Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


46. Chapter 46

We both walk out of the bathroom together and we head straight for Harry’s room to avoid running into any of the other guys. As soon as we reach the room and quickly shut the door behind us making sure we weren’t followed. I need to be extra careful if I want to get Damon out of here. In fact now that I know that there’s somehow a back door, maybe I can get myself out too. Although the possibility seems small. And I would be leaving Harry….

I turn around and notice that Harry has not laid out any duvets or pillows on the floor. Is he still going to be sleeping here with us? I mean we did take his bed away from him so now he has nowhere to sleep. I shrug this off and turn towards Damon.

“You should probably get some sleep, you’ve had a rough day.” I say tenderly and she nods her head lazily before walking over to the bed.

“I never got the chance to thank you for helping me.” I hear her quiet voice. I smile weakly at her.

“It’s ok really. I wanted to help you. I can’t just stand there and let them do this to you when it’s my fault you’re here in the first place.” I say to her and her eyes shine in confusion.

“What do you mean that you’re the reason that I’m here?” she asks me in utter bewilderment. I hesitate for a moment. If I tell her, will she hate me? But she deserves to know after what she’s been through.

“I was in the same position as you not too long ago. The boys didn’t give a shit about me and I was their personal sex slave. But it all changed when I somehow managed to grow closer to Harry I guess. He has this weird thing of not being able to hurt me and I still don’t understand why. He’s basically told the others that they can no longer touch me so that’s why you’re here.” I explain slowly to her and her face changes from confusion to emotionless. I try to stay calm even though I know I am panicking inside. I really don’t want her to hate me. I feel like we have this bond because of what we have been through.

“Oh.” Is all she says quietly before looking down at her hands. I stare awkwardly at her not knowing what else to say. I should probably give her some space to think and rest.

“You should rest now and I promise we will somehow get you out of here tomorrow.” I assure her genuinely.

“Aren’t you staying?” she asks frowning slightly.

“Yes I will be sleeping here but I need to talk to Harry for a minute. I won’t be far away. If anyone does come in here I’ll make sure to cut their balls off.” I say and she chuckles at my attempt to lighten the mood.

“Ok but be quick.” She says timidly and I look at her sympathetically. She honestly is like a small child in danger.

“I will now get some sleep.” I say before walking towards the door. I open it slightly to see if anyone was lingering outside before walking out. My next mission is to find Harry. Where did he go? I can’t go too far from Damon in case one of the boys sneak in so I just stare aimlessly at the wall thinking of how I’m going to do this.

“You look lost.” That familiar voice whispers in my ear making me jump for what feels like 2 feet in the air.

“Harry?!” I hiss at him before smacking his arm. He chuckles at me and I cross my arms in disapproval. I have no time for this shit no matter how cute I find it.

“It serves you right for calling me a pretty boy.” He says through his chuckles and I glare at him.

“You haven’t made your bed yet. Where are you going to sleep?” I ask him once he starts to calm down. Its weird seeing him laugh like this actually. Usually he’s always so moody it pisses me off.

“Well I’d rather not sleep on the floor so I’ll probably sleep on a couch in the living room.” He shrugs.

“Oh ok then.” I reply shifting my gaze behind him to his room where Damon is just to make sure nobody has gone in.

“You really care about her don’t you?” he asks me seriously and I look back at him to find he’s already staring at me.

“Yeah I do actually. I have been through what she’s been through and I just want her out of here where she’s safe.” I watch as his face drops slightly but he brushes this off. I could have sworn I saw a look of guild cross his features but I don’t point him out on it.

“If you had the chance would you try to get out of here again?” he asks me looking straight into my eyes. Should I be truthful or lie to his face?

“I don’t know.” I answer honestly and he seems almost disappointed with my answer. Did I say something wrong? I mean I would love to get out of here and be free but for some reason I can’t leave Harry behind. Have I grown too attached? He shakes his head and sighs.

“You should go and get some sleep too.” He says impassively and I nod my head at him. Why does it suddenly feel so awkward and tense? Its as if we both know something but nobody is saying anything.

I’m probably just over thinking this or I’m just really tired.

“Goodnight Harry.” I say before walking passed him and towards his room.

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