Or you change plans?" I asked

"No. I'm just making sure" he said with a laugh

"Alright li, I'll be at your house in 40 minutes" I said

"Ok, see you than" he said

"Bye" I said and hanged up. Zayn just woke up.. He has a perfect messy hair. I smiled, he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him.

"Good-morning beautiful" he said, and kissed me, I smiled.

"Hey handsome" I said, and rub his messy hair. I got up, but he grabbed my waist, and pulled me back to him

"Where do you think your going?" he said with a smirk

"Will 'I think I'm going to Liam's place', but before I do, I need to change." I said with a smiled

"Hmmmm, will if you 'think' your going to his place, than don't go" he said and pecked my lips, I laughed

"Will actually, I NEED to go... or else I won't learn boxing...." I said, he chuckle.

"Ok" he said, but he still didn't let me go, I smiled

"You know, I need to go... but I won't be able to, and I need to change, unless you want me to go like this" I said with a laugh. He looked at me up and down, I just had undergarments and a big T-shirt of him..

"Oh hell to the fucking no... Your not going like this, you'll change" he said, I laughed and kissed him, and got up. I went to the bathroom, and I did all my needs, than I changed to some sports bra and sweatpants and did natural make up and put my hair up into a ponytail.. I got downstairs to see Zayn doing breakfast I smiled, and went up to him.

"I didn't know my boyfriend could make breakfast" I said with a big smile, he chuckle

"Will now you know he does" he said, I giggle

"You need help or your done?" I asked he had a grin

"I'm done" he said. we ate breakfast and talked, I check the clock. SHIT! I'm 15 min late!! I quickly got up, Zayn looked at me confused

"Babe I need to go.... I'm 15 minutes late already, Liam probably think that I'm not coming" I said, he got my wrist

"Aren't you going to give me a goodbye kiss?" he said with a smirk, I smiled

"Of course" I said and leaned in to kiss him, he depend the kiss, but I quickly stopped him, he wined.

"You said 'a goodbye kiss' Malik" I said and headed to the door "bye love you" I said

"I love you too" he said, than I closed the door, and walked to Liam's place since it's like 3, or 4 minutes from Zayn's. I knocked on his door and he opened.

"Hey Li, and I'm sorry I'm late I ate breakfast and starting chatting with Zayn and forgot about the time" I said, he chuckle.

"It's fine, come in" he said

"So... are we gonna practice here or somewhere else?" I asked

"Oh no, we're going to a gym" he said with a laugh

"Oh ok" I said

"So are you ready?" he asked, and I nodded. we got to his car, he drived to the gym. we got in, he gave his name to the front lady, there was a lot of people exercising, and practicing boxing. I guess I'm not the only girl here, since I see others.

"So what do I do first?" I asked

"Punch these bags" he said pointing at some sand bags or heavy bags.

"Don't I have to wear some gloves or anything??" I asked

"Oh yeah, here" he said and gabbed me the gloves, than I punch the bag.

"That wasn't bad... But imagine that your punching someone you really hate, someone you'll want to kill right now" he said, than I remembered David, of all the things he did to me, and how much I hate him and how much I wanna punch him right now. I quickly punch the bag as hard as I could and the bag hit Liam.

"I'm so sorry Li, I didn't mean to" I said

"It's ok, but damn girl that was good! You really must've hate that person... You would've killed him/her" he said, and I laughed "Who is it? if I can know" he said

"It's David" I said, and he nodded.

"Ok, will I want you to imagine that this bag is David. Punch it until you get use to it or get tired, I'll go and get some water" he said and I nodded, I practice a lot that I'm starting to get tired, than Liam came with some water bottles...

"Whoa! I guess this is getting me tired" I said cleaning the sweat from my forehead. eww!

"But that was good! Damn girl, in a few days you'll be an expert. Don't take this in a wrong way, but your mighty fit. And you look good on everything, even when you look like a badasss and when it's just casual, I'm saying it as a friend" he said, I giggle

"Thanks Li, your not bad yourself" I said and he chuckle. I drink a whole water bottle in 15 seconds, Liam looked at me with widen eyes.

"Dang! You sure worked hard. You wanna exercise or you wanna leave??" Liam asked.

"I'll exercise, and maybe I'll punch those bags till they go flying" I said, he laughed

"Alright than, I'll go and do some push ups or something" he said and I nodded. Suddenly I received a called, it was Emma.

"Hey sis!" I said "hey, how are you?" she asked, we started talking. "hey I have to I'm at the gym, but I'll call you later ok?" I said "sure bae, take care love ya bye" she said "bye love ya too" I said and hanged up.

"Hey hottie, need some help babe?" a voice said behind me, it's a guy with a big smirk.

