Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


9. Chapter 9

Shaking my head hard to get the stupid kiss out of my head, I ignored the eyes I felt on me as I walked. I didn’t have to look back to see who it was. I did anyway, though. Harry’s green eyes were glued to me, making me feel weird inside. What the hell? His right eye dropped me a wink before he turned onto a different hall. I ignored my mind until I got to my next class, then let it roam freely.

    Unfortunately all of my classed passed by quickly, sending everyone else home and me to the detention room. I was hoping that Harry was to bad ass to actually come to after school detention. I arrived at my designated room, signing in on a sheet to prove that I did come today. The paper said that we sign in then just sit there, saying that a teacher will come in at the assigned time and tell us to leave. So, I will sit here, alone. By myself. There’s way to many things that can go wrong with this.

    Like usually, my bad luck followed me everywhere, proving to me just how bad it was as it walked through the very door I wanted to pad lock closed with it on the other side. Today, like it had been for  couple of days, my bad luck came in the form of a boy with messy hair, piercing green eyes and a seductive, scary air around him. Harry smirked at me, signing in before sitting at my table, scooting his chair literally right beside mine.

    “We can’t sit this close. You have to be at least two table away from me.” I say, trying to hide the tremble in my voice. He snorted.

    “Do I really look like the type to follow every rule? I didn’t think so. Besides. I like being this close to you.” Harry said, his face coming close to mine as he talked. His nose brushed against my cheek as he spoke, his breath fanning out of my neck as he moved. My heart beat was pounding hard in my chest, beating loudly in my ears. I swear this kids going to give me a heart attack.

    “Yeah? Well, I don’t like being this close to you.” I said bravely, getting up from my table and started towards the door. 

    I’d rather get expelled than be beaten and harassed. He was in front of me in a second, closing the door and locking us both in and the teacher out. My heart picked up double time. I’m locked in a room. Again. With him, alone. Again. Why does life hate me so much? He turned towards me, a smirk playing on his lips as he walked forward, grabbing the top of my arm and pulled me to the back of the classroom, turning out the lights in the process. That’s when I realized that he’s making it look like nobody had showed up and the janitor shut everything down.

    I was shoved forward, rammed into the counters in the very back of the class room. I huffed, my stomach killing me from where the edge of the counter had hit it. A large hand was pressed in between my shoulders, forcing my upper torso to lay flat on the counter top. His body was on mine, his groin pressed into my bum as he leaned forward over me.

    “Try not to enjoy this to much.” He whispers roughly before lifting his weight off of me. 

    His knotted one of his hands in my hair, yanking my head back and off the counter, making me grunt in pain. He pulled it to the side, exposing my neck as he rubbed himself against my bum, a throaty moan going through both of our bodies. His lips were on my neck then, leaving behind sloppy wet spots. Pleasuring shivers went down my back, tingles starting in my tummy as the area between my thighs responded. NO! I don’t like this, I don’t like this.. I chanted in my head, trying to convince myself. 

    Drawing up enough courage I shoved myself off of the counter, sending us both flying back. My feet got tangled up in his, making us both fall to the floor in a tangled mess, him landing on me despite the fact that I was in front of him. I gasped has he fell on me, his elbow managing to land right in my gut. I shifted underneath him, trying to get away even though I could barely breath. One large hand gripped on of my thighs, awfully close to my crotch and pulled me back underneath him. 

    Harry quickly arranged himself between my legs, his weight crushing me into the floor. His eyes darkened with lust as he rolled his hips forward into mine, another throaty moan escaping his lips though he had his bottom lip roughly between his teeth. I felt my body react to this, a pleasuring sensation spreading out through my body as he repeated the action a few more times.

    This is it, I though. I’m going to get raped for real. There’s no way out of this one. My mind told me it wouldn’t work but I couldn’t stop myself from trying what I had done earlier this morning. His face was close enough to mine that I could lick my lips and touch his also. I tilted my head up, my lips brushing against his. Maybe if I just go along with it, I’ll get a chance to get free. This thought accompanying my desire, I kissed Harry for the second time today.

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