Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


7. Chapter 7

So we had yet another week of after school detention, alone. I groaned, letting my head fall back against the chair I was in. Harry stayed rather quiet, not looking at me or the principle. That’s a good thing I guess. 


You two better be here today. No more skipping out.” He said, glaring at Harry before turning towards me. He looked startled as he took in my appearance, just now REALLY looking at me head on.


“Ms.Stanley, what happened to your face? Did you get into a fight?” He asked urgently. I heard a snicker from the other side of the room, making my cheeks heat up from anger. How dare he laugh at me.


“Um, sort of. I found these nasty, hateful, arrogant, unattractive jerks ganging up on one guy. I jumped in and probably saved the guys life. This was just my payment for helping. What kind of man would hit a women? If you don’t mind me asking you.” I said, keeping my eyes on the principle. I could literally feel the anger and hatred rolling off of the boy just a few seats away from me as I explain the bruise on my face.


“No man at all, Ms. Stanley. I’m sorry that you got hurt but I’m sure the man appreciates your interference on his behalf. That was a very brave thing of you to do. Now, get back to class both of you.” He said, nodding his head towards the door.


I let Harry walk out first, giving him enough time for him to be in the classroom and seated before I even thought of leaving the office. Soon enough I was almost pushed out of the office door by the principle, him accusing me off not wanting to go to class. I didn’t really tell him that I just didn’t want to be caught in the hallway alone with Harry roaming around.


I walked quickly through the hallway, making wide turns around the corners just in case he was hiding there. A few seconds later I heard footsteps behind me and I prayed that it was just a teacher on break or something. Once again, my bad luck caught up with me. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the blonde one smirking at me, his eyes glancing down at my bum every few seconds.    


I walked faster, nearly jogging down the hallway. Damn it, why did my class have to be on the other side of the school. I cursed under my breath as I rounded the corner, coming almost face to face with the dark one. His dark brown eyes glared down at me, the left one dropping a wink. I immediately back tracked, jogging down the opposite hallway.


I was on the other side of the school, far away from my designated classroom. I felt the panic begin to set in my chest as I was found by another member of Harry’s gang. They knew were I was going before I did. Soon enough I had four boys following rather close behind me, seeming to appear from every corner I took. I went through a random door and cursed out loud. It was the gym and it was empty. 

    I turned around, seeing the boys not far behind. Too late to turn around now. I ran across the room as fast as my short legs could carry me, slamming into the girls locker room door, shutting and locking it behind me. I stared at the door, jumping when fists hit the door, beating loudly on it. I backed up quickly, just in case they broke through the wooden door. Turning quickly, i wove through the locker sections, getting as far back as the room would let me from the only door.

    I found the bathroom stalls in the very back, picking the very end one to go into. I locked the door and made my way onto the toilet, putting my feet up so they couldn’t see my feet if they just so happen to get in. I was currently squatting over the toilet, mentally laughing at myself. God, do I feel silly. It was quiet, the beating that had echoed through out the room had stopped. I listened carefully, hoping they had just given up, when I heard a sound that made my heat stop.     The clicking of the lock coming undone. I wasn’t in here alone. That’s when it dawned on me. I wasn’t being followed. I was being herded. All this time I thought I was in control of where I was going when they literally had me exactly where they wanted me. My stomached started to turn, making me feel queasy and unsettled. This can’t be good. 

    I felt my breath turn shallow when I heard foot steps, followed by laughter and their voices calling out my name. My mind raced at the speed of light, trying to think of anyway out other than the door. They surely have someone guarding it. My heart beat loudly in my chest, making it hard to determine where the footsteps were coming from. I jumped when loud sounds echoed through the some-what empty room, telling me they were beating on the metal lockers. How did I get myself into this mess.

    I held my breath when one set of footsteps came closer, edging towards my stall. I tried to calm my heart beat down, closing my eyes. I was literally afraid it was beating so loud that it would give me away. I opened my eyes, following the footsteps to the front of my stall. Tears pricked at my eyes, threatening to over flow. If they find me, I’m done for. There’s no telling what they would do and how long it would take someone to follow me. 

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw hands hit the floor, making em back my feet up, my body trying to hug the wall behind me. Soft curls hit the floor seconds later, just out of sight as he checked for feet. My breathe let out silently has he got up and walked away. I listened carefully, staring at the door. I failed to watch his shadow. 

    “Boo.” Harry rasped loudly as he looked between the crack where the door and the stall met. His green eye narrowed, sparkling dangerously at me.

    I jumped backward, going no where has I hit the wall behind me. I looked up, jumping sideways to find a brunette, blue eyes boy grinning at me. I hit the ground hard, losing my breath has my head cracked against the wall. The door of the stall shook hard, the metal latch clanging loudly against its holder. The boy from the stall over disappeared to only slide under the stall wall, making me scramble back into a corner. He dropped me a wink before walking towards the door, unlatching it. 

    I quickly crawled over the tiny space, sliding under the divider and getting onto my feet, darting from the stall. I heard shouts and pounding footsteps running after me. I zig zagged through the rows of lockers, hoping to lose them, or at least confuse them. I ran out from one row, slamming into a body. he huffed, trying to grip at me but I slammed him into the wall behind us, loosening his hold on wrist. 

    Out of the corned of my eye, I saw him dive for my feet, successfully catching one ankle. I fell hard on my chest, the breath literally knocked out of me from the fall. Ignoring the pain in my chest, I reared back and kicked hard, landing my foot in his shoulder. The blonde glared up at me, his face scrunched in pain. I hastily made it to my feet and was off again, screaming as I barely made it out of another tackle.

    My eyes spotted the door and relief flooded through my body. I got the the door, yanking it open. I ran out quickly, only to be tackled yet again to the ground.  Strong arms went around my waist, sending us both flying to the ground. I cried out as I hit the hard floor, my mind going crazy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m caught. I was thrown over a shoulder rather roughly and toted back into the locker room, the door shut and locked behind us. Well, damn.

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