Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


43. Chapter 43

    My breath comes out in a heavy sigh of relief as I look down at the sticks. Negative. I’m not pregnant! I told those jerks that I wasn’t but no. They just had to have a test done to prove it. Idiots. I’ll probably start my period soon since I haven’t had it yet. Do they even have stuff for that here? Or did they just kill them off before the month was over? 


    Wow, that was bad. Did I seriously just say that? And in that kind of way? How could I say something so...heartless? 


    I shake my head at myself before turning around towards the door with the test in hand. My hand grips the doorknob, twisting it open to find all five boys standing just outside the door. Their eyes were wide and we stared at each other for a few seconds.


    “What, did you think it would say it out loud, or did you want to hear me pee to make sure I was taking it?” I ask, waving the stick around. Remind me to wash my hands. Twice. With bleach. Do they even have bleach here?


    “Erm, no we are just, uh, waiting.” Niall stutters, his cheeks pink for once. It would almost be cute if he wasn’t the first one to have raped me. Jack ass.


    That’s when I realized that if I was pregnant that it would have been his. Him and Louis were the only ones to get their turn and Louis had came on my tummy, not inside like Niall. Sure, he was wearing a condom but let’s be honest for a second. We all know that they can break. I smirked at them, training my eyes on the blonde.


    “So, if I was pregnant, you would be the lucky father to be, correct?” I ask, leaning against the doorframe.


    He swallowed hard, all five sets of eyes on me. He looks scared. Like, truly scared that he has a kid on the way. For some reason, this doesn’t satisfy me. He has to be terrified. I will never get enough of seeing him scared. Especially of something I’ve done or that I have.


    “I hope you have names picked out, baby.” I coo at him, dramatically saying the word baby for effect.


    All color drains from his face as the other four boys turn to look at him. They all seem to pity him, all except for one. Harry’s cheeks were red and his eyes were narrowed at the irish blonde but he doesn’t say anything. He clenches his fist for a few seconds before letting them relax, exhaling as he did so. Why does he seemed pissed? It’s his fault I’m even here and it would be his fault if I really was pregnant. Thank God I’m not. I don’t know if I could handle it, specially if it belongs to Niall.


    “Oh, one more thing.” I say, catching their attention again.


    “It came out negative. I’m not pregnant.” I state, tossing the test at them. 


    Niall catches it in one hand before his eyes widened and he held the unused part between his first finger and thumb. I chuckle as he made a disgusted sound, much like a little girl would when someone offers her a liv worm. I toss them the box and stepped back into the bathroom to wash my hands.


    “Ha. Ha. You’re so funny, Amelia.” Harry says, his tone harsh.


    “Yeah, I kinda thought about being a comedian.” I say sarcastically as I dried my hands off.


    “Not that funny.” I hear Niall mutter as he shuffles off somewhere. Probably to go rejoice by laying on the couch and fondling himself. The nasty pervert. Thinking of this brought my attention to something else.


    “Where’s the girl?” I ask, all seriousness sinking through to me again.


    “She’s still in the back room.” Harry informs me. 


    I nod at him and try to push past him. His large hands grip the top of my arm, stopping me. I look up at him, expecting hard emeralds to be staring back at me but instead soft green glitters sadly down at me.


    “I don’t want you to go back there.” Harry rumbles, his voice low so nobody else could hear it.


    “Well, I know you’re not going to help her.” I say, not missing the slight flinch he made.


    “I will help her if you promise to stay away from back there.” He offers but I shake my head at him before he’s even done talking.


    “No. I’m sure the last person she wants to see is you. You’re the one who gave the okay to bring her here, not me.” I state, trying to walk away again but his warm grip tightens a little.


    “I know but I don’t want you back there.” Harry grumbles again, his eyes hardening a little.


    “Why?” I growl at him, wishing he would let me go.


    “I don’t want...” He trails off, shaking his head at the end.


    “You don’t want what, Harry?” I say, getting aggravated. I just want to get that girl out of that room. I know how it feels to be stuck in there.


    “I don’t want you to be forced to remember anything that happened back there anymore than you have to. Seeing that girl in that room knowing what happened to her, you’re not going to sleep for days.” Harry says, making me look back up at him.


    His green eyes were soft and he had a worried expression on his face. He stars back down at me, his pink lips seeming to be in a permanent pout as he silently asks me to stay here and let him go. I huff and shake my head quickly, looking away from him. I don’t know if I would be able to resist giving in to him if he kept looking at me like that.


    “That’s why I have to go.” I say, trying to snag my arm from his grip but he just pulls me closer.


    “Why?” He snaps, seeming to give up with being sweet.


    “Because if I don’t face my fears then they will consume me. I have to do it. I was that girl in there not to long ago. I know what it feels like. I’m not going to leave her in there by herself just because I might be risking a few hours of sleep. I don’t sleep that good anyway.” I snap back, frowning up at him.


    He huffs and lets me go, shoving his large hand through his tousled curls. I don’t wait for him to say anything, I just turn away and begin my journey towards the back room, trying to figure out what to say to the girl. How is she going to react to me? Is she going to yell at me for not helping her? Or cry?


     I hear loud foot steps behind me, making me turn around. I wish one of those stupid boys would say something to me about going  back there. I expected Louis or Niall but instead Harry was stomping his way over to me, his cheeks red from not getting his way.


    “Might as well make sure none of the others mess with you two. Hurry up.” He growls giving me a little push forward.


    I take a deep breath and push open the door.

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