Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


15. Chapter 15

Jennifer's POV:

Everyone was looking at me, Zayn stared at me shock of what I said. Everybody was talking to each other whether or not I should get in.

"Jennifer, your not getting in" Zayn said

"Why not?" I asked and crossed my arms

"Because it can be dangerous for you, and I don't want you to get hurt" he said

"It might, but I could defend myself. Liam can show me, he's good at boxing" I said looking at him, Zayn just looked down thinking.

"Zayn you should let her in, she may look easy at first, but she can change" Niall said

"Yeah Zayn, that'll be awesome, plus we know her, we'll show her about this. She's like one of us already, we'll be glad to have her with us" Danielle said, and the rest of the girls nodded. "do you guys agree that Jennifer should get in?" Danielle asked, everybody said yes, I guess they all want me in, I smiled to myself. Zayn looked at me for a minute.

"Alright, she's in. Liam, are you sure you can teach her boxing?" Zayn asked

"Yes man! You think I forgot? Of course I can" Liam said, Zayn nodded.

"Thanks babe" I said, and kissed Zayn's cheek

"No problem, but I'm still insecure about you getting in" he said

"Baby it's alright. Liam will teach me" I said

"Damn, what have I turned you into?" he said kissing my forehead, I smiled.

Angie's POV:

Yes! Finally Jennifer is in!! I'm so happy!! I went up to her and hugged her.

"Yay! Your with us now" I said excited, she laughed

"Yes I know, I'm going to be with y'all" she said excited too.

"Do you wanna go shopping now?" I asked, she nodded

"Yes, I'll just tell Zayn" she said, and I nodded

"I'll go and get my jacket form the desk" I said. I was looking for my jacket, but I couldn't find it. ugh!!!

"Where is my damn jacket!" I said to myself. Than I herd a voice.

"Are you looking for this love?" Harry asked holding my jacket

"Yes thank you" I said, I was about to grab my jacket when he grabbed my waist, and held me very close that I touched his chest, my heart is beating very fast. he smirked.

"But you have to give me a kiss first" he said with a grin. damn his eyes are so beautiful, his hair is so-

"Love I rather for those lips to kiss me, I know you want more, but we can do it later, for more time" he said and winked, I blushed.

"You pervert! I never said I wanted more" I said trying to get out of his grip, damn he's strong as fuck

"Babe, with those eyes looking at me like that, I wouldn't say the same" he said and chuckled

"Shut up and give me my jacket" I said trying to get the jacket, but he put it up higher.

"Kiss me first, than I'll give it to you. I promise" he said with a grin

"Alright, but on the cheek" I said, he nodded, I leaned in, and I was about to kiss his cheek when he moved his face so I can kiss his lips. I quickly stopped kissing him.

"Now give me my jacket Harry" I said, and he gabbed it back.

"See you later babe" he said and winked, I just rolled my eyes. he's such a pervert, but so damn hot at the same time. Ugh! Stop thinking about him. I got to Jennifer, she was waiting for me.

"Hey sorry, I was trying to find my jacket-" she interrupted me

"Yeah and Harry had it and you kissed him" she said with a smile, I blushed

"But he made me" I said, she smiled again, we were heading to the car.

"Sure, but you wanted to. that was cute tho, I wanted to take a picture of you guys" she said, I just rolled my eyes. And start the car.

Jennifer's POV:

That was so cute!! Angie and Harry were kissing!! I should've taken a picture of them. but I don't want him to be playing around with her. I'll find out what he's up to.

"So when are you going to practice with Liam?" Angie asked

"He said tomorrow" I said

"Girl! I bet your going to be the best" she said with a smiled, I laughed

"Thanks, I'll try so I don't get beaten up" I said. we finally got to the mall. we got in and went to (what ever store you like).

"Look! try this on. I bet you'll look so damn good and a badass" she said, it was hot, I like the outfit. I like the leather jacket, it reminds me of Zayn. I tried it on.

"Does it look good?" I asked

"Girl!!! You look hot, and such a badass. the leather jacket is the same as Zayn's, except yours is for girls of course" she said with a smile.

"Thank you" I said. we look for more clothes.

"What about this one?" I said looking at the outfit and the jacket.

"Perfect! your getting better Jennifer, soon I'll see your badass beat some other girl" she said with a laugh, I started laughing too. I tried a few outfits and shoes. Angie is going to buy 2 outfits, 1 jacket, 1 pair of shoes. I have 6 outfits, 3 jackets, 2 pair of shoes. we got out of the mall and went to Angie's car.

"Thanks for everything Angie" I said

"No problem girl, I'm here for you" she said with a smile.

"So am I taking to yours or Zayns house?" She asked

"Wait, let me ask Zayn if he's home" I said. I called him. "what's up babe?" "Hey Zayn, are you home?" "I'm sorry baby I'm not, I'm with the guys. But I'll go to your house later" "oh ok, it's ok. than call me when your coming" "yes babe, take care I love you" "I love you too babe take care" I said and hanged up.

"Take me to my house" I said, she nodded. we got to my house.

"Hey do you want to come in?" I asked Angie

"Sure" she said. we got in, we spent almost the whole day together.

