Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


14. Chapter 14

A/N: I'm so sorry if some of the chapters are boring :/ && I'll try to write more often ^.^


Emma's POV:

*Beep *Beep *Beep

Ugh! I woke up and checked the clock, shit!!! It's 6:00 a.m. I supposed to be in the airport at 7:30 a.m. I went to Jennifer's room and knocked.

"Jennifer! wake up! I'm going to leave in 30 minutes" I yelled so she can hear me. She opened the door.

"I'm going, I'll change as fast as I can" she said, and I nodded.

30 min past

"Jennifer! are you done??" I asked

"Yeah, coming!" she said. she finally got out.

"What time is the flight??" she asked

"7:45 a.m. but I have to be there 15 minutes early" I said. she nodded.

"What time is it?" she asked, I checked the clock.

"It's 6:37" I responded

"You want to go to Starbucks for breakfast?" she asked, I nodded.

"But who's going to drive?" I asked, because I don't have my license yet.

"I'll call Zayn" she said.

I guess bad boy is coming with us.

Zayn's POV:

I was sleeping till my phone started ringing, I checked. it's Jennifer.

"Hey babe" I said

"Hey, did I woke you up?" she asked, I chuckled

"Yeah, but it's alright love, you can call me at any time" I said

"Thanks handsome. and can you do me a favor?" She asked

"Anything babe" I said

"Can you come to my house and take us to Starbucks, than to the airport? Because you know, me and Emma don't have licence" she giggle, I laughed.

"Alright love, I'll be at your house in 15 minutes" I said

"Thanks babe, love you" she said

"Love you too" I said, than hanged up. I got up, took a quick shower and left. I got a phone called.

"Hey Liam" I said

"Mate are you busy?" he asked

"Right now yeah. why?" I asked

"Have news, and they're bad. David shot one of our girls. It's Gaby, she's ok, but David said he's not finished with you and Jennifer, and that he'll take what he wants. Call me later, I'll tell you everything when you come" he said. FUCK DAVID!

"That piece of shit is going to get it hard. Alright mate, thanks for telling me Liam, I'll call you in a bit" I said

"Ok, see ya" he said, and hanged up. I got to Jennifer's house, they're outside.

Jennifer's POV:

Zayn arrived. I got in the passenger seat, and Emma in the back.

"So y'all wanna go to Starbucks?" Zayn asked

"Yes" we both said. we got to Starbucks and we ordered something to eat. We talked and ate.

"What time is it?" Emma asked

"It's 7:18" I said

"Shit! Shit! Shit! Zayn can you take me to the airport now please? I'm going to miss my flight" Emma said.

"Yeah sure" he said. we got out and went to Zayn's car. we drove all the way to the airport. it was 7:24, we went and sat down and waited for Emma's flight.

"Emma, I'll miss you so much. Please don't forget me, you'll always be like a sister to me" I said and hugged her.

"Aww, bae. I'll never forget about you, like you said, we're like sisters. I'll keep in touch, if I change my number, I'll tell you on twitter or Facebook" she said, and I nodded. than her flight came.

"Zayn, you better take more than extra good care of her. Or I'll come all the away here to punch you in your face. If you need to tell me something about her, you better call me" she said. Zayn smiled

"Yes Emma, I'll keep that in mind. I'll take care of her like it's my own life, or even better" he said and hugged her.

"Bye! take care!" She said

"You too Emma" I said. and I saw her disappeared.

"Babe let's go back" Zayn said

"Where?" I asked as we got to his car

"To my house" he said, than I received a message

From: Angie

Hey! :) are you ready to go shopping?

To: Angie

Hey! && I'm sorry, my friend just left and I came to say goodbye. But can you come in 30 minutes??

From: Angie

Oh ok ^.^ it's ok, I'll come to your house in 30 minutes. You live 4 houses away from Zayn right??

To: Angie

Thank you! :) && yeah

From: Angie

Np ;) I'll c u in 30 minutes

To: Angie

Ok :)

"Who you texting?" Zayn asked

"Angie, one of the girls in your gang. She said we could go shopping today.. but I forgotten. So she'll come and pick me up in 30 minutes" I said

"Oh ok, will I need to go to meet up with the rest of the guys, we have a little problem" he said

"What is it?" I asked

"Forget about it, it's nothing to worry about" he said

"No, I need to know. tell me" I said looking at him

"Ugh! fine! David shot one of the girls, she's ok but we need to stop him from hurting more people, so we're gonna see what we can do to solve this little problem" he said.

"I want to go with you" I said, he looked at me.

"Are you insane?? I don't want you to get involve in this whole shit, I don't want you to get hurt" he said, as he pulled over.

"I might be, but I'm your girlfriend. If I need to get involve in this shit than I will, and I'll get hurt if I just sit there and wait to see how you get hurt by saving me. Your my boyfriend, and I don't care if there's a lot of shit going on, I'll always be with you" I said, he smiled and kissed me.

"I love you so much. But why do you want to go?" He asked

"Because I want to see how this gang of yours works" I said

"Aren't you going with Angie?" he asked.

"I'll call her" I said, and searched for her number and called her.

"Hey Angie, I'm so sorry for changing things up, but can you come where the rest of the gang are meeting up?? I'm going with Zayn" "yes it's fine, I'm going there to give something to Niall anyways" "oh ok thanks, I'll see you in a bit" "ok, bye" "bye" I said and hanged up.

"She'll go" I said to Zayn, we were on our way to meet with the rest.

"Ok" he said. We drove to the same place, I don't even know what's this place is. it's like a house, that it's hidden. we got inside, there was a lot of people here already.

"Guys, is everyone here?" Zayn asked

"Yeah!" everyone said, I saw Angie talking to Niall.

"I was informed that David shot Gabby in her leg, am I right?" Zayn asked, everyone said yes.

"Zayn, she just called. she said she'll get out of the gang, because it'll take 6 months for her to walk" Louis said, Zayn nodded.

"So this is our 4th girl that has gotten out, we need to find another girl before we start the fight with David's gang" Zayn said, everyone nodded "if you know someone that can be able to get in, please inform me or Liam, harry, Niall, Louis" he said, everyone nodded and started thinking who could get in.

"I'll get in" I said, Zayn and everyone else looked back at me, Zayn's eyes was wide open.






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