Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


42. Chapter 42

How could they do this? How could they bring another girl to torture as well? Are they purposely trying to make my time harder here?

Her screams only get louder and I covered my ears with the pillow as hard as I could but it was no use. I can’t let them do this to her. It’s horrible and nobody should suffer like I did. But should I help her? I mean I want to but I don’t want to risk myself or even her any more suffering.

I hear the door slowly creak open in front of me and I open one eye to find Harry standing in the doorway. Can’t he just take the hint that I want to be left alone?!

“Amelia listen this wasn’t my idea…” he starts explaining but I raise my hand to silence him.

“Don’t Harry. You got your wish. You’ve officially broken me. I bet now you’re expecting me to go and save her just so you can get an excuse to rape me too.” I hiss at him and his eyes widen in shock mixed with anger.

“No of course I don’t! Why would you even think that?! But as I said it wasn’t my idea it was Zayn’s and all of the other boys agreed with it so I had to agree too.” He explains while shutting the door behind him and walking deeper into the room towards me.

“But aren’t you supposed to be the leader or something?! You could have stopped this Harry and yet you didn’t and chose to bring this poor innocent girl here! You have no idea what it feels like to have something to precious taken away from you like that!” I yell at him for the first time properly since I’ve been here. It feels amazing to let all of my anger out and I don’t know how or why but I have this feeling deep inside me that even though Harry may have this hard exterior, I don’t think he will hurt me. I don’t know if that makes me foolish or not but I can’t help it.

“Yes I am the leader and part of the role is to listen to everyone else too!” he retorts.

“Then that makes you a weak leader.” I mummer quietly and he stills standing only a few feet away from me. I think I hit a soft spot.

“What did you just say?” he asks me quietly. Too quietly. Shit I think I angered him even more.

“You heard me.” I whisper.

“You think I’m a shit leader? You think I’m not harsh enough? Well I can show you harsh.” He growls before storming closer towards me and my eyes widen in fear.


“You won’t hurt me. I know you won’t.” I say my thoughts out loud and he chuckles darkly.

“Oh sweetie you have no idea.” He says his attitude suddenly hanging to menacing. I can suddenly no longer hear the girl’s screams and I only assume that whoever was with her has finished with her. I just hope that nobody else with hurt her any more but form my experience I know that is not possible for these boys.

“You won’t.” I state confidently as he crouches down slowly to meet my eyes.

“How are you so sure?” he asks me his tone still rather harsh.

“Because you told me you couldn’t.” I say and he abruptly stands up again and shoves a hand through his hair I what seems to be agitation.

“What?” I frown at him.

“Nothing.” He snaps only increasing my confusion. I only notice now how much he’s sobered up form before which is a relief to see. He huffs and reaches into his pockets only to pull out a small cardboard box.

“It’s the test Louis got.” He says in irritation and I raise my eyebrows at his unusual behaviour. How has he just suddenly changed his mood once again? I reach out and take the box from him not once breaking eye contact with him.

“Thanks.” I mumble. He narrows his eyes and turns his head away from me.

“Do you seriously think you’re pregnant?” he asks me quietly. I raise my eyebrows at him.

“Honestly? No. I’m only doing this test to prove everyone wrong.” I reply back.

“Oh ok.” He says awkwardly but somewhat….relieved? I think most of my anger has now dissolved into confusion towards this infuriating guy standing in front of me.

I sigh and stand up to go to the bathroom to do this damn test. I don’t even know how to use one. I’ve never had to use one in my entire life.

As I reach the door I heat Harry from behind me.

“And for your information, I do know what it feels like to have something precious taken away from me.” He says quietly halting me in my tracks.

“What do you mean?” I ask him suddenly intrigued. He obviously realises what he just said as he pauses.

“Nothing never mind. Just go and do the damn test.” He sighs leaving me confused and irritated.

“Fucking hell! Just tell me!” I hiss at him before I can stop myself. However I do find it easier to be mad at him compared to the other boys probably because I know he won’t hurt me like the others.

“No! Go and do the test!” he growls back and I sigh in defeat knowing that I won’t get anywhere with him.

I turn back around and grasp the door handle and I swing open the door before shuffling out.

I see Zayn walking down the hallway from the room where they took that girl into. Crap.

What was her name anyway? Damon?

“Well that was fun.” He says smugly confirming my suspicions instantly making me feel nauseous again. I ignore him and carry on walking towards the bathroom to get this test over with.

I race to the bathroom and lock the door before Zayn or any of the other boys catch up to me.

I swiftly rip open the box and take out the instructions. Apparently I have to pee on some stick things. Brilliant.

I huff and walk over to the toilet seat and do my business before waiting for the results.

I know that I’m not pregnant but I cannot ignore the weird chilling sensation deep inside me. I ignore this and try to stay as optimistic as possible. I cannot lower my mood any more than It already is.

After a few minutes I take a deep breath before checking the sticks…..

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