Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


48. Chapter 48

“Then come with me.” I blurt before I could stop the word vomit that spilled from my mouth.


    “You, me and Damon can just go, we can leave. Damon won’t tell on you because you didn’t do anything to her, right Damon?” I ask quickly, receiving a quick shake of her head.


    “Amelia-” Harry started but I ignored him.


    “We can just go, right now. We can leave. You don’t have to do any of this anymore, you will be with me and away from the boys. We can go somewhere where they can’t find us. Damon can go home and we can all just be away from this.” I rush, seeing the look of surprise and shock on his face as the words continued to fall off my tongue.


    “Amelia, listen-” Harry started again but my voice cut him off once more.


    “I know they are your friends but they are going to get you in trouble on-” I say but my words were stopped as Harry grabbed my face with both hands. With one hand on the back of my head and the other clamped fermly over my mouth, Harry looked me in the eyes.


    “I’m not going.” Harry said slowly, as if he was talking to a four year old. 


    I felt the shocking blow of his words in my chest, disbelief making me shake my head at him. What? I thought he wanted to be with me. Leaving here will assure that we will be together. I stepped back, my face released as I put space between us.


    “What?” I ask, my heart beating hard in my chest. 


    “I’m not going and neither are you.” Harry said, his voice firm and low.


    “But.. I thought you wanted to be with me.” I admit, my voice weak and high. 


    “I do. But, I can’t leave the boys. They are my family. The only family I have left, at that. I can’t just leave them because you want me to.” Harry says, his face blank of all emotion. 


    I stare at him in disbelief. Did I just hear him right? We stare at each other and I can feel Damon’s eyes on my face as I tried to compose myself. I blinked my eyes rapidly, surprised at the tears that were seconds away from spilling over.


    “So, you won’t leave with me?” I ask, keeping my voice low so it wouldn’t break.


    “I won’t have to because you won’t be leaving.” Harry says, his eyes darkening as his voice dropped lower, the old Harry coming back.


    I nod my head once before dropping my eyes to my feet, wondering just how I expected him to leave with me. Or even let me go, for that matter.


    “So, you would rather stay here and continue with all this bullshit than to come with me to a safe place, away from all of this?” I ask, my hurt and pain slowly morphing into a burning rage.


    “There is no safe place to go, Amelia!” Harry yells, making me jump from his sudden out outburst. His eyes dilated, the cold ring of green was almost gone.


    “You don’t know that!” I say back, my voice cracking as I wiped at my face, angry tears running down my cheeks.


    “Yes, I do.” Harry says, his voice loud but he wasn’t shouting.


    “You can come home with me. I can my mom that you saved me from getting hurt.” I offer, taking a step towards him.


    “You can’t do that.” He says, his voice sounding tired.


    “And why not?” I ask, raising my arms up to just let them drop back down to my side.


    “Amelia, they have stopped looking for you. Your mother thinks you are a runaway. She moved back to the US to be closer to family. You have no where to go.” Harry snaps angrily, making me stop.

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