Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


49. Chapter 49

“What?” I ask. She left me?


    “Amelia, you two fight more than cats and dogs. Do you really think she would wait for you? You have no where to go. You are left here, with me.” Harry said slowly, making sure I caught every word.


    “Then we can just go. The less who know I’m okay, the better. We can go and do has we please.” I say, brushing off the new information for later. I will cry about that later.


    “We aren’t going anywhere and that is final. Leave it alone, Amelia.” Harry says harshly, brushing past me.


    “I’m offering you a way out from all of this!” I shout in frustration, grabbing his arm and manually twisting him around to face me in one movement.


    “Who said I wanted a way out!” Harry shouted in my face, his larger frame towering over mine as he stepped towards me, his nose brushing mine. He was so close I could feel the heat of his anger rolling off his body, his cheeks red and his eyes hard.


    “It’s the only way we can be together and be safe!” I shout back, not backing down as he growled at me.


    “What’s that supposed to mean? The boys won’t do anything if we are together.” Harry says, his voice hateful as he glared at me. I’m trying to hate him and he hates me for it.


    “Remember when you all got really drunk and I found you in the bathtub?” I asked, my voice trembling. Half of my nerves was from crying and the other was from being afraid of what he will do with the information I’m about to give him.


    “Barely but yeah. What does that have anything to with us?” Harry said, motioning between us.


    “Zayn came into my room the night before while you were away. He said that him and the boys were worried about you. That one minute we were fighting and the next... He gave me two options. Either I leave you alone or he would take his turn before killing me while you watched.” I say, adverting my eyes from his face as I held in another crying episode. 


    I’ve never cried so much but then again, I’ve never had a whole lot to cry over other than a fight with my mom. I just feel like curling into a ball, sitting in a corner and crying for the next three hours.


    “You’re lying.” Harry’s voice carried to me in a quiet tone, making me look up. His face was unreadable.


    “Harry, I wouldn’t li-” I start but a stinging pain on my cheek sent me to the floor, unleashing the tears that I had tried so hard to keep in.


    “You’re lying to me! Zayn would never do that. He wouldn’t say something like that.” Harry shouted at me, making me whimper as I pushed myself back away from him.


     This is the first time he has hit me in quite some time now. And it hurt. Not just physically but emotionally. Not because I thought I deserved it but because I thought we were past this. That we had bonded further than this. That our bond was stronger. Anger and rage that had built up inside of me broke free, sending me to my feet.


    “You know what? Fine. Keep me here. But you are letting her free.” I say, ignoring the hot tears that seemed to be pouring from my eyes. Harry was silent but he nodded his head once, moving towards Damon. She whimpered but held still has the cuffs came undone, rubbing her wrists.


    She got up from the floor, following him over to a wall. I thought about kicking him in the knee for being stupid until he started removing the panel, revealing the back door that I never found. Harry kept his eyes on his work in front of him before turning to the girl.


    “Follow the path all the way down. It’s going to take a while but you will eventually come out around a small town.” Harry instructed. She went to exit the house, about to run to safety and home before a large hand grabbed her upper arm, yanking her back.


    “If you tell anybody what who we are and where we are located, I will make sure to hunt you down and make you pay for it. Is that clear?” Harry threatened, his voice low as she nodded her head fast, eager to get away.


    “Good. Now go.” Harry commanded, setting her free. She took off running down the small trail, not giving this place one glance as she disappeared into the forest behind the house.


    He shuts the door and locks it before replacing the panel as I watched. I know this will be the last time I’ll ever see that door open or even get near it. I sigh and wipe my face deciding now would be a good time for a shower. I turn and begin to walk away until a deep voice broke the silence.


    “Where do you think you are going?” He asks, making me turn towards him.


    Something inside me broke. I can no longer cry about my situation. Something clicked into place. Acceptance. My mind just accepted the fact that I won’t make it out of here breathing. And if I do it would be because they are moving me to a different location. My life will end when they feel like I am no longer necessary or needed. I turned to him with a sick smirk, seeing a slightly shocked look on his face at my change in mood.


    “To take a shower. Might want to go ahead and get ready.” I say, about to turn back when another question stopped me.


    “Ready for what?” He asks, confusion thick in his voice.


    “You just released Damon, so now I’m back to being the number one sex toy. I’m not just your bitch anymore.”




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