Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


57. Chapter 57

A shiver runs down my spine, causing goosebumps to to appear over my skin. A hot hand slips underneath my shirt, squeezing and massaging my chest. A low moan escapes my mouth before I could stop it, causing him to harden against me. He grinds his hips into my bum, his fingers digging into the skin on my hips as his grip tightens on me.


My heart beats fast in my chest as a moan vibrates through his body, causing my small sigh. My bum was cupped roughly before before rough fingers slid between my hips as my panties, the soft material slowly sliding down to my knees. My cheeks burned with embarrassment as a warm hand gently rubs over my rear for a few seconds before the rough skin of his hand smacks the warmed cheek, causing a small whimper to escape my mouth. Harry hummed as he released my hair, pushing me forward until my face and shoulders rested against the soft mattress before me. He manually lifted each knee, pulling my underwear the rest of the way off and discarding them to the floor. 


A low hum was heard has both of his hands grip my hips tightly, his long fingers pressing into my skin. His thumbs smooth over my hips in slow circles as he presses himself into me, his jeans rough and warm against my bum. He pulls away a few seconds later, the bed shifting beneath my knees as he climbs off of the bed.


“Stay just like that.” His voice rasps, making me peek between my knees I watch him strip down, baring himself to me. 


My breathing hitches in my throat as he resumes his original place behind me, his hands starting at the back of my knees and slowly gliding there way up the back of my thighs and over my bum, gripping my hips. My heart pounds in my chest as his member makes contact with my inner thigh, the skin hot and pulsing against me. One of his hands release my hip to slip between us, his knuckles skimming over my inner thigh. My hips jerk back as his fingers touch, massaging in slow circles. 


“So ready for me already.” His words send a delicious tingle through my body, my eyes fluttering closed as he pulls his fingers away. 


I feel him move his hardened state into position, the tip pressing into me. His hand goes back to my hip for a second before both hands slowly run down my back to my shoulders, his hot trail lingering on my sides as they make their way back. His fingers slowly press into my skin as he pulls his hands down my sides, slowly pushing himself into me. My fingers clinch the sheets beside my head as I bury my face into them, biting my lower lip. A low moan vibrates through my body as he sinks into me, his nails digging into the skin on my hips. 


Harry pauses his movements, letting me adjust as he throbs between my thighs, his skin hot against mine as he gently pulls out, his heavy breathing uneven as he rocks his hips forward. He repeats these actions a few more times before he gradually leans forward, his fingers running through my hair before he grabs a hand full, pulling my up from the mattress and back onto my hands. 


I whimper at his rough actions, my back in an uncomfortable arch. He tugs on my hair, his hips stilling as he pulls me back against him hard, burying himself into me each time.  I can’t help the small moans making their way past my lips as Harry’s breathing shifts, his sighs coming more often. His grip tightens on my hip as he releases my hair, both all ten fingernails biting into my skin as he rocks his hips against me, his actions growing sloppy before he jerks himself out of me, warm wetness splattering against the back of my thigh. 


I groan, my body relaxing as he turns me loose, pushing me onto my back. He rests between my legs, his weight pressing me into the mattress. His wet curls tickle the side of my face as he buries his face into the side of my neck, his burning skin slick with sweat. Harry’s hot pants of breath fan out over my neck, his breathing slowly returning to normal. I allow my fingers to twist a piece of hair at the base of his neck, a throaty hum catching my attention. We lay like that for a few seconds before he removes himself from me, getting off of the bed. I frown, watching his actions. He turns to me, a boyish grin on his face.


“What? Expecting something?” He asks, his voice raspier as he slides his boxers on.


“I didn’t, uh...”I say, my cheeks red form having to say it.


“I know. You’re not going to. Not yet. And if I catch you doing it yourself, I’ll take my belt to you.” Harry says in a matter-of-fact tone. 


I frown but nod, keeping my mouth shut to keep from his earlier actions from repeating. He presses a kiss to my temple before grabbing his clothes off the floor and leaving me to dress alone.

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