Harry's POV:

I was with the guys talking about the gang and school. than suddenly I thought of Angie. damn she's so beautiful, her skin is so soft, her-

"Harry! Harry!" Louis screamed

"Huh?" I asked confused

"We were asking if your going to the party, tomorrow" Niall said

"Oh yeah, I'm in it" I said with a smile

"Your coming alone, or bringing someone?" Liam asked

"I'm bringing someone" I said with the biggest smile, everybody laughed

"Now who is it Harold?" Zayn asked with a chuckle

"It's Angie" I said

"Someone Is falling in love" Louis said

"No" I said

"Hmmmn, will how you look at her and smiled at her, it looks like you are" Zayn said with a smiled. Bad boy is right. He been through this before

"Ok, ok, ok, maybe a little" I said, they rolled their eyes. I laughed, I really like Angie.

Zayn's POV:

We were talking with the guys about the girls, and parties.

"Hey Zayn, this is for you. It was beside your motorcycle" Liam said giving me a piece of paper. I read it.

To: Bad Boy

I'm glad that we met again. We have some business to take care of, and you need to pay for everything you did. Jennifer is included, I'm going to have her, she'll be mine because I'll make her mine. So be careful, because you'll get hurt very bad. Enjoy your life while you CAN.

Your friend, David.

I got the note and ripped it. this piece of shit is not going to touch Jennifer, I'll kill him first. FUCK YOU DAVID!!!!


Jennifer's POV:

Me and Angie were talking random stuff, than I remembered that she doesn't go to my school.

"Angie, what school do you go to?" I asked

"I don't go to school, I got out of it" she said, you can do that?

"Oh ok, lucky! I need like 4 more months till I graduate from high school" I said

"So you just got in Bradford?" she asked

"Yeah, I got here like 3 or 4 weeks ago, and I'm glad I got here when school is almost over" I said

"Oh ok, that's cool. just wait 4 more months" she said with a giggle

"Yeah...." I said

"So what is David of you?" she asked, I just looked down, I hate when I here his name.

"He's my ex-boyfriend" I said

"Oh" she said

"Yeah. I loved him so much, I thought he was the right one for me. But than he started cheating on me, and hit me like 2 or 3 times. He told me that if I tell anyone, that he'll kill me. He tried to rape me once, but my mother came in and stopped him. She told him to leave, he never listen" I said remembering those days.


I was going to school, but I noticed my shirt had a little bit of ketchup. I went to the bathroom, got out and saw something horrible. David was making out with a girl. I turned around and went the other way, I had tears in my cheeks, why he do that?? When class was finally over, I went straight home, I didn't wait for him. I herd a knock on my door, I opened it.

"Babe what's wrong? you didn't wait for me" he said coming in, and closing the door.

"Nothing. But why do I need to wait for you when there's another one that can wait instead?" I said

"What do you mean?" he asked

"Why do I need to wait for you when you have another girl out there waiting for you, so y'all can start making out?" I said crossing my arms.

"You saw it?" he asked

"Yes, I saw it" I said

"Babe I'm so sorry, I promise I won't do it again. is just that she keeps begging, I got pissed so I did it" he said

"Alright, but don't do it again" I said, he smiled. he came closer to me and kissed me.

"Love you so much baby" he said kissing my neck, he started squeezing my bum. I touched the wall, he started kissing me again, than my neck. it was getting heated, he started pulling my shirt up, I stopped him.

"David no" I said, he ignored me an kept pulling my shirt up.

"No, I'm not ready yet" I said, he stopped and was touching my leg, rubbing it up and down.

"I need you now" he whispered in my ear. My heart started beating fast.

"David I can't, I'm not ready" I said, he ignored me, he took my shirt off and started kissing my breast, I tried to stop him, but he won't listen

"Baby c'mon, I really want to fuck you" he said kissing me. He than started rubbing my thigh, but rougher. His Hand got higher and higher, till he got the hem of my jeans. His hand was about to slide in till I stopped him, I know what he wanted to do. I pushed him off, and put my shirt back on.

"I told you I can't do it now, why can't you understand?" I said, he got mad

"Because your my girlfriend, I want to do it with you but you just don't want to. is there someone else?" he asked, I shook my head

"N-no, there's nobody else" I said, he got my wrist and pulled me close to him.

"Don't fucking lie to me" he said

"I'm not lying" I said

"Than why don't you fucking wanna do it?!" he said, he's hurting me

"David your hurting me" I said

"Answer my fucking question!" he yelled

"Because I'm not ready. I'm not one of those girls that likes having it with every single boy, unlike you, you start having it with a girl that comes up to you" I said and he did something unexpected, he slapped me

"Don't you fucking talk to me like that! I'm your boyfriend and you have to respect me! I can do whatever I want with you because your my girlfriend, your mine and mine only!" he said and started kissing me roughly, I tried to push him off but he's stronger than me, he tried to pull my shirt up.

"Fuck this shirt!" he said and ripped my shirt and started kissing me than my breast and with one hand cupping the other, and kissing me everywhere.

"Stop! please!" I pleaded, but he just ignored me, he got the hem of my jeans and started pulling them down.

"No! stop! David please!" I said pushing him off. Than my mother came

"Don't you touch my daughter again" she said getting him off, I quickly put my jacket on.

"Get out of my house! now!" she said, he walked to the door

"I'm getting you back" he said and left.


Angie was looking at me, I was so mad.

"No wonder Zayn wants to kill him. I would've killed him already, that fucking bastard needs to learn a lesson" she said

"Yeah, if I see him again he'll payback" I said

"I'll be glad to help" she said, we laughed.

"So tell me about the gang" I said. Angie told me how it works and how you supposed to do it.

"So you got it?" She asked

"Perfect. I don't think it'll be hard to do it" I said smiling

"I agree" she said


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