Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


56. Chapter 55

I curl my hands into fists to keep them from shaking as I gave Harry a wide eyed look. His green eyes are dark with lust, roaming over my curves. His bottom lip its taken between his teeth, a hand reaching out to caress my leg. A shiver went up my spine, making me twitch as he smirks, the rough skin of his fingers making their way past my knee.

My heart thuds in its cage, pounding hard against bone. My pulse is loud in my ears as I watch Harry’s hands disappear behind his head before tugging the fabric of his shirt over his curls and let it fall to the floor. He locks eyes with me, his gaze never leaving my face as he reaches over and grabs my ankle. He manually bends my leg at the knee, shuffling to where he was placed in the middle. Harry does the same to my other leg, placing a hand on each knee.

My face is hot and a light sweat breaks out as he looks me over, jade eyes sparkling mischievously at me. Harry hums as his hands slowly slide down my thighs, following their path downwards. His fingers skim my panty line, making my hips lightly jerk. Large hands smoothed over my tummy, squeezing my sides once as he leans forward. His nose brushes against mine and my heart nearly stops has his lips graze mine. It’s been so long since we’ve kissed.

His curls tickle my forehead, making me giggle as he leans in. I close my eyes and wait for his lips to meet mine, eager for the connection. I hear Harry chuckle and I open my eyes, frowning.

“Do you really think I’m just going to give you everything? You have to work a bit.” He rasped, his fingertips playing with the lace at my hips.

I huff and wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him down from his hovering position. He grunts as he lands on me, smirking as he realizes that he’s locked in. I tug at the handcuffs above me, my fingers itching to tangle themselves into his curly locks. He hums as I wiggle beneath him, arching my back a little as he rolls his hips into me.

Warm hands slid their way underneath my shirt, skimming the soft curves of my chest. I yank a little harder on the metal rings around my wrists and Harry gives in, unlocking my restraints before tossing them in the floor as well.

“I like to be touched way to much to keep you in those much longer anyway.” He mumbles as I fist his curls, the butterflies in my going ballistic as I tug his head down, forcing our lips to join.

Without breaking our contact, Harry grips the back of my thighs tightly before sitting up, our bodies still flush. He sits back on his heels, one hand wandering up to my bum while the other slides underneath my hair, grabbing a handful at the base of my neck and tugging. I followed his instructions, letting my head fall back as nibbles at my skin. I hum in response, rolling my hips down on him. He squeezes my bum once more before shoving me off of him.

I give him a confused look as I hit the mattress, my brain not working fast enough. He rolls me over and pulls me back up against him, his bulge pressing into my lower back. Harry quickly kisses my neck before gripping my hip with one hand and pressing between my shoulder blades with the other, forcing me to lean forward.

I feel his hand run down my back, twirling my hair around his fingers before fisting his hand, pulling my head back. I whimper, my lower back hurting from the rough arch he put me in. Harry’s legs knock my knees further apart, my bum pressed firmly against his crotch. His breath is hot on my neck, his teeth grazing my ear.

“This is how I want to take you.”    

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