Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


37. Chapter 37

I wasn’t drug into my room. No, that would have been to easy for him. His grip tightened on my arm as he pulled me down the hallway, my small feet barely able to keep up with his long stride. I stumble a little as he rounded the corner, startling Niall awake with his loud stomps. I sent him a wide eyed look, even when I know he wouldn’t help me. He just stared blankly at me, as if he thought I had it coming. I could hear Harry’s heavy stumbles as he made his way to the opposite side of the house. He’s to drunk to even realize what was going on, much less protect me from it.


    Would he want to protect me? To keep me out of harms way? One side of me believe yes, that he would step up to the plate and defend me.  The other part said no. That he was to bad for there to be any good in him. He’s done this to so many other girls and never once gave it a second thought. He wouldn’t defend me. Protect me, no matter how much trouble he would get into. 


But, you’re different.


    My mind whispered to me. The things he said about me being different. I don’t want him to want me because I remind him of someone he beat until she was an inch away from losing her life. That’s not what I want. Even then, my mind made me realize something. If it meant me taking a beating to keep him on the good side of his gang, then I’ll do it. To protect him. I cringe at the very thought of seeing him hurt.


    For some reason, I snort. That’s funny. He’s the one that got me into all this mess and I’m willing to get the crap kicked out of me to keep him out of harms way. Well, my luck just gets better and better. Way to go, Amelia. You’re so caring and noble. Ugh.


    I stop fighting with him. It’s just gonna make things worse for me if I try to get away from him. He gives me a slightly surprised look when I actually try to keep up with him, staying closer to his body than I had originally wanted to. Maybe he will take it easy now that I’m not fighting with him.


    I swallow my disgust when his hand slides down my arm, weaving his fingers between mine to hold my hand. My heart starts beating fast as we near the room where I had lost it all. Self respect. Respect for others. My innocence. I unintentionally grip Zayn’s hand harder as we neared the door, earning a smirk from him. 


    He barges through the door, not waking the still sleeping Louis. Louis’s red hair was sticking up all over the place and he was on his side, curled into a ball. It was almost cute. Almost. 


    Zayn marches over to the bed, me still in tow behind him. He shoved at the boys back multiple times before Louis rolled over, blinking sleepily up at him.


    “Ay, mate, what’s your problem?” He asked, his voice low and rumbly from sleep.


    “Get out. Go fight Niall for the couch.” Zayn said, pointing towards the door. Louis sighed and sat up slowly, rubbing his temples. How did they even manage to get alcohol? Much less drink it without me knowing. Oh, right. I was asleep. He went to get off the bed before his blue eyes caught mine, catching him off guard.


    “Zayn-” He started, shaking his head slowly at the boy.


    “Get. Out.” Zayn interrupted, his tone low and threatening. 


    “But, you know what Harry said-” He started again.


    “I don’t give a fuck about what Harry said! This is what she is here for, not for him to relive the first time he killed someone! We made the agreement from the very start and we are going to carry it out, just as we alway had. Just because Harry has some sick fantasy about Mia doesn’t mean things change.” Zayn snapped, making me jump as his voice got a tad louder than I wanted.


    Wait. Harry killed someone? Did the boy make it out alive? Or was it Mia? My heart almost dropped when I realized that Harry had lied to me. Mia didn’t make it out of here breathing. That’s why I’ve never heard of her before. She would have been in the papers. I would have heard her name, I would have heard of how she was attacked if she had made it out. And something else caught my attention. Harry’s first kill. Has Harry killed others? That was when I noticed the room was quiet. I look up from my feet, meeting two pairs of eyes.


    “Your precious lover didn’t tell you that did he? That he killed her. Not only did he beat her until she couldn’t move, where do you think he got his carving skills from?” Zayn said snidely, gripping my upper arm to show me my scar.


    I glanced over at Louis, looking for any sign that Zayn was lying. His blue eyes were cold now, confirming my fears. Harry lied to me. He made me feel sorry for him. He’s been playing me. This entire time, I actually thought he cared for me. I bet he’s been laughing at me. Making fun of how gullible and silly I am fro believing him. 


    It all made sense now. Harry has done nothing but hurt me. Either with his hands or his words. He never planned on keeping me alive. He never planned on protecting me from harm, not hurting me anymore.

​"And the rest?" I manage to croak out, my voice trembling. From what? I'm not sure yet.

​"Just like Mia." Zayn said carelessly, not bothering to shield me from it. 

​Harry truly is a monster.​​​​​​

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