Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


39. Chapter 39

I huff and watch him walk away from me, my body still shaking from my nasty spew of vomit. I felt gross. I still had the clothes on from meeting El and Perrie and I probably had throw up on me. My throat burned from the nasty acids that had come up and my head hurt. I keep my eyes away from the mess on the floor, not wanting to get sick all over again. My stomach turns and growls, making me scuff. I just lost everything in my stomach and I’m hungry. Figures.


    As I start around the other side of the room to get in bed, Louis walks back through the door, holding a rag. I raised an eyes brow at him but he ignored me. He stood right in front of me, his tall frame easily towering over mine. I froze as his free hand came up, tilting my chin up. I swear if it’s what I think it’s for, I’m going to knee him in his gonads.


    “You can take a shower after you eat, if you want. It’ll give me time to clean this up and all that.” Louis mummered as he brought the rag up to my face. 


    He brushed the cool damp cloth over my face, cleaning the sweat and grossness away. I nod my head, not sure how I’m supposed to respond to that. Why is he being so nice to me? When he was done, he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room. I hesitantly followed him, not sure of what to think about his actions.


    He stopped in the makeshift kitchen, opening a cabinet to reveal a small fridge. Well, that would explain a few things. He pulled out a bottle of water and some sandwich meat. The next cabinet revealed bread and canned food. Did they always have this in here? Or did they just get all this stuff because they stay here so often now?


    I was told to go sit in the living room as he fixed my food, leaving me to deal with Niall and Liam. Zayn was not where to be seen and I bet the money I used to have that Harry is passed out on his bed, snoring. The drunk jerk. Niall moved his legs from one end of the couch, allowing me to sit down before placing his feet in my lap. I made a face at his actions but ignored him, not wanting to start anymore trouble than I already have.


    “Food’s ready.” Louis said, motioning Niall to remove his feet as he handed me the paper plate.


    I took it and eyed the food, wondering if I would get sick again. Taking a deep breath, I took a small bite, seeing if it will go with my stomach or not. I felt my stomach relax with relief, making me take a large bite. The sandwich was gone a minute later, my stomach settling. I smiled a small smile and stood up carefully, not wanting to upset my tummy like I had earlier.


    “I think I just got sick from lack of food.” I mummered, not really talking to anybody. I used to eat once a day if then so I know how it feels. My knees were still weak and my throat was scratchy but other than that my head ache was going away.


    “That’s great. Go take a shower so you can get some sleep.” Louis commanded, motioning towards the hallway that lead to the bathroom.


    I nodded my head, placing the empty plate on the counter. I avoided the eyes that fell on me as I walked down the hallway, releasing the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding as I clicked the lock into place. I rant eh hot water, letting it run over my fingers as I tested its warmth. Once it was the right temperature I stripped down and stepped in. I let my head fall forward, the hot water massaging my neck. 


    I grabbed the rag from the counter, being careful not to fall out of the tub as I pulled back. I turned to grabbed the soap and noticed something was different. In the corner where the soap used to be, a little pink razor sat beside a can of shaving cream. Was they trying to tell me something? Ha, they must trust me not to kill myself now. Lucky me. 


    I wrapped the towel around me, trying to keep warm as I quickly dried off and got dressed. I felt clean and hairless from the new little gift they have decided to grace me with. My hair was quickly towel dried and put into a braid, shaking my head. I wanted to see if it looked right but I broke the mirror. 


    Something popped into my head and I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I broke a mirror, that’s supposed to mean seven years of bad luck. How can my luck get any worse than this? 


    You could be killed.


    My mind quietly reminded me, making me frown. So much for the small good mood I had manage to put myself in. I’m probably not going to make it out of here. If Harry really does relive what happened with Mia with other girls and they died, what does that mean for me? Did they know about Mia? What’s worse is that I supposedly remind Harry of Mia more than any girl that had been taken here. 


    Is this really how my life is supposed to go? Is being used as a sexual toy and then brutally murdered really my fate? How my life is supposed to end? I don’t get to grow up. I don’t even get to finish school? Tell my mom goodbye? Apologize for being a rude, disrespectful child? The only one she has? I know me and my mom didn’t get along but I still love her. I don’t want her to be alone, not without knowing. I know it won’t make things better for her but it’s better to know the truth and her cry than for her to believe that I left her and have her hate me for the rest of her life. 


    I wipe my face from the silent tears that rolled down my cheeks and took a calming breath. Might as well go down with a fight.



Hi guys! Sorry it took a bit to update! It's kind of a filler :/ sorry if it sucks!!! Don't forget to comment!! I would love love love to know about what you think about the story so far!! Please comment and tell me! If there's anything you don't like about the story or you think we could make something better, please let us know in the comment section!!!! Thank you! 


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