Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


45. Chapter 45

I slowly make my way back into Harry’s room, plopping down on the bed. I hope he gets her out of here. She doesn’t deserve this. I didn’t either, I don’t think, but I got stuck here anyway. I don’t want the same for her. She has a long life ahead of her and I’m not going to let these jerks take it from her. They’ve already took so much from her in just a short amount of time.


    My stomach started to turn as I got to thinking. When she makes it back to town, back to her home, will she tell? Will she rat out the boys, will she tell what happened here? Will she give up the boys secret and get them locked up?


    Of course she will, silly.


    My mind told me, making me shake my head. I wanted to believe it but something told me there’s a large chance that she won’t tell the truth. What was done to her, it’s embarrassing that someone had that much control. That she was out powered, out numbered. That she had something so precious taken from her by monsters. I know how she felt. I know what was done to her in that room. 


    Just thinking about the girl, about what happened, it brought up my own memories. Memories I’ve worked hard at burying. Memories that kept me up at night, that stalked me in my dreams. Constant reminders that I’ll never really be the same, no matter how hard I try. I glance down at my arm, my smooth fingertip lightly brushing against the jagged scar Harry has carved into my flesh that night.


    Harry. Will she include Harry, if she does decide to tell? Will she toss him under the bus with the others or will she leave him out because he helped her get out? I frowned at my feet, the thought surprisingly disturbing me. What will happen to Harry? Why do I even care?


    I was ripped from my thoughts as a light tap on the door brought my attention up. Damon stood in the door way, her face red from fresh tears. I felt my eyes widen as I stood and cautiously walked over to her.


    “I thought Harry was getting you out of here.” I whisper to her as I pulled her further into the room and closed the door behind her. Seconds later Harry barged into the room, a look of frustration on his face.


    “Why is she still here?” I hissed at him, pointing to the girl.


    “She can’t leave just yet.” Harry muttered, his green eyes hard as he looked down at me.


    “Excuse me? What the hell do you mean she can’t leave yet? You told me you would help her!” I whisper yell at him.


    “The boys are everywhere. By every possible exit for her to go through. She can’t leave yet.” He explained, his thin patients already starting to wear away with me and my aggravation. Now I understand why she was crying again. She wanted to leave just as much as I wanted her to.


    I sigh and rub my temples at the new headache coming up. Dammit. I close my eyes to center myself before reopening them to find both sets of eyes staring at me.


    “Let’s get you cleaned up.” I mutter, taking her elbow and tugging her past Harry. I felt his heavy eyes on me as I brushed my him, the brief contact sending shivers down my spine. What is with me today?


    I instruct her to get a shower, taking the razor out just in case she had the idea I had when I was in her state. I will not have her death on my hands, even if one of the boys didn’t do it. I close the door behind me as I heard the water start, heading back to Harry’s room.


    “Where is she going to sleep?” I asked as I walked towards the dresser. 


    “I don’t know. I would say in the back room but-” Harry couldn’t finish his sentence before I turned around and threw the razor at him, staring in disbelief. He really thought about putting that poor girl back in the very hell hole she just came out of.


    “I’m not going to put her back in there.” I state, returning to my previous mission.


     I  gathered the most non-sexy piece of underclothing they had, settling with a pair that actually covered her bum. Finding the match to it, I closed the drawer and headed over to the closet. 


    “I wasn’t going to put her in there, either. If you would have let me finish, you would know that.” Harry griped at me, making me roll my eyes as he held up the pink razor, waving it.


    “She can sleep in here. I will share the bed with her.” I say, snagging a pair of joggers and a regular shirt. I’m surprised they have comfortable clothes for girls here.


    “Then where am I going to sleep?” Harry scuffed, motioning around the room before dropping his hands to his sides.


    “On the floor. Duh.Pick a spot. ” I say, motioning to the empty space all over the room.


    It was his turn to stare at me in disbelief. I just kicked him out o his own bed and he can’t do nothing about it. I chuckle at the look on his face, making my way over to him.


    “Don’t look so shocked. Some where inside of you, you knew it would happen. I suggest you go get some blankets and make you bed, pretty boy.” I say, pinching his cheek between my pointer and my thumb before walking out of the room, leaving him to do whatever.


    “Damon? It’s me.” I call through the door.


    She replies and I walk him, keeping my eyes straight ahead as she shuts off the water. I cover my eyes and hand her a towel for her to dry off with. Once it was taken I turned my back to her and stared at the wall.


    “You can sleep in the same room with me. It’s the only other bedroom here.” I say, not wanting to go much further into detail.


    “What about the guys?” She asks, her voice small and raspy. Her throat must hurt.


    “They crash where ever they fall. Harry will sleep on the floor and I will be beside you.” I explain, sighing.


    “He will be in the room? With us? Alone?” She asked, sounding worried as he voice broke a few times.


    I turned around to find her fully dressed, her small hands slowly towel drying her dark hair with a worried look on her face.


    “Harry won’t do what they did. He won’t hurt you.” I say, hoping and praying that he wouldn’t prove me wrong.



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