Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


12. Chapter 12


What are they doing here?! David and Ashley are here..

"What the hell do y'all want?" Zayn asked

"I want her" David said, pointing at me. Hell No!

"Never" Zayn said.

"Hmmm, you wanna play hard huh?" David said

"Fuck off David!" Zayn said angrily

"Nah, I rather fuck her" He said looking at me up and down with a smirk. Zayn got tensed.

"Why can't you leave us alone?!" I said

"Jennifer baby, you know I always get what I want" David said getting closer to me. But Zayn got in front of me.

"Don't you fucking get close to her" Zayn said

"If I do what?" David said, Zayn was about to say something but he got interrupted by the bitch.

"Zaynie, just give him this shit.. You don't need trash baby" Ashley said. Excuse me?! who you calling Shit and trash???

"Bitch! who you calling shit and trash?" I said

"Hmmm. let me think. YOU" She said, oh no she didn't!

"Bitch please, look at your slutty self! Your worst than shit! And you know, I wanted to wear makeup, but after I saw you, you discourage me to do it.. So shut the fuck up!" I said yelling

"Your just jealous" she said brushing her hair with her fingers, I laughed.

"Bitch don't be laughing" she said

"Will guess what?? I already did" I said, and laughed even more

"If you laugh one more time-" I cut her off

"If I do what?? your gonna slap me like you did last time? will guess what?! I'm not fucking scare of a hoe like you" I said. She was about to slap me, but I got her hand, and slapped her.

"Don't you fucking touch me!" I said, she wanted to slap me back but Zayn got her hand this time

"She said not to fucking touch her" Zayn said " And you better leave or I'll beat your fucking ass!" Zayn said pointing at David.

"I won't until I get her back" David said

"I already told you I don't want your ass! Go find a slut! Because I'll never go back to you!" I screamed

"Your mine, ok? Only mine!" he said

"You forgot I'm here dumbass! She's not yours! So better fuck off" Zayn said

"Never! Before I do, I'll fuck her" David said with a smirk. Zayn tensed up, and punch him. I gasp

"You'll never touch her!" Zayn said. than the guys came..

"What's going on?" Liam ask

"David was saying shit and Zayn started punching him" I said. David started punching Zayn back. They both had blood all over their body. than the rest of Zayn's gang came. They help Zayn get off.

"That's all you got pretty boy?" David said, than we herd some sirens..

"Zayn we need to go" Niall said

"Not until I beat his ass" Zayn said

"Babe let's go" I said. The bitch and some people started to run away

"No, he has to respect you. I'm going to teach him that lesson" Zayn said

"Zayn babe, the police are coming. And if they found you here, they're going to arrest you" I said

"I don't give a fuck" He said.

"Guys y'all can go, we'll catch y'all later" I said to them

"Are you sure?" Harry asked

"Yes" I said and they left, Zayn was still punching David, he's probably dead already.

"Zayn baby, that's enough. let's go!" I said

"No, you go. Leave, you don't want to get into this shit" He said, I shook my head

"I'm not leaving without you. You have to come with me" I said, I herd the Sirens getting closer, I got worry. Zayn stopped

"Fuck Jennifer, you didn't let me finish babe!" He said and got up. "I'll get you later piece of shit!" Zayn said looking at David, he couldn't get up. We saw 2 or 3 polices, but we ran.

"Babe, you almost killed him" I said

"I should've, because I'm not gonna let him say shit. Your mine, not his. Only mine" He said hugging me

"I know, nobody else" I said, he kissed me, I kissed him back.

"I love you" He said

"I love you more" I said

"I do" he said, I shook my head

"No, I do" I said and giggle

"No baby, I do. I love you way more" he said, I was about to say something till I felt his lips on mine. I smiled in between the kiss. We stopped and kept walking till we got to his house. it was dark already.

"Here sit down, I'll clean all this blood" I said, and went to grab some stuff. I went back and started cleaning his face.

"That's alright babe, I can do it" he said

"No I want to" I said. he was clean now.

"Babe, you can sleep here" he said

"What about my clothes?" I asked

"I don't mind if your naked" he said and wink

"Shut up Malik. So you want me to go to school naked?" I said, and raised an eyebrow

"Oh hell no! your not going naked to school. I'm the only one that can see your body" he said, I blushed

"Shut up, so what am I going to wear for school?" I asked

"We can go to your house tomorrow and pick up some clothes" he said, and I nodded

"Ok" I said

"Here come to my room so I can give you some of my clothes" he said, we went to his room.

"I guess I'll sleep with you" I said, and he nodded

"Yes, and here." he said and gabbed me a big T-shirt that can cover my butt.

"Thanks" I said. and I waited for him to come out, but he just stood there.

"Umm, aren't you going to leave so I can change" I said

"I don't mind if you change in front of me" he said

"Malik, just leave" I said laughing

"Alright alright" he said and left. I changed into his big T-shirt and got out of the room.

"You also look beautiful in my clothes babe" he said

"Thank you" I said, than he kissed me, and bite my bottom lip asking for an entrance, I let him in. I felt a tornado inside my stomach. He kissed my neck, than went up to my lips, I played with his hair. he moan, he grabbed my waist and got on top of me. We started making out for 10 minutes, than I got the hem of his jeans, and he stopped me.

"Babe don't" he said I looked at him confuse

"Why?" I asked

"It's to early, I don't want to force you" he said. Force me??

"But I want to" I said

"Not yet baby, be right back, I have to take a shower" he said and pecked my lips, he than went to the bathroom. He didn't want to do it with me??


I had to stop, I didn't want her to regret it later. Its not that I didn't wanted to, I'm dying to do it... But I want to make it special. I got out of the bathroom and went to my room, I saw Jennifer laying down in my bed, she looks sad.

"Babe what's wrong?" I asked.

"It's just, I thought you would've want it, but I guess you don't" she said looking down. I don't want her to think I didn't wanted.

"I do, trust me" I said

"Than why you stopped me?" she asked

" I want to make it special" I said, then I saw a smile on her face.

"Ok" she said, I pecked her lips.

"We should sleep" she said, I smiled

"Yes, but I want a goodnight kiss" I said

"I already kissed you" she said giggling, God I love her!

"That wasn't a goodnight kiss" I said

"Alright Malik" she said, and she kissed me, I quickly lay her down in my bed, she laughed. and she stopped

"That's not fair" I pouted

"Sure it is. Now go to sleep" she said, I pulled her closer to me, I kissed her cheek, she smiled.

"Goodnight love" I said

"Goodnight babe" she said. And she fell asleep in my arms. I closed my eyes and slept.




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