Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


13. Chapter 13

A/N: I'm sorry that there's to many problems, but since Zayn is in a gang, a lot of things happen.



I'm finally done with 4th period, don't wait to see Emma, since today is her last day of school.

"Hey girl!" I said

"Hey!" Emma said back

"Ready to go to Mr. Peterson??" I asked her

"Yeah, I'm glad it's my last day of school, because I didn't do shit" she said

"Lucky! I didn't do nothing either, but oh well! who gives a fuck anyways?" I said, and we both went to class.

"Everybody is having lunch detention today" I said to Emma

"Really? like who?" she asked

"Will me of course, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis" I said

"Why?" she asked

"Niall said that they wouldn't leave me alone in detention, so they'll accompany me" I said

"Anderson and Parker, stop talking" Mr. Peterson said, I rolled my eyes and Emma just continue to talk..

"Parker! stop talking" he said

"Will I'm sorry, I'm bored" she said

"You don't want to have detention on your last day of school" he said

"Actually yes I do" she said

"Detention!" he said. I looked at her she was smiling, I smiled back, and gave her a high-five.

2hr past

It's now time for lunch. I saw Zayn coming with the guys.

"I guess we're the only girls in the group" Emma said, I laughed

"Yup!" I said

"Ready for lunch?" Zayn asked

"Yes" everyone said. We were going to the cafeteria, Emma was talking to Niall, Zayn was holding my hand. We got our lunch and sat at the detention table. We started talking, but a teacher came.

"Don't you know what are these tables for?" she said

"Yes, it's for us to eat" I said

"Anderson! don't go smart mouth on me?" what the heck is she saying?? I just rolled my eyes..

"Y'all have to be silent. Or y'all get suspended. Do you understand?" she asked. No, I don't understand your language. we just nodded.

"Stupid teachers these days" I said in a whisper, they laughed. We were talking as low as we can so no teacher can hear us.

"Zayn, do you know what happened to David?" Liam asked, I swallow hard, when I herd that name. Zayn shook his head.

"No, but I hope he's dead" Zayn answered.

"What happened?" Emma asked. Shit! I forgot to tell her. I told her the whole story.

"I agree with Zayn, I hope he's dead. That dumb shit don't deserve to live" Emma said. I laughed. It was time to leave. ugh! Zayn and I didn't do no project, not even half. But who gives a shit anyways??

"Emma I'll see you in the bus" I said

"Of course" she said and left

"Harry can I use your book for social studies?" I asked.

"Sure babe, anything" he said with a big ass smile, and gabbed me the book. Zayn glared at him, I laughed.

"Thanks Harold" I said

"No problem sweet cheeks" he said and pinch my cheek.

"Harreh! If you don't quit flirting with my girl, you won't have balls" Zayn said.

"Ok ok, gosh! I'm sorry Mr. Jealous" he said. Zayn smacked him in the back of his head. And he left.

"Poor Harry" I said with a laugh

"Will he better stop flirting with you, or he'll have no balls" he said and kissed my cheek. I smiled "your mine" he said than we enter the classroom.

"Why are y'all late?" she said. late?! oh shit! we forgot she told us to get 5 minutes early.

"We were doing something" Zayn said. She stared at us. why the heck is she looking at us like that??

"Y'all to young to do that type of stuff" she said, I felt fire on my face. Everyone was like ' was it fast?' 'was she/he good?' and 'did you use a condom' the fuck?! we didn't to that. Zayn got red too.

"No, we didn't do that" I said looking down.

'Yeah, we were ummm.. at the lockers, she couldn't open it so I helped her" Zayn said.

"Ok....?" She said, looking at us with a suspicious look

48 minutes later

We finished 6th period.

"Zayn, I need to use the bathroom, I'll see you in the classroom" I said

"I'll wait for you here" he said and I nodded. I went to the bathroom and used it and washed my hands. I got out of the bathroom and I saw this slut trying to touch Zayn, but he didn't let her. The bitch is going to hear me.

"Excuse me, I need get with my boyfriend" I said moving her off and getting Zayn's hand she rolled her eyes. bitch your eyes don't hurt me! She got out a piece of paper and started writing something on it.

"Call me when your not busy" she said giving Zayn the note. Before he could get it, I grabbed it and ripped it into pieces.

"How about no? he's going to be very busy. right babe?" I said looking at him, he smiled

"Yes. Go and get someone else's number, because I'm taken. So if you could excuse us, me and my girlfriend need to go to class" Zayn said moving her out of the way. I gave her a fake smile. she rolled her eyes and left. Slut, that's what you get for trying to touch my boyfriend!

"Damn babe! you look so hot when your mad" Zayn said with a chuckle

"Well I'll look hotter, if that slut dares to touch you" I said, he laughed

"You're still hot, even when your not mad, and She won't, I wouldn't let no bitch touch me. you're the only one that can" he said and pecked my lips

"Good, because I'll make her sweep the floor with her hair" I said, he chuckled "your mine" I said hugging him and pecked his lips. We got in the class.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have a new student, his name is Brandon" Mr. Smith said. "will you please sit next to her, Jennifer please raise your hand " he says. the heck! he came and sat beside me, he looked at me and smiled. Half of the period Brandon kept staring at me.

"Who hasn't done their project?" Mr. Smith asked, me and Zayn raise our hands.


"Because we were busy" Zayn answered

"Better be done by next week, or y'all fail this class" he said, than turned to the class " I want you to work with the person beside you, read pages 286-290 than answer the 10 problems. when your finish, put it in the bin, and the rest of the class is free" he said. WHAT?! I'm gonna work with him?! I looked at Zayn, he kinda looked mad, he's working with Louis. Brandon and I started working, and we finished early.

"Hey what's your name?" Brandon asked, didn't he herd Mr. Smith say my name??? what a dumbass

"I'm Jennifer" I said

"Will pretty name for a pretty girl" he said with a smile

"Thanks" I said

"Wanna go to the movies?" he asked, NO!

"Sorry, I have a boyfriend" I said

"Who's your boyfriend?" he asked

"It's-" I got interrupted, and felt a pair of arms around my waist

"I am" Zayn said, he than pecked my lips. than it was time to leave.

"Now who was mad this time?" I said smiling.

"Hell it was me! I wanted to punch him in his damn face" Zayn said, I laughed

"Babe he didn't do anything to me"

"I know, but I don't like seeing boys asking my baby to go to the movies with them" he said and kissed my cheek. I kissed his nose, than I kissed him.

"Whoa!! look at the love birds" Louis said, we stopped kissing.

"Shut up Louis" I said. we got in the bus, I sat next to Emma this time, since she's leaving tomorrow.

"Hey can I sleep in your house tonight, because I already sold my house" Emma said

"Sure" I said. we started talking, we got to our stop.

"Wait, I'll tell Zayn" I said she nodded

"Zayn, I'll sleep in house tonight, because Emma is staying since she sold her house, and she's leaving tomorrow" I said

"Alright babe, than I'll call you tomorrow" he said

"Ok" I said, we hugged and kissed. I went back to Emma.

"That was cute kiss" she said smiling, I laughed

"Thanks" I said. We got home

"Where is your stuff?" I asked

"I have it in my book-bag, since I throw all the books away. and I sold the rest" she said, I nodded. we talked, play and ate the whole day.

"I'm going to sleep, tomorrow I have to wake up early" Emma said

"Yeah, I'm sleepy too" I said

We went to our room and slept.




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