"No thank you, I'm ok" I said and faked smiled at him

"C'mon, I'm sure you'll need some help, especially with that sexy body you have" he said and looked at me up and down. The Fuck!!

"Why would I need help??" I asked crossing my arms in my chest

"You know, I need to hold it when you go up, so your body stay as sexy as it is" he said with a grin. What the hell is he talking about?? I raised an eyebrow

"First of all, I don't need nobody's help, especially someone that'll stare at my ass. Second-" I got interrupted

"She has a boyfriend, I'm positive he'll help her if she need help. So go away, because she doesn't need you" I Herd a deep voice behind me and slide his hands in my waist, I turned around to see Zayn.

"So I'm guessing your her boyfriend" the man said

"Yes I am" Zayn said and kissed the top of my head, I smiled.

"I bet this sweet cheeks is good in bed" he said, Zayn got tensed, I hold his hand tight.

"Look, I don't fucking know you, but so far your a freakin bastard. leave us the hell alone and leave" I said, he just smirked

"Why?? Pretty boy haven't fuck you yet? I'm pretty sure I can fuck you harder and better" he said and pinch my cheek, THE HELL!!! Zayn was red of anger, he wanted to punch him but I got in front of him, and slap the guy

"You don't fucking touch me! so put your filthy hands to yourself!" I said, he grin. I can see that his cheek is red, I slapped him very hard, but he deserved it.

"Damn babe, not only your fit. but your hands are heavy" he said

"That's it! You forgot that her boyfriend is here!! Don't you ever talk to her like that, she's mine not yours! and don't you ever put your fucking dirty hands on her or your dead!" Zayn said grabbing him by the collar of the guy shirt.

"Chill pretty boy I'm not going to touch her" he said and left, I went up to Zayn and cooled him down, he pulled me close to him and kissed me

"Your mine" he said and I smiled

"Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" I asked looking at him

"I wanted to see you and I just wanted to give you a surprise, plus I used to come to the gym.. I used to train here, for boxing" he said and I saw some girls looking at him up and down with a flirty smile.. I felt anger through my body, first: he's mine, ONLY mine. Second: They better take those flirty smiles off their face before I do.

"Are you going to train right now? Or your just going to exercise?" I asked

"Both" he said and kissed my cheek

"Will I'm going to warn you, if you take your shirt off, it won't be my fault if some slut is send to the hospital for life support" I said, he laughed and pecked my lips

"Babe don't worry, I don't care about them.." he said

"I don't blame them for looking at you like that because It's your fault, For being so hot" I said and he chuckle "but I won't let them touch you, because your mine and I don't share" I said

"Your so hot and cute at the same time when your angry, even tho your already hot and cute... And are you finish training??" He asked

"I don't know, I guess I am, why?" I asked

"Maybe I can help you out, later.. and see how good you are at boxing" he said I laughed

"Yeah, I'll go and get some water" I said and he nodded. I Went and bought some water bottles, when I was going back I saw 3 girls going up to Zayn. I quickly walked up to him, and gave him the bottle. the girls just rolled their eyes

"Can you help us with boxing?" one of them asked Zayn

"Me?" he asked and they nodded

"Yeah, and maybe some push ups" another added with a big flirty smile

"Go ask that boy over there, he trains people" Zayn said pointing at Liam

"Yeah but we want you to train us" they said, I really want to slap them so hard, but I don't want make a huge deal about it, Zayn notice I was getting mad, and grabbed my hand

"I'm sorry but I'm helping my girlfriend" he said and they roll their eyes and left

"They're very flirty... And babe I forgot to tell you that I'm going to Angie's house to hang out" I said

"What time are your going?" He asked

"In 20 minutes, so I'll go home right now" I said

"Oh, I want you home by 7" he said

"Why?" I asked

"I need to take you out.. we haven't had our date yet" he said and kissed my forehead I smiled

"Ok, I'll make sure to be home by 7" I said

"Need a ride?" he asked

"It's fine, Liam is taking me" I said

"Ok babe will see you in a bit" he said and kissed me "bye" I said and left with Liam. he took me home, I changed and called Angie, she said she'll come in 5 minutes, I changed and waited for her until I herd a knock.

Angie's POV:

I knock on Jennifer's door and she opened

"Hey" I said

"Hey, you wanna leave now?" She asked

"Or can we stay here?" I said and she nodded, I got inside her house. "how was your boxing lessons??" I asked with a smile

"Good.. I like it, you know boxing?" she asked and I nodded

"Yeah, Liam helped me out, he's good at it" I said and she nodded

"So.... How are you and Harry doing?" she asked, I quickly turned red

"What do you mean? We're not even dating" I said

"I've herd that before... Have you seen him lately?" she asked

"Yeah, we've been talking a lot lately, he's funny and nice.. but can be a pervert too" I said laughing

"Oh ok, that's cool I guess.. You have a big crush on him, don't you?" she asked with a big smile, I turned even more red, I never do that...

