Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


53. Chapter 52

Zayn takes my hand and tugs me away from the door, shutting it behind me. He gently leads me towards the bed, returning to his original spot, placing me between his legs. He tugs my hips forward, placing small butterfly kisses across my collarbone. Why was he being so gentle? I had him pinned for the slick black leather and whips kinda guy.

"Have you ever been pleasured?" Zayn mumbles against my skin, sending shivers down my spine.

"W-what?" I ask, my mind going a bit foggy has he slowly makes his way down to my chest.

"With any of the other boys, have you ever enjoyed it? Have you ever had an orgasm?" He asks, his voice low as his hands trail up my sides, tugging at the back of my bra until it popped loose.

I shook my head, my mouth not able to form the words I needed to say underneath his touch. What's going on? Since when does my body enjoy any of this? Especially from someone who tried to kill me?

"Good." Was all he said before his hands dropped down to my bum, pulling me closer as he stood up.

Warm hands grabbed the back of my thighs, forcing my body up against his and my legs around his waist. Breath left my body has my back was swiftly pressed against the wall, the paint feeling ice cold against my hot skin. Soft lips found my neck, teasing and nipping at the skin until his tongue ran across the winner, making me sigh and tilt my head back against the wall to allow him more access.

"I'm surprised you're not fighting me." Zayn said huskily, his teeth nibbling my earlobe.

"I told you I wouln't." I reply after a few seconds, trying to catch my breath as his warm mouth enclosed on a nip.

"I'm not going to lie. It was kinda a turn on for me." Zayn said, a smirk clear in his voice as his hand knots in my hair, pulling it back to expose my neck.

"I can fix that for yah." I bluff, hoping to be just a tease. I yelped as he stopped supporting me, landing on my feet before his body was back on mine, my forehead resting against his.

"Show me what you got."

I grin to myself, finding this the perfect oppertunity to hurt him and having the excuse to do so. And actually enjoy it. I press both of my hands flat on his bare chest, shoving him hard. He stumbles back and lands on the edge of the bed. His face is shocked but he smirks at me, lifting himself onto the bed and waits for me.

I slowly make my way over to him, swaying my hips just a little bit more. Yeah, I felt like a slut. But, at least I'm in control now. Well, sort of. And I actually feel kinda sexy. Which is something that I've never felt before.

I fist his hair tightly, making him groan as I take his bottom lip between my teeth nipping at it. His hands find my waist but I smack them away, knowing that he liked a tease. It was obvious. I leave sloppy kisses along his neck, my own hands getting shakey from my actions.

Part of it was from nerves. I don't want to be doing this but then again I do. Is this bad? The other part is from excitement. I've been fighting it. The cravings for someone to touch me. I didn't want it to be Zayn but I damn sure don't want it it be Harry. At least, not anymore.

I yank his head back, sucking on his neck before tugging at a small peice with my teeth, knowing that it would leave a love bite. I'd like to see him explain that one. I pull back and grin at my doings. Sure enough, a light red mark was slowly turning purple.

"Don't stop." I hear him whisper, making me raise my eyebrows in slight shock.

I hesitantly straddle him, grabbing his face and occupying his lips with a rough kiss as I slowly move my hips against him, grinding down against the stiff object straining against his pants. Another moan comes from his mouth, giving me the confidence to go harder, slowly rolling mynhips. His hands find my bum again, giving it a good squeeze as he grinds back against me.

I quickly find myself under him, his body resting between my legs. Golden brown eyes stare down at me, examining my face. I try to even my breathing out, smirking at the realization that I wasn't the only one breathing hard.The room is quiet with nohing but our breathing until he leans down, pressing a soft kiss onto my lip.

He pulls back far enough for his mouth to brush against mine before kissing me again, his tongue tracing my bottom lip for access. I grant it, wrapping my legs around his waist to pull him closer against me. My heart beat fast in my chest as he slid a hand between us, his fingers brushing against my sex. My breathing became uneven as he slowly rubbed against me, the feeling odd but some how exciting.

My breath hitched up in my throat has his hand slid diwn the front of my panties, one finger teasing my entrance. I stifle a moan as slow circles were made, his hot breath fast against my neck. He groaned as he pushed one finger inside me, my face slightly scrunched at the uncomfortable feeling.It didn't hurt surprisingly, my hips jerking as his thumb brushed against my sensitive spot.

He leaned back away from me, pulling something out of his back pocket before undoing his oants and pushing them off of his body, leaving him naked. I adverted my eyes, keeping them locked on his face as nervouse butterflies erupted in my stomach. I guess he could tell I started to panic because he leaned down, leaving a reassuring kiss on my trembling lips.

He opened the pocket and slipped the condom over his groin before returning back to his original spot. Soft mummurs of encouragement were whispered in my ear as he pushed in slowly, humming as I gripped tightly at his sides, whimpering at my discomfort. It didn't hurt half as much as it did the last two times but the pain was still there.

"Shhh, it's okay." He said, his voice strained as he slowly pulls back out and pushes in once more.

He does this a few more times before he goes deeper, taking the whole thing at a surprising and gentle speed. He pushes all the way, making us both moan. He stays close to me, theworries and pain slowly fading his his pace evens out and becomes steady. Electricity starts to build in the oit of my stomach, the weird sensation oddly pleasuring, making me grip Zayns hair in one hand and dig my nails into his shoulder with the other.

My breathing becomes harder as his thrusts get faster, his own breath becoming a tad higher, the sign of his own orgasm was coming closer. I bit hard on his shoulder, keeping the moans muffled as I came, Zayn following shortly after with his own.

My body relaxes back against the damp sheets beneath me, Zayns weight oddly comforting has he rests on me, his breathing heavy against my hair. I slightly wince as he pulls out, rolling off of me to lay next to me.

Nothing was said as we laid there, the silence rejecting any kind of awkward comversation for me. A few minutes later Zayn sits up and slids off the bed, throwing away the condom in the trash bin beside the bed.

Yanking on his pants he tosses me my clothes. I quickly redress, noticing the already tender areas and sore muscles. With a wink and a quick kiss he opens the door and exits the room, leaving me stand by the bed on weak knees.

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