Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


47. Chapter 47

I wake up the next morning to utter silence. I shuffle around in the bed still drowsy and I pat the part of the bed beside me to find that it is in fact empty. My eyes quickly shoot open and I frantically look around to find I am indeed the only one in the room. My heart starts to beat faster and faster with every second that goes by.

Where’s Damon?

As quick as I can, I get out of the bed and head straight for the door before heaving it open and walking into the hallway. It’s dead silent which only makes my worry worse. What if she’s with one of the other boys? Wouldn’t there be screaming though? Of course there would.

I find myself walking into the small room that had once been mine. Just like everywhere else, it’s empty. My frown grows deeper. Something feels wrong. Why is it so quiet and where is Damon? Maybe Harry knows.

I swiftly turn on my heel to walk straight to the living room. I stop as soon as I reach the living room. I spot two figures. One lying on the couch fast asleep and one kneeling in a corner.

“Damon?” I whisper and her head shoots up from her kneeling position in the corner. What is she doing here? I glance at the couch to see Harry fast asleep. Where are the other boys?

I snap my confused but relived gaze to Damon only to find tears streaming down her face. Shit.

“What happened?” I ask gently while slowly walking up to her small hidden frame. Her eyes shut momentarily as if she were remembering a painful memory. I instantly know that look.

“They did something to you didn’t they?” I ask already knowing the answer. She whimpers but says nothing else confirming my suspicions. Well that explains why none of them are here.

“Son of a bitch.” I mumble. I need to get her out of here quicker than I thought. Hang on. None of the boys are here and Harry is asleep. Now’s my chance to get her out of here!

“We need to get you out of here.” I say to her and she stares up at me blankly. I shoot her a puzzled look. She looks hopeless. It takes me a moment to realise that she’s cuffed up against the couch. How did I not realise this before?!

I kneel down in front of her and tug at the cuffs. They’re locked on tightly. There’s no way I can get her out of these but maybe Harry could….

I turn around and stand up once again with a determined look on my face. I bend over and I shove at his shoulder. Nothing.

“Harry wake up!” I yell irritated while shoving his shoulder harder. His eyes suddenly fly open and he looks lost for a moment before he sits up.

“What the fuck Amelia?!” he groans and I know I have a stupid smirk on my face even though I probably shouldn’t.

“We need to get Damon out of here. Right now.” I say sternly.

“I already told you, we can’t if the other guys-“

“They’re not here.” I interrupt him. He frowns and looks around noticing we’re the only one’s here.

“Look Amelia not now ok?!” he huffs and I frown at him.

“Why not? You said you would help me and this is the perfect opportunity to get her out of here.” I reason with him. What’s gotten into him?!

“Yeah well I changed my mind.” He replies coolly and I begin to grow angry at his weird mood.

“What’s wrong with you? One minute you want to help me the next you don’t! Well either way I’m getting her out of here with or without your help.” I hiss at him before standing up. How am I going to get her out of these damn cuffs without Harry?!

“Good luck with that.” He snarls and I ball my fists up by my sides. I see Damon crying even more as she looks at Harry with fear in her eyes.

“Don’t worry. He may be being an ass right now but he won’t hurt you.” I have no idea why I just defended Harry but it just kinda came out.

“H-he d-id it.” She stutters and my eyes widen as I turn to look at Harry.

“Is this true?! Did you cuff her up?!” I ask him in disgust.

“I didn’t want her going anywhere.” He shrugs and I have to resist the urge to slap him across the face.

“Did you rape her too?!” I ask the painful question and its his turn to look at me in horror.

“Are you out of your mind?! No!” he yells and I cannot ignore the sense of relief from those words.

“Why did you tie her up then?” I ask him puzzled but still angry.

“To keep her away from the guys why else?!” he scoffs and I frown at him. What?

“This is all so fucked up.” I groan and rub my temples. I don’t know whether to trust him or not. He surprises me by cupping both of my cheeks in his hands so I stare up into his eyes.

“Please believe me?” he asks me staring right into my eyes. He’s so confusing. One minute he’s angry, the next he’s like this? I give up and sigh.

“Ok.” I surprise both of us by saying. Its crazy how he’s the one who kidnapped me and hurt me and yet here I am trusting him. I’m just as fucked up as he is.

“Just wait a little longer and I promise I’ll get her out of here just now is not the time. Trust me.” He replies seriously and I completely forget he’s still holding my face in his hands. I quickly take a step back so his hands fall from my face and flop by his sides. I can’t think straight when he’s that close to me and he damn well knows this.

“Stop doing that!” I snap at him and he shoots me a confused look.

“Doing what?” he asks frowning at my sudden change in mood. I know fighting like this isn’t getting us anywhere and I have to keep reminding myself that Damon is still here. Not that I can do shit to get her out of here at the moment. I’ve failed her. My thoughts distract me long enough to calm myself down a little.

“Never mind. What shall we do about her.” I grumble and he frowns.

“We wait. Just keep her here for now so the boys don’t suspect anything.” He says as if he already has a plan in his head. I look sympathetically at Damon but I have no choice but to agree with Harry and trust him. He’s the only one who could get her out of those cuffs anyway.

“Fine.” I huff before stomping out of the living room. I don’t think I can watch Damon suffer like that until I can somehow get her out of here. Damn Harry!

“Hey Amelia wait!” I hear Harry call from behind me in the hallway.

“What?!” I snap at him.

“Look I know you’re pissed about the Damon thing but we will get her out.” He promises yet again.

“But why not now?! Its perfect I mean none of the guys are hear so what’s the damn problem?!” I hiss at him before turning around to meet his hard gaze.

“You wanna know the real reason why?! Its because that I know if she gets free then so will you!” he snaps and I freeze. Did I hear him right?

“I can’t let you get away.” He says more quietly. I blink rapidly as I let his words sink in.

“What are you trying to say?” I ask him confused as hell. He pauses as if thinking of the right words to say.

“I don’t know what it is but I can’t let you get away from me and I know that sounds cheesy as fuck but its true.”

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