Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


55. Chapter 54

My breathing shallows as he steps closer, his body brushing against mine as he closes the door behing me. I swallow hard, my brian panicing. The kinky one? What kind of kinky? Nialls words echo through my head and suddenly I don't want to do this anymore. Even my naughty side has became silent, a worried look on ner face as well. I edge back towards the door but was stopped as Harrys hand gripped tightly on my upper arm, refusing to let me go back another step.

"Harry." I mumble, my heart racing at a rather alarming speed as he pulls me into his body, his skin hot and smooth against mine.

He ignores my weak protest, holding me close has he kisses my cheek. I close my eyes as he plants one on the corner of mymmouth, waiting for his lips to catch mine. I frown as the seconds ticked by and nothing happened. I opened my eyes to mean hard green ones, a stern look on his face.

"You have displeased me, Amelia." He says lowly, releasing me from his chest just to grab my hand and pull me towards the bed. I frown at him.

"How have I displeased you?" I ask curiously. We haven't even done anything yet.

"Did I tell you to speak? Hush, you're just going to make it harder on yourself." Harry rasps, his body still tugging mine towards the bed.

"I was just wondering." I mumble, frowning as Harry stops and shakes his head.

"You never listen." He says, his lips pressing into a line.

"How am I making this harder on me?" I ask, my curioustity reigning over my mouth.

"That's three, Amelia. Hush." He warns, his hand gripping mine tightly.

"Three what?" I ask, tugging on my hand to try to get free.

His eyes darken and my curiousity shuts down, enabling my brain from my mouth. Holy crap, this can't be good. My naughty side yelps at the sight, running to hide behind a couch. Oh, this can't be good at all.

"I'm going to do this to remind you who is in charge. To remind you that in this house you only speak when spoken to. You are not in control. I am." Harry begins, pulling me across the room still.

"So this is about about power? This is why you take girls here? To exercise control?" I huff, rolling my eyes as I try to snatch free from him.

By now his eyes look black, the dim lighting making his dangerous looks look deathly. I yelp as my body is slung into the bed, my face landing in the comforter. What the hell? I wiggle, trying to turn around but my body is trapped.

I had somehow landed across Harry's lap but on the bed, my arms by my head. I tried to move my feet but Harry's legs were over mine as his forearm was across my back, pressing me firmly into the matress as my bum was out in the open and defensless.

"This is to help you understand something. You do not make the rules. I do. You do not have any power here, none. I do. We makes rules for a reason, they are meant to keep you from this until you are ready. But, on a vote, your behavior recently has required this. You need to be taught a lesson. From now on, when you do not do has you are told, you will be punished. If you talk back, you will be punished. This is for your own good, Amelia." Harrys voice rumbled, the deep vibration felt all over. I wanted to ask what he meant by punished butmy voice was caught in my throat, not sure how he would react to that.

I yelp as a white hot pain blessed my bum, stinging has he rubbed a warm hand over the red mark.I try to escape, but Harry's body kept me in place. Another hand came down on my rear, the pain and embarrassment of being spanked making my eyes tear up. This is so humilating.

I fisted the blanket tight in my hands as another lick was placed on my rear, his hand stopping for a second to massage it before giving me another one. I buried my face into the bed, wishing I could melt into it as two more were placed on my behind. This is the way he chooses to punish me? Of all the wys, this is it?

I cried out in pain as a rather harsh smack was made, hardder than the rest of them. Tears ran down my face has I yelp, another hard hand against my bum. That would be eight so far, I think, surprised to have been able to keep count. Another one was given, making me grit my teeth to keep from crying out. I will not give him the satisfaction of hearing my pain.

"I hope this teaches you a lesson, Amelia. If not, it will only get worse from here. I'm sure you don't want to be in this situation again. " Harrys said, before landing the last lick on my sore bum before turning me loose. I very ungracefully tumbled to the floor,crying out as my bum hit the floor. I quickly got to my knees, my rear end sore.

I wipe at my face, glaring at the floor instead of meeting the eyes that were on my face. He left me alone for a few minutes, letting me glare at the floor in thought. The sick bastard. Did he enjoy that? His words from earlier floated through my mind and I realized that spanking someone would be a type of kinky.

"Stand, Amelia." Harry commands. I look up to glare at him. He raises an eyebrow.

"I doubt you want another spanking so soon. Stand up. Do not make me tell you again. I'll get my belt next time." Harry sclods, making me feel like a child as I made my way onto my feet.

His eyes soften at my red face, making me look down. He steps forward and I have to resist the urge to step back, not wanting him to be angry with me. Surprising gentlness was made as he cups my face, kissing away stray tears before meeting my lips, spreading the saltiness from my tears.

After another kiss, he climbs on the bed, pulling me with him. Releasing my hand, he digs through a drawer in the stand beside the bed, producing some start of cream.

"Lay down on your stomach." he orders, my still stinging bum reminding me to do has I'm told.

I laid on the bed, tuning my face aay from him. I could hear the cap popping open and then the sound of Harry's hands rubbing together. I jump a little has he hands ind my bum, slowly rubbing the cream against my sore skin. I wince every now and then, trying to recover from my earlier assualt. Once the cream was rubbed in and settled, Harry manually rolled me over, forcing me to look at him.

"The is not meant to hurt you so stay calm. " Harrys voice rasped. Before i could ask him what he meant my arms were above my head and handcuffed to the headboard. I frown and tug at them, wincin as the metal cut into my wrists. This can't possibly be good.

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