Harry potter facts

This is facts story and interesting stuff for harry potter fans. If you have some facts or story put them in the comments and maybe see them in my book.


3. 51-100

51. Fred and George hit voldemort in the face with snow balls.

52. Jk Rowling says that she may right an eights she doesn't think she will but she might. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I HOPE SHE DOES!!!!❤️

53. October thirty first HALLOWEEN was when voldemort tried to kill harry for the first time. Now that costume would have scared me😛

54. October 30 1949 is Molly weasly a birthday

55. October 30 in 1994 the delegations from a Beauxbations and Durmstrang arrived at Hogwarts to prepare for the triwizard cup

56. In the chamber of secrets, harry makes Dobby promise to never save his life again. Dobby wal killed saving harry potter latter in the deathly hallows.

57. Peeves destroyed the vanishing cabinet that Draco Malfoy later fixed and used.

58. Hogwarts only enrolled students from Great Britain and Ireland

59. Some of the characters names in the series she got from her church register as a child

60. October 17 is Filius Flitwicks birthday

61. In the credit of the goblet of fire it say "No dragons were harmed in the making of this movie

62. On September 19th 1979 hermonie granger was born

63. In the harry potter movie Bellatrix always stands on the right side of Voldemort which is always reserved for the most loyal or partner

64. Daniel and Rupert both attempt that they had a crush on Emma in the earlier movies.

65. On the marauders map they had there name and they die in the reverse order of there names

66.expecto Patronum translates as I await a guardian in Latin

67. The first harry potter was published in 1998 which is the same year the battle of hogwarts to place " I open at the close"

68. The hug between Draco and Voldemort in the deathly hallows part 2 was not in the script

69. Tom Felton (Draco) hadn't read the books before he audition

70. Harry potter and the deathly hallow sold of 11 million copies on the first day, breaking her earlier record for the fastest selling book of all time

71. Voldemort was 71 one when he dies

72.Jk Rowling " there is 1000 student who attend hogwarts each year"

73/ the first and last words we hear Dobby say are "harry potter"

74. Hermione was the second character that jk Rowling came up with. After harry

75. The place and name of hogwarts was picked by Rowena raven claw who had a dream that a warty hog was leading her to a cliff by a lake.

76. Harry potter only destroyed 1 horcrux

77. Hermione means "earthy"

78 harry told everyone that voldemort had killed Cedric but really peter pettigrew did.

79. James and Oliver acting teacher told them to give up acting a week before they tried put for hp.

80. The name Malfoy shares the Latin root maleficus with malenficent, who is consider the worst disney villain

81. The name harry potter is mention 18,956 times in the whole series

82. Jk Rowling was asked to write a Christmas special for doctor who but she declined

83. Molly weasly brothers Fabian and Gideon were killed by death eaters in the first war

84.in the movie scene "nineteen years later" tome Felton's girlfriend jade Gordon makes a n appearance as Draco's wife, Astoria Greengrass

85. The only time Fred and George saw each other's as old men was when they tried to put there names in the triwizard cup.

86. Maggie smith (mcgoangall) was jk Rowling personal choice for This role.

87. Jk Rowling was named 61on forbes most powerful women list in 2011

88. Berry, the dog who played pad foot in the harry potter films was up for adoption and looking for a new hope

89. When daniel was asked how kissing Emma was he said "It 91was quite enjoyable I quite liked it'".

90. Quirinus quirell would celebrate his birthday September 26

91. Emma had to wear a wig during some of the scenes in the deathly hallows part two because she cut off all her hair

92. Jk Rowling parents met and kings crossing

93. Hermione was going to have a younger sister but jkr couldn't find a place to fit her in.

94. Hermione last name almost up puckle

95. Remus lupins can be rearranged to "primula line", which means full moon.'

96. Bellatrix is the Latin word for female warrior

97. Jk. Rowling says that there are 3000 wizards in Britain

98. Harry goes to hogwarts to give talks about the dark arts

99. Rupert grint owns his own ice cream truck and a hover craft

10 lavender brown is played by an uncredited darker shaded skin until the fifth film when she turn into the actor you see following Ron around like a pup

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