Harry potter facts

This is facts story and interesting stuff for harry potter fans. If you have some facts or story put them in the comments and maybe see them in my book.


5. 101-150

101. There is 142 stair cases in Hogwarts castle

102. The careof magical creatures before Hagrid was kettleburn

103. The first name of the first centaur harry met was Ronan

104. nearly headless nick head was chopped in the head 45 times

105. Aragog's the spider wife's name is mosag

106. The number on the gringotts Bank that the sorcerers stone was removed from is 713

107. Scabbers bite Goyle on the hogwarts train (go Scabbers❤️❤️❤️)

108. Draco Malfoy sons name is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

109. Tom Felton (Draco) girls friend at the time of the deathly hallows played his wife in the 19 years later scene

110. Aunt Margie's dogs name is ripper

111. Dudley goes to smelting schools for boys

112. A picture of Gandalf the great from The Lord of the rings is in Dumbledores office

113. Draco Malfoy's son is named Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

114. Tom Felton (Draco) girl friend at the time of the 7th movie played his wife in the 19 years later scene

115. Aunt Margie's dog is named ripper

116. In 2007 Jk Rowling was the runner up for the times person of the year

117. 210.000 coins were created for the gringotts scene in the 7th movie part 2

118. Harry potters scare was applied by the make up team 5,800 times.

119. All the wand in the harry potter movie were made on set

120. Hedwing was played by three males because females aren't completely white.

121. Emma Watson audition for the role of Hermione in her school gym for fun

122. Rupert Grint was cast as Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story put turned down do to potter commitments

123. Draco Malfoy went to Fred's funeral and cried, he stayed in the back so he couldn't be seen

124. George gave his wand to his son and kept Fred instead

125. Sirius's last thought was here I come prongs

126, Neville wanted to be in huffle puff but the sorting hat disagreed

127. Askaban no longer uses dementors as guardians

128. Harry took his kids to visit Dudley when they were in the neighborhood much to there dismay

129. Cho Chang was a year older then harry. But is shown in her robes and Hogwarts attending the school.

130. The third scent hermione smelled in the love potion was Ron Weasley hair

131. The night bus drivers were named after Jk Rowling grandfathers

132. Many people asked if voldemort was Harry's dad Jkr has a saying for them " you've watch way to much Star Wars".

133. Fred and George were born on April fools

134. Hermonies middle name is jane

135. Ron's middle name is billius

136. Harry's middle name is James

137. Daniel Radcliffe also shares his birthday with Jkr and hp

138. Nearly head less nick was killed for messing up lady grieves teeth

139. One of the flying cars used for the 3rd movie was stolen

140. A magical quill detects the birth of a wizard or witch and writes it down. So when they are 11 mcgoangall sends them a letter.

141. Your animagus turns into the reflexion of your personality

142. Wizards need Money because there is a law against conjuring out of thin air.

143. In the Spainsh translation of harry potter Neville's toad was translated as turtle

144. Dragons blood is and effective oven cleaner

145. Ron was a potty mouth but the publish took it out to appeal more to kids.

146. Jk Rowling unconsciously called Hogwarts after a plant she saw at the kew garden in NY

147. 40 Salazar slytherin lockers were made for the many times they were destroyed

148. Harry potter and the prisoner of askaban publisher asked for stores to not sell the book until after school to prevent truancy.

149. Molly Weasley's maiden name is Prewett

150 Arthur Weasley had two brothers

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