Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


8. Chapter 8

“It’s just you and me now babe.” He say darkly while the curly haired monster stalked over towards me.


I’m screwed. So screwed.


He crouches down so he in my level and looks in my eyes with that predatory glint.


“Well what are you waiting for?! If you’re going to beat me up then do it!” I hiss at him. I am angry, scared and confused.


“Now where would be the fun in that?” He asks tilting his head to the side.


“You sure as hell didn’t have a problem back in the alley!” I snap. I swear I would never have said this if it weren’t for the adrenaline rush!


His eyes darken in what I only presumed to be anger but he kept it in for the moment. He was playing with me. He found my fear and anger pleasurable! Heartless bastard!


“You know, I still need to punish you for what happened back at the principal’s office.” I am taken aback by this. WTF man?! This guy is insane!


“But I’ll wait until afterschool for that.” He chuckles darkly before winking at me. Shit….I have detention with him. I forgot.


I need to get the fuck away from him NOW! But how? He locked the door and his friends are probably guarding it from the outside. Think. Think. Think.


I decide to buy some time while I think.


“Oh yeah? Then what do you plan on doing to me then?” I ask with a tinge of fear in my voice as I frantically try to come with some sort of an escape plan in my head.


“Well first I’m going to spank you. HARD. And then I may fuck you.” He replies casually. I almost choke on my own spit. Excuse me? He’s…..going to rape me?


Fuck. Now I don’t care if I get expelled. There is no fucking way I am going to detention if there is no teacher on duty. Anger surges inside of me and just as I was about to snap, the door opened to reveal the rest of the boys all smirk down at me and Harry.


I glare at every single one of them before realising. The door is open. If the boys move out of the way, I may be able to escape.


“Sorry man, we just couldn’t wait any longer.” The one with the red hair said to Harry while all of the others just casually nodded.


What were they planning on doing to me? I did not want to find out.


They walk closer to us and spread out evenly around the locker room. Are they seriously that stupid as to leave the frickin’ door open? Or do they think that I don’t have the balls to escape from them?


Either way I am getting out of here!


I quickly shift my gaze back onto Harry’s intense gaze. I just need to distract him somehow so he can move out of my way and I can dash out. I would knee him in the balls but that would SERIOUSLY piss him off so I can’t hit him.


So I do the only other thing my stupid brain can think of.


I crash my lips forcefully against his with everyone watching and to my surprise, he started kissing back. He grasped my forearms in attempt to get closer to me and make the kiss more heated.


Oh my gosh! What am I doing?! I quickly shove him off of me and stand up from the floor and sprint out of the locker room. I can hear the shouting from the rest of the boys but I carry on running.


I need to get back to the safety of my class. I chuckle at myself. I never thought I would ever say that.


As soon as I reach the building where my class was and I started to see a few more people, I slowed down to a stop and bent over so I rested my hands on my knees as I caught my breath.


I need to work out more….


I huff as I stand up and barge into the class with a fake look masking my scared face.


Harry and his friends would be here and minute and they would be pissed. The teacher glares at me as do the other students while I sit down.


For some reason, my hand seems to travel up to my lips. I hadn’t noticed until now that they were tingling from when I had kissed Harry moments ago. Why wasn’t this feeling going away? I bite at my lip but it still does not go away. What the hell?


“Miss Stanley? Get on with the work you left off with!” My teacher snaps at me. I am honestly getting sick of him calling me by my last name! When he looks back down at whatever he was doing, I shoot him my middle finger.


I have bigger things to worry about than algebra like Harry and his friends. And detention. Should I go?


I snap my head up when I see Harry and his friends walk in and sit in their places completely ignoring me. Ok then. Not even a glare?


God! Why won’t this tingling on my lips go away?! It’s not like I even felt anything in that kiss!


I jump when I hear the bell ring. End of class already? But I just got in! Well I’m not complaining!


I grab my stuff and race out of the classroom before everyone successfully avoiding Harry.


That guy is fucked up. He wants to rape me and I find it terrifying.


What else was he capable of? And why the fuck did he kiss me back? Why do I keep thinking of that damn kiss?!


What’s wrong with me?

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