Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


24. Gosh I'm such a screwup….

this is supposed to go between 14 and 15 :( sorry guys..

After my shower I was handed a pair of lacy underwear and a matching bra before a pair of shirt cotton shorts and a tank top was throw at me as well. I got dressed, glad that I was put in actual clothes... some what anyway. I was guided out of the bathroom to a different part of the house, back to the room I had been put in before they got back.
Shoving me into the room the door closed quickly, the lock clinking behind me. Harry was laying on the bed in a pair of low joggers, sprawled out over the black sheets shirtless. He rolled off of his tummy, his green gaze catching mine. I swallowed hard, not knowing what to do. We stared at each other for a moment before he motioned me to get on the bed.
I followed instructions, laying by the very edge of the bed. Harry sighed heavily before his arm wrapped around my waist, making me squeak as he pulled me back into him. My bum was placed right over his groin, pressing it into me as he made sure every line of my body matched up with his. This was oddly comfortable, our bodies touching and settling against each other more comfortable than I thought they would have. His kissed the bare skin on my shoulder before resting his forehead on the back of my neck.
I stayed still, not saying anything as I felt his breathing start to slow down, the sign that he was asleep. Part of me was grateful that he didn’t make me do anything, that he listened to what that Zayn guy had said. On that thought, my mind wondered back to the dark one. He had offered to be gentle as long as I was good and done what I had been told to do.
He was sweet, in a different way. Did he just say give me a break so he can finish what he started when ever my resting time was over? Was that it? Or did he really want the guys to lay off because I had been violated and embarrassed enough for one day? I sighed and shifted, lightly jumping as Harry’s grip on me tightened and his sleepy sigh ruffling my hair. Did I seriously forget he was there?
As the long silence drove on, my mind continued to wonder to each of the boys. Why did they do this? I’ll admit it, they were all attractive enough to have girlfriends and I’m sure each girlfriend is prettier than me. Why would they cheat on them with some random girl against her will? So far I knew that the dark one, Zayn, had a girlfriend but did the other boys? Did Harry have a girlfriend?
The dark was creeping in, leaving the soft glow of the lamp across the room to light up the creepy room. With everything done in dark shades, the room was scary looking. Cool air started blowing from a few vents in the room, making me have a slight shiver.
I felt around with my feet, finding the light blanket that had been a few inches away from my feet. I stretched out, grabbing it with both of my feet. Pulling my legs up to my chest, I grabbed the blanket, pulling it over me. I couldn’t get the warmth I needed because of the larger body behind me so I ended up arranging the cover over both of our bodies.
Once the blanket was in place, Harry shifted forward, one of his legs being thrown over mine. I huffed and rolled over onto my back, hoping it would get him off of me. Instead, his arm tightened around my waist and his soft curls ended up brushing against my cheek as he laid his head on my chest, one leg intertwining both of mine. I took a deep breath, staring up at the ceiling. My eyes started to get a little heavy, telling me that it was time to go to bed. I was afraid to shut my eyes, scared that repeats of earlier events would play back behind my eyelids.
I started to get uncomfortable, my lower back starting to hurt. I shifted in every way, making it even worse. I huffed, knowing exactly what I had to do to get it to stop hurting. I shifted onto my left side again, drawing my right knee up to my chest, wincing at the pain between my thighs. I turned the upper half of my torso back towards the sleeping Harry, my back making a satisfying popping sound.
I turned onto my right side, coming face to face with the boy. I took a long look at his face, my eyes searching the peaceful view. He had taken all of his piercings out, leaving his face clear like they had never been their in the first place. His curls were messy, sprawled out over the side of his face and his forehead. Harry’s pink plump lips were slightly opened, soft breaths escaping the small space. He was beautiful. If he wasn’t such a dick then maybe I would have dated him. But he ruined that. As soon as I can, I’m getting out of this place and going straight to the police. I won’t let them do this to another girl. If I can get out, that is.
I tried to look for a way to pop my back again without having to nearly straddle him in the process. If I go between his legs, I take the risk of accidentally hitting his balls and making him highly pissed off. My back started up again, telling me I needed to make a quick decision. I slowly raised my leg, bending it at the knee. I scooted closer to his body, lining up my front with his. I hesitantly placed my leg over his waist, hooking it gently around his side. I turned my upper torso away from him slowly, enjoying the relief of my back slowly popping. I took a deep breath, ending up stretching out before letting the breath out loudly.
My head snapped back towards the boy when my leg was erked up higher on his waist, his green eyes sparkling darkly at me. My eyes widened a the action as I tried to remove my leg but his firm grip held it there. He rolled over on top of me, my leg still place high on his waist. His lips brushed mine as his weight crushed me.
“If you wanted to be closer, all you had to do was say so.” he said, his voice deep and raspy from sleep.
I shook my head quickly, a low whimper coming out of my closed lips as he gently rubbed his member against me. He smirked before rolling off of me and laid back to his side. He never let my leg down as I was pulled forward, our bodies touching in every place possible. He released my leg after informing me the consequences of me removing it. Grabbing my arm, he wrapped it around his waist, making me hold him.
“Go to sleep. You have a long day tomorrow.” he said, resting his cheek on the top of my head as he pulled the covers back up over us. I sighed, shifting forward so I could hide my face in his shoulder. He shifted forward slightly, putting one of his legs between mine making his lower half basically rest against mine. I closed my eyes and, to my surprise, greeted darkness instead of scary images.

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