Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


35. Chapter 35

Even if I couldn’t really see his face, I know a sick smirk was placed on his lips. Zayn stood up and made his way across the room, his hand on the door knob. He paused, slowly turning back to me.


    “And don’t think for one minute that I won’t get my turn. Sweet dreams Amelia.” Zayn said huskily before letting himself out of the room.


    Needless to say, I didn’t dare close my eyes. I turned the lamp on Harry’s side of the bed on and sat up. I grabbed a pillow and hugged it, burying my face into it. What has my life come to? Where is Harry? Did they have him tied up somewhere?


    Much to my surprise, this scared me. I was worried about him. My heart hurt to think that they actually might have caused him harm. My heart beat faster and I felt my face redden at the thought of Harry bleeding or not breathing because of me. I began to panic before a quick thought made my heart return to its normal pace.


    “..You have two options. Either you leave Harry alone or we won’t hesitate to kill you...” 


    They have to give me a chance to leave him alone. And why would they hurt him anyway, it’s me they threatened. For some reason, even though my life was on the line, it made me feel better knowing they wouldn’t hurt Harry. Or I hope they won’t.


    The next hours that passed took forever. I sat on the bed trying to keep my mind preoccupied. I didn’t want to sleep right then. I didn’t want to see the scary images of what my death could be like. I didn’t want to see Niall over me as I cried. I didn’t want to see anything that has already happened to me on repeat and worse than before.


    The light of the sun rising began to leak through the curtains and Harry hadn’t returned. I had managed to stay awake through the night. The scariest part of my life, the darkness of night. Bad things happened in the dark. Evil things.


    My eyes hurt from the lack of sleep and it got harder to open my eyes after blinking. I wanted to sleep. I wanted to curl up next to the pillow and sleep until my body is rested. Instead, I made my way off the bed. I have to stay busy. I need to stay awake until I get so sleepy, I won’t be able to dream. That my body will be so exhausted that it won’t have the energy to create pictures behind my eyelids. 


    I paced back and forth over at the end of the bed, thinking. I need to stay busy, a least for a little while longer. Just a couple of more hours then I can sleep. I need something that will wake me up a little, if not a lot. A shower. A nice, hot shower would do the trick. 


    I gathered up some clothes and grabbed my towel before easing the bedroom door open. The hallway was quiet and empty, telling me the boys were either still asleep or gone. I tip toed out the hallway towards the bathroom. A light snore came from the bathroom, making my heart beat a little hard. I pushed the bathroom door open and peaked in, finding a body on the floor in front of the toilet. A red head was laying on his back, sprawled out in the floor. His mouth was wide open and a light snore came from him, making me hold in a giggle. 


    My cheeks reddened when I realized he was shirtless, exposing all of his bodily tattoos. I’ve only seen them once and I don’t want to think about that right now. Or ever. Mostly likely never. 


    I placed my clothes on the counter and looked around. I don’t want to take a shower with him in here with me. So many things can go wrong with that. I bent down and grabbed his wrist gently, giving him a light tug. He barely budged. I tried harder, getting no where. He’s too heavy. I sighed and let my head fall back to look at the roof. Taking a deep breath, I crouched beside him, poking him in the ribs.


    At first he didn’t respond, continuing with his snoring until I poked him repeatedly in the side. He groaned and swatted my hands away from his side, rolling over with his back to me.


    “Hey.” I whispered, poking him in the neck. He needs to get out of here if I wanted to take a shower. He groaned again and rolled over to face me, his eyes still closed.


    “Come on. Let’s get you out of here.” I mutter, tugging at his arm.


     He kept his eyes closed as he got to his knees. I wrapped my arm around his waist and helped him to his feet. He stumbled forward, nearly sending me to the floor with him. I regained balanced and we started our slow shuffle toward the living room.


    Minutes later we made it to the couch to find a sleeping Niall sprawled out and taking up the entire couch. Liam was hanging off of the chair in the corner and Zayn was on a pallet on the floor curled into a ball. I mentally groaned and nearly had to drag a still-drunk Louis around to the other side of the house.


    I stopped in front of the closed door, frowning. This is the last place I wanted to be, with any of the boys much less with the red head. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and pushed the door open, revealing a clean room. The bed was made and the floor was clear of clothes. 


    Louis moaned at my side, rubbing his temple with one hand. I shuffled forward with him slowly until we got to the bed. I stood him up against the edge before shoving him back. He bounced onto the bed, half of him still dangling off. Why does the world hate me?     Gathering his legs, I manage to wrestle with him until he was completely on the bed.


    I huffed and quickly exited the room, not bothering to close it. I silently made my way back through the house, shaking my head at the sleeping boys lounged around everywhere. I allowed a small smile to take over my lips as I closed the door and locked it. 


    I stripped down to my underwear, yawning as I stretched. I’m so sleepy but I willed my eyes to stay open. I turn on the tap water and splashed the cool liquid on my face. It helped but not as much as this hot shower will. I pulled back the curtain and nearly died of a heart attack.


     Harry had his feet kicked up on the water faucet and his head resting against the back of the tub. An empty bottle of whiskey was gripped tightly. He was shirtless, his dark skinny jeans unbuttoned  and unzipped. His curls were pushed back away from his face and he looked peaceful as he slept. I sighed and grabbed my towel, wrapping it around me. When I turned back to Harry his green eyes sparkled at me as his plump pink lips spread into a lazy grin.

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