Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


6. Chapter 6

I was heaved upon someone’s shoulder before they started to run. My stomach kept bouncing uncomfortably on someone’s shoulder blade. Yep that will leave a bruise in the morning.


I started punching the guy’s back. I still didn’t know who it was. He only chuckled at my failed attempts as he carried on running. Was this classed as kidnap? This only caused me to pound his back even harder however he still seemed unfazed by this.


“LET GO OF ME YOU FUCKING BASTARD!” I scream as loud as I can causing him to wince slightly before growling and turning into an abandoned alleyway. Shit….


I am suddenly thrown down and I land not so graciously on my butt. Ouch….


I look up at the guy and of course it had to be Harry! I looked behind him and saw all of his friends run up behind him also with pissed off faces. I’m sooo screwed.


Harry slowly crouches down to my height with a predatory look on his face causing me to gulp in fear.


I suddenly feel a pang of force hit my left cheek. I whimper in pain as I instinctively raise my hand and cup my throbbing and probably red cheek. I feel tears sting my eyes as I look up at Harry with a mixture of anger and horror written on my face. He smirks at me. He actually SMIRKS. He was taking pleasure in watching me suffer. What a heartless little mother f-


I am cut off with a blow to my stomach causing me to lose my breath for a moment. However to my surprise, he stops there. What? Not that I was complaining but still…


I see him through my blurry vision move closer towards my ear before whispering.


“I warned ya babe.” Is all he says before rising from his crouching position and walking away from me with his friends.


Great… just fucking great….


My whole body ached, I had no idea where I was and I still had to deal with mom. My life sucks.


I cautiously got up wincing every now and then. How am I going to walk all the way back home? I heavily sighed before limping out of the alleyway. I looked around the area to see where I was. It looked vaguely familiar. I think that is the road that leads straight to my house.


I slowly limp down the road heading back to my home where my angry mom is waiting for me.




As soon as I arrived home, I was completely out of breath and exhausted. All I wanted to do was go to sleep.


I struggle to find the keys in my bag before shoving them in and yanking the door open with a huff. And unsurprisingly, there stood my mom with her pissed off face and arms crossed. The typical parental angry face….


“Amelia Rose Stanley! Where the fuck have you been?!” I wince at my mom’s swearing. She hardly ever swears so I know she is PISSED. Plus she used the middle name which is never a good sign.


However, her face softens slightly when she sees my bruised face from the slap. She walks over to me and reaches out her hand gently rubbing over the bruise.


“What happened here?” she asks in concern. I huff. So now she decides to care?!


“Look mom I reaallyyy don’t want to talk about it.” I grumble and race up the stairs as quickly as my aching body could manage.


I gently plopped onto my bed and the last thing I thought of was those piercing green eyes before falling into deep slumber.




Kill me now please.


It was the next morning and I was currently sitting in my favorite class….maths. Yay! (Note the sarcasm.)


I had avoided my mom this morning and even skipped breakfast so I was starving!


I decided to sit in my favorite place at the corner in the back so I wouldn’t have to sit next to Harry or any of his dick head friends. They were sitting at the front somewhere but I really wasn’t paying attention as I was slowly falling asleep again. I did not get a wink of sleep because I kept getting nightmares about getting beaten up again. Harry had mentally scarred me and I could never forgive him for that.


I am jolted awake with the sound of the principal’s loud voice through the school intercom.


“Can I please see Harry Styles and Amelia Stanley in my office now?! Thank you.” He sounded angry.


What have I done to fuck things up now? I huff in annoyance as I make my way across the classroom to the door. I receive multiple sniggers as I walk the walk of shame. I can see from the corner of my eye, Harry smirking at me.


As soon as I leave the classroom, I sprint down the hallway to the office in attempt to stay clear of Harry. He scared me. A lot.


I see the principal already waiting for us at the front door of his office with a stern look on his face.


“Please come in.” he looks behind me at Harry a few metres behind me while motioning to the door. I step inside and slump on the chair and hold my forehead in my right hand. Harry briefly glanced at me before sitting down.


“Right. I am going to get right onto the point. Where were both of you yesterday after school?” he asks in a stern voice.


It takes me while to catch on to what he was asking before realization hit me.


Harry and I both had after school detention for a week starting yesterday but we missed it. I completely forgot. Damn!

The principal’s face grew angrier and angrier at the both of us.


Oh here we go again….


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