Harry potter facts

This is facts story and interesting stuff for harry potter fans. If you have some facts or story put them in the comments and maybe see them in my book.


1. fact 1-50

Most of the facts were found from online sites and from interviews of the cast and j.k Rowling. So I can't take full credit

I got a LOTS from hpotterfacts! so I have to give them tons of credit so go check them out


1 Harry potters shares a birthday with jk Rowling July the 31.

2. 16,000 people tried out for harry potter and they still didn't find him.

3 tom Felton (Draco) tried out for Ron and harry but was perfect for Draco.

4. tom Felton robe pocket had to be sewn shut because he kept trying to sneak food on set in them.

5. Daniel Radcliffe went though 160 pairs of glasses.

6. The oldest actor to play a Hogwarts student was moning myrtle she was 37.

7 Snape is a very nice guy who cracks jokes

8. Jk Rowling attempt that the character dumbuldor is gay

9 Dugly Dersly real name is harry

10. Robert grint was removed from set in the horcrux kissing scene because I he couldn't stop laughing.

11. Hermonie went back and finished her 7th year at hogwarts.

12. All the children in the harry potter cast got lice

13.fred and George have blonde hair in real life.

14. The actors who play mad eye moody and bill weasly are father and son.

15. Snap is the only death eater who can cast a patronus

16. The hogwarts castle is a mini version being filmed

17.emma Watson almost didn't do the last 3 movies

18. Jk Rowling didn't like daniel, Robert and Emma at first because they looking hansom and pretty in Emma case because in her mind the character were nerdy

19. Jk Rowling thought of harry potter on an delayed train

20.if Voldemort were to see a bogart it would appear as his own dead flesh because his biggest fear is death.

21. James potter harry father played chaser even though he was betrayed in the movie as seeker

22. Ginnies full name is Ginevra Molly weasly

23. The t in voldemort is silent Voldemor

24. Robert grint for his audition dressed up like a women drama teacher and rapped about Ron.

25. Alan (Snape) knew is characters ending before the book was released.

26. If a muggle so hogwarts it would look like an old building with a sign that said keep out.

27. Jk Rowling based the dementer off of her depression

28. Harry , hermonie,Ron and albus got there faces on chocolate frogs. Albus and Ron were the most excitied.

29. George couldn't evoke a patronus after Fred's death.

30. After Harry's defeats voldemort he can no longing speak pasoltounge.

31. Minvera mcgoangall played quittach in her youth

32. Jk r wrote 5 pages of words that started with q before she came up quittach

33. Rons patronus is a terrier

34. Hermonies patronus is an otter

35. Harry patronus is a stag

36. In the early writings of the philophser stone dean Thomas was named Gary

37. Dean Thomas dad was killed by death eaters when he refused to join them

38. The sorting hat sung a song three years

39. The sorting hat sung the 1,4,5 years

40. Author types in the number 62442 Which spells magic on a tradition key pad

41. The least selling Harry Potter movie is the prisoner of askaban.

42. The worst selling Harry Potter movie made 90 million more than the best selling twilight movie.

43. The first five years J.k rowlings spent on harry potter were constructing the rules and the story's behind each character.

44. We J.K Rowling wrote the 4th book she jumped in to fast and has wrote half the book before she relisee that she had a gaping hole. That is why it took so long for it to be published.

45. Sirius and Fred were the prankster of there generation at hogwarts. They both died with a smile on there face! 😪

46. The goblet of fire and deathly hallows part 1 were released in theaters on the same day five years apart. November 18th

47. Jk Rowling is the first person to become a billionaire by writing books.

48. Jk Rowling never thought about writing children's books till the harry potter story came to her hard.

49. Rupert Grint (Ron) attempts that is most embarrassing moment was when he drew a really ugly picture of Alan Rickman (snap) only to find that he was standing right behind him.

50. After 3 years away Percy wealsy only spent 3 minutes with his brother Fred before he died.


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