Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


4. Chapter 4

The rest of my classes went by in a blur which I was sad to see. Apart from a crappy start to the day, I actually enjoyed school today. Or maybe I just did not want to go home and face the wrath of my mom.


I sighed as I exited my last class which happened to be English if you were curious. I stroll down the corridor and out of the front door of the building. I stop as soon as I reach the crisp outdoor air. I have always loved the outdoors. I closed my eyes and breathed in the cool air around me. I probably looked really weird but I couldn’t care less. Me and my dad used to do this all of the time but then he died fighting in the army and left me and my mom all on our own.


I can feel the tears build up in my eyes as I look back on the memory of when I first found out about the death of my dad. I was only 10 years old at the time…





“Honey?! Can you come over here for a moment? We need to talk.” I heard mummy say from the kitchen. She sounded as if she had been crying. I frown as I slowly put down my Barbie doll and leave my room to go downstairs.


I walk into the kitchen to find mummy sitting on the kitchen stool with her head in her hands. I notice an opened letter on the kitchen counter next to her.


“Mummy? What’s wrong?” I ask. She lifts her head up from her hands and when she sees me, a small smile forms on her face. I notice mummy’s eyes are red from all the crying. What’s gotten her so upset?


“Come sit here darling.” She says as she pats the empty stool next to her. I nod and walk over to the stool and plop down onto it.


She takes a shaky breath causing me to frown.


“What’s going on mummy? You can tell me.” I urge her.


I notice a small tear trickle down her face before she speaks.


“It’s about daddy…” she says. I nod for her to continue.


“I don’t think he’s going to come back baby girl.” She croaks out. I look at her in horror.


“Wha-what do you mean? Where is he?” I ask on the brink of tears.


“He’s in a safe place don’t worry honey. But he won’t be coming back.” She says with even more tears streaming down her face.


“No! He must come back!” I shout hysterically while the tears now run down my face.


“I’m so sorry darling!” she says. “Come here.” She holds out her arms and lean into them. She wraps them around me tightly and buries her head into the crook of my neck as we both sob uncontrollably…




I will never forget that day…Ever. I love my dad dearly and I will never have the same relationship with my mom as I did with my dad.


I wipe away the tears that had now trickled down my cheeks as I slowly began to make my way through the campus and to the front gates.


As I walk, I suddenly hear grunts of….pain? I jump when I hear shouting as well but I cannot make out what the voice is saying. My curiosity takes the best of me as I follow the strange noises. My mom was probably going to murder me but I shrug at that thought. Someone sounds like they are in trouble and I think that’s a teenie bit more important than coming home a bit later and suffering the wrath of my mom.


I crouch down as the noises become louder and clearer so I do not get noticed. I hide behind a bush and kneel so I can peak over it and see what was going on.


However I really wish I hadn’t as the scene in front of me brought tears to my eyes again.




I saw a guy on the floor covered in blood and his clothes were ripped in various places showing off his bruised skin. He had his hands around his stomach in pain and had his eyes squeezed shut as he waited for the next blow.


Standing around him were a group of five men wearing black. However they all had their backs to me so I could not see any of their faces. But one of them has noticeable curly hair and I slapped myself for being so stupid. Of course it was Harry and his little gang!


I covered my mouth with my hand in horror as I watched the scene unfold in front of me.


Harry stepped forward and lifted his foot off of the ground before slamming it HARD into the poor bloodied guy’s stomach. He groaned in protest and rolled over onto his stomach. It felt like I could feel his pain from where I was kneeling. I now had tears uncontrollably trickling down my face as Harry carried on kicking him hard in the same place.








Harry’s stupid friends just stood there behind him and seemed unfazed by this. They are all heartless and sick.


I close my eyes and turn away not wanting to see any more of this torture. What do I do? I really want to help the poor guy but then I am risking my own life by saving him.


Oh well, it’s not like I have anything to live for anyway. My dad is dead and I have a seriously pissed off mom waiting for me at home. I nod to myself. I need to stop them even if I do get beaten up.


I slowly rise from my kneeling position and stand. I wipe off the remaining tears on my cheeks before marching over towards the bloody scene….

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