Bad Boy Changed Me ~ (Zayn Malik)

Zayn Malik was known as the Bradford Bad Boy, he had a bad reputation, he is an a gang. He never loved a girl before. When he meets Jennifer, a sweet, kind girl, he changes, but not only that, he changed Jennifer. Will he fall in love?? Or will he dump her like the rest?? Why does Jennifer change??


10. Chapter 10

Jennifer's POV:

Finally lunch time! I need to tell Emma about me and Zayn. hope she's not mad.

"Hey babe, ready for lunch?" Zayn asked, I nodded

"Yeah, if you don't mind I'll sit with Emma. I need to tell her about us and some other stuff" I said

"Yeah sure. I'll sit with the guys for a moment, than I'll sit with y'all" he said

"Alright" I said

"Than I'll see you shortly beautiful" he said and pecked my lips, I nodded. I got my lunch, and sat beside Emma.

"Hey Emma" I greeted her

"Oh hey, I got a little earlier, that's why I wasn't outside" she said

"That's ok. and I need to tell you something" I said

"Me too, but you start" she said

"Zayn and I are together" I said, I tried to tell her expression, but I just can't is she sad, mad, disappointed, happy, surprised? I don't know.

"Are you mad?" I asked, than she smiled.

"Not at all. that's awesome! I knew he loved you. congrats sis" she said, I laughed

"Thanks Emma, you were always there for me. But what you wanted to tell me?" I asked, than she frowned

"I have to go to New York. My mom is very sick, and I have to be there." She said, I frowned too.

"Oh, will hope she's ok, and gets better" I said

"Thanks, but we'll stay in touch. I'll call you everyday, I might come to visit" she said. I nodded

"When are you leaving?" I asked

"This Saturday" she said. she's leaving in 2 days.

"Oh ok" I said

"Look, bought this necklace, this part of the heart is yours, and this is mine. So I'll know you'll always be in my heart, and it has our names" she said, my eyes got watery

"You'll always be in my heart too Emma, your like my sister" I said

"Forever" we said together. than we started talking and laughing. I felt a pair of arms around my waist, I turned around and saw Zayn. I smiled

"Hello lady's" he said and sat down

"Hey Zayn" Emma said, and smiled

"Hey babe" I said to him

"So what were y'all talking about?" he asked

"A lot of stuff.. Emma is moving" I said

"What, why?" he asked

"I need to go and see my mom in New York, she's sick" Emma said

"Oh, hope she gets better" Zayn said

"Thanks" Emma said. we started talking, and we had to go to class.

"See you later Emma" I said

"Ok bye" she said and left

"Babe are you still coming with me? to see the rest of the boys?" Zayn asked

"Yeah, I wouldn't missed it" I said and smiled

"Will lets go to class gorgeous" he said

"Alright handsome" I said, and he smiled too.

2hr later……

I finished 6th period, but I need to go to the bathroom. I walking towards the bathroom till I saw 2 or 3 boys looking at my ass.

"Would y'all stop staring at my ass?" I said

"Why baby? that cake is good?" one of them said

"Will your cake that you have inside your head is going to get smashed" I said

"Damn babe, don't have to get mad. we're leaving anyways" they said and left. I went to the bathroom. SHIT! I'm late to class. oh well!

"Ms. Anderson, why are you late?" My teacher asked

"Because I went to the bathroom" I said

"Did you do your homework?" she said

"Nope" I said sitting down


"Because I had better things to do" I said, everybody said 'OOOHH' Zayn chuckle, and shook his head. Emma laughed.

"Anderson, don't speak to me in that language" she said getting mad.

"I'm sorry but I only speak one language, and that's English. What other language you want me to speak?" I asked her. everyone laughed, Zayn and Emma laughed too.

"You got detention Anderson" she said

"Fine with me" I said

52 minutes after

I was out of class, and Emma came.

"Hey, I'll not be able to go on the bus, because I have to do some shit for social studies" Emma said

"Oh ok, will see you later ok??" I said

"Ok bae, bye" she said

"Hey babe" Zayn said and pecked my lips.

"Hey" I said

"Shall we go now?" he asked

"Sure" I said. we got in the bus and talked. we finally got to our stop.

"Babe, I need to go home, I'll come to your house in 20 minutes ok?" he said

"Ok" I said

"See ya love!" he said and pecked my lips

"Bye babe" I said and headed home. I opened the door to see my mom in the sofa.

"Jennifer I need to talk to you" my mother said

"Yes?" I said

"I'm going to Italy in a hour, I can't take you with me. I'm sorry, but you'll have to take care of yourself" she said, really???

"Yeah I can, since your never home, so why would you care if I'm ok or not. just leave, hope you enjoy Italy." I said coldly

"Jennifer to talk to me like that, I'm your mother" she said

"And I'm your daughter. Tell me, are you going to be here like a MOTHER usually is? if something's wrong, would you be able to help me?? NO" I said

"I'm not going to Italy for fun, I have a job" she said

"Are you going to be here for my birthday?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm coming home before 5 months" she said, what?!

"Wow!! My birthday is in a week! how could you forget that?! You know what? I don't need you! you've been leaving me alone since we got here, you never have time for me! So why would you get worry if anything is wrong with me?! You act like you care, but you don't! I don't want to hear your shit anymore!" I screamed, and she slapped me.

"Don't you ever raise your voice to your mother again!" she yelled

"But I don't have a fucking mother!" I screamed, she calmed down.

"Why do you act like that, you weren't like this before" she said

"You know why? because my mother is not here to support me, nor she will. I have to do everything myself. And guess what?! I have a boyfriend" I said

"You what?! why didn't you tell me?!" she yelled

"Why do you think?! you aren't home, you never answer the phone! why bother?!" I screamed

"Does he have at least a good reputation?" she asked

"Nope! he's not like a boy you wanted for me, he's way more than that! He's in a gang, sells drugs, doesn't do his homework etc. But guess what?! I LOVE HIM!" I yelled, she gasped

"Why the heck are you with him?!" she asked

"I love him" I said

"Jennifer are you insane?! he's like David! He'll turn you into shit! like the fuck! He's going to make you be in his gang!" she screamed

"No mother! he's nothing compare to David! And I'm already shit! And no he won't! before he does, I'll join in!" I screamed.

"You know what, I'll not argue with you, since your going to be 17 you can do whatever you want. I'll come in 3 months" she said

"Don't bother" I said

"Whatever, bye, take care. Love you" she said

"Bye" I said, and headed to my room.


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