"Will he's nice and cute.. but..."


"Ok, maybe I do..." I said giving up

"Yeah, maybe you do have a BIG giant crush on him... I'll talk to him" she said.. wait what?!

"Why?" I asked

"Will I wanna know what he feels for you, so he doesn't go and play around.. I'll just give him some advise" she said

"Thank you so much.. but don't tell him I told you that I have a crush on him" I said and she nodded.

Harry's POV:

Me and the guys came to a club.. I really don't feel like dancing...

"Hey baby! wanna have some fun?" a girl asked, I can tell she's drunk

"No thank you" I said, not trying to be mean

"C'mon! Let's just dance a few minutes!!" she said, I finally gave up

"Fine, just a few" I said, we went to the dance floor and started dancing.. She started moving her hips on me, and for some reason I went along.. She than started kissing me, I kissed her back.. She ran her fingers through my hair, I touched her bum, but suddenly stopped, what the hell am I doing?! I know I don't have a girlfriend, but I'm planing on asking Angie out... I can't do this

"What's wrong babe" she said

"Nothing, and stop calling me that" I said and went back to my seat, I'm not going to make that same mistake.

Zayn's POV:

We're here at the club, but I'm getting bored... I wish Jennifer could be here. I suddenly saw Harry coming back from the dance floor, he looks upset.

"Harry what's wrong?" I asked

"Will this girl wanted to dance with me, so I did.. but than she starting touching me, and she kissed me and I kissed her back.. it was getting heated, but I remembered that I'm going to ask Angie out soon" he said, I can tell he's worry.. I've never seen this boy like this

"Don't worry, you didn't mean to.. that was a mistake, but you better stop making out with random girls.. if you ever ask Angie out, you'll have to quit, I know her. And I'm pretty sure she'll get hurt if she found out that your making out with some girl while y'all dating" I said to him and he nodded

"Yeah, I don't wanna hurt her.. she's cool I really like her.. Even tho she's part of the gang, but she has her sweet side. and I like that, I'm going to ask her out, I hope she likes me back" he said with a smile, I smiled

"I'm pretty sure she does... Oh Harold, and you were the one saying you'll never fall in love, now look at you" I said and he laughed

"True.. So how are you in Jennifer doing?" he asked, I smiled

"Perfect" I said

"I can tell with that smile in your face" he said and I nodded

"When I met her, she was sweet, gentle, and caring... But than I changed her slowly, she still sweet and everything, but has her bad side too. Love her to death" I said with the biggest smile

"I'm sure you do, you changed too.. Mr. Bradford bad boy, even tho your still a badass but you've changed.. I can tell you love Jennifer more than you loved Amanda" he said, than my smile faded, remembering what Amanda did to me..

"Zayn! Zayn!" Harry yelled


"I said, what time are you going to pick up Jennifer" he said, shit!!!!!!!

"What time is it?" I asked

"It's 7:38" he said. FUCK FUCK FUCK!! I need to call her

"I have to go, see you later" I said and left, I called Jennifer

"Hey babe I'm so sorry... Me and Harry were talking" I said "it's alright, I forgot too, but I'm ready" she said "I'll be at your house in 15 minutes" I said "ok, see you later babe" she said "bye" I said and hanged up, I got home and changed.. I left and went to Jennifer's house, I knocked at her door and she opened...

"Hey baby.. you look stunning" I said and kissed her, she blushed

"Thanks, you look handsome as always" she said.. we got in the car and we got to (which ever restaurant you like) and got in and sat down. We ordered our food and talked. Than I saw a familiar face... I've seen her before, than I saw her face clearly.. Amanda???!!! What the hell is she doing here??!!

"Who is it?" Jennifer asked

"Oh no one, I thought I knew her" I lied

"Oh" she said, and I looked up to see Amanda in front of me

"Hey Zayn" Amanda said with a smile

"Hey" I said

"Oh who is she?" she asked pointing at Jennifer..

"Oh she's my girlfriend" I said

"Oh nice to meet you, I'm Amanda" she said, Jennifer smiled

"Nice to meet you too" Jennifer said

"Hey I have to go, here's my number.. I'll talk to you later. bye Zayn, and Jennifer" she said and left

"She seems nice.. she's your friend?" she asked, if she only knew

"She WAS my friend" I said and she nodded. I can't tell her yet about Amanda, or she'll hate me.







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