Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


32. Chapter 32

“You have pretty eyes.”

God! Am I stupid? How can I say something like that?!

I vigorously dry myself with the towel before changing in the new set of clothes. The weird thing is, he didn’t get angry or shout at me for saying it.

I sigh as I walk towards the bathroom door. Why am I suddenly getting so nervous? Do I want to see him again? Well I kind of have to but still. Will it be awkward? Oh god! I’m overthink everything as usual.

I put on my confident face as I swing open the door and I jump when I see Harry standing directly outside. Jesus has he been waiting here all this time?!

“I have some food for you back in the room.” He says actually smiling. Wow he does have a gorgeous smile. I mean, that dimple is just so cute I want to poke it.

Wait, where the hell did that come from?! Oh god I’m going insane! Just shut up Amelia!

“Thanks.” I mumble shooting him a small smile before walking past him in the direction of my room. I need to stay as far away from him as I can think straight.

As I walk I notice that it seems none of the other boys are here. I wonder where they are not that I’m complaining. I also notice the heavy footsteps behind me. Is Harry following me? Great.

When I walk into my room, I see a small tray with various different snacks on. It looks like Harry wasn’t lying then. My stomach instantly grumbles at the sight of the food. Wow I’m starving!

I turn around so I am met with Harry’s emerald eyes once again.

“Thank you! Seriously this means a lot.” I say gratefully. He gives me a small smile and nods his head in acknowledgment.

“Well go on then. I know you’re hungry.” He says motioning to the food. I feel my eyes brighten like a child as I turn back around and walk towards the food on my bed.

I instantly take hold of the small ham sandwich and devour it completely within a minute. I couldn’t care less that Harry was standing there watching me eat the entire time because I was just too hungry. I ate all of the other various small snacks that Harry had given me and before long I had noticed for once in a long time, I was actually full. Man I missed this feeling!

I sigh contently and pat my stuffed belly.

“Feeling better now?” Harry asks softly from in front of me. I hum and nod lazily and he smirks at me with a sudden playful glint in his eye.

“Well that’s good then.” he says simply walking slowly over to me on the bed. I watch him carefully as he sits down rather close next to me. He doesn’t do anything but just stare at me and I do the same. I take this time to properly examine his features. His sparkling emerald green eyes, his soft bouncy chestnut curls, the small indent on his cheeks from his dimples. I resist the urge just to reach out and touch his face knowing that I would be foolish to do so.

Without warning he lifts up his hand and gently caresses the skin on my right cheek. The touch was so soft and gently yet somehow passionate and even…..intimate? Usually I would have flinched at his touch but now…..

My eyes flutter shut as I slowly lean in to his touch. His hand tenses but he doesn’t remove it which surprises me. I feel him shuffle on the bed but I don’t bother opening my eyes. It is only when I feel his warm breath fan on my face that I realise that his face was inches away from mine. My eyes fly open and I look into his intense eyes.

“Can I try something?” he asks huskily yet hesitantly. I frown at him knowing exactly what he was going to do. Oh shit. I’ve gotten too far haven’t I? This is wrong! We can’t do this! He’s a monster.

My eyes widen and I instantly snap out of this trance and back away from him. His eyes widen too but that is probably from my rejection.

“What are we doing?! We can’t do this!” I say hysterically. He frowns at me and his mouth sets into a grim line.

“No. We can’t.” he says tensely. Sudden mood change once again.

“You hurt me a-and you got your friends to rape and abuse me. Hell you got them to take my virginity!” I say slightly louder this time. If I keep this up I’ll end up in tears like the little weakling I am.

I see him flinch slightly at my words and I know he either feels guilty or angry at my words. But he ends up putting his guard back up and keeps his usual grim face. Nice Harry has gone now. Brilliant!

“You’re a monster.” I whisper backing away a little more from him just in case he decided to get abusive. I guess him almost kissing me was a little wake up call for me so that I wouldn’t end up doing something with him I would later on regret.

“I bet this was all a part of your plan. You wanted me to get on your good side so I would have sex with you.” I carry on ranting hysterically. He clenches his jaw and I see his eyes blacken in anger. Maybe I should stop.

“I don’t need your permission to have sex with you. I always get what I want.” He growls threateningly. I huff at him and blink back the pathetic tears that were threatening to escape.

“Yeah I can tell.” I hiss bitterly at him. He narrows his eyes in warning at me before shuffling closer to me on the bed and I instinctively shuffle back in attempt to be further away from him. His angry expression makes me think he’s gonna do something bad to me.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look so scared?” he asks me bitterly. It funny how a minute ago how he was asking me if I felt better.

“Stay away from me!” I hiss at him as he come closer to me. He smirks at me for some unknown reason as I keep on shuffling back and it is only when my back hits the edge of the bed where it meets the wall that I realise I’m fucked.

“Mine.” He growls as he shuffles even closer until his body his pressed against mine on the bed and his face is again inches away from mine.

Why does he keep calling me his? I’m not his property!

“Get off me!” I hiss attempting to push him away.

“Stop fighting me baby.” He says huskily once again reaching up and caressing my cheek. His eyes are still black in anger however his touch is still soft.

“You know I can’t punish you anyway.” He whispers.

“Because I’m somehow different?” I spit at him. He smirks at me still not meeting my angry gaze.

“Yes.” is all he says as his hand travels down my cheek and on my neck. He eyes my face intently as he carries out this somehow intimate gesture. He sighs and licks his lips.

“I know you want this as badly as I do. It’s written all over your face.” He says suddenly serious with all trace of anger and bitterness gone. How does he do that? Oh wait…he’s bipolar.

“I don’t want anything.” I say swallowing the lump in my throat. He and I both know how I’m reacting to his touch right now and It’s boosting his confidence. He suddenly leans down so his mouth is against my ear.

“You’re lying.” He whispers and I feel goosebumps run down my neck. And without warning, he places a small chaste kiss below my ear making me sigh contently. I want him to do that again.

“I know you want this.” he whispers placing another kiss on the same spot. I tilt my head to the side giving him more access and I feel him smile smugly into my skin. But to my displeasure, he rises up so his eyes meet mine.

He looks at me with amusement mixed with satisfaction.

“Not yet honey.” He says teasingly brushing the loose strands of my wet hair from my face.

I know I shouldn’t be doing this but my body is going against me and I just can’t stop. I’m lost in his gaze.

I close my eyes in defeat.

“Please stop this.” I plead with him as I feel him lean in closer so or foreheads touch.

“No.” he says simply.

“Stop fighting it.” He demands softly. I gulp. I know he’s done all of these unforgivable things to me which makes this even worse.

Does this mean I have feelings for him?

He leans down even closer and I am drawn to him like a magnet. And our lips meet in the middle. As soon as our lips touch, I instantly feel the weird electric current again from when he kissed me last time.

The kiss starts off slow and gentle but soon grows more passionate. I know he can feel the weird electric current too because he frowns into the kiss but doesn’t stop. He greedily grasps hold of my cheeks in attempt to make the kiss deeper and hotter.

And the even weirder thing is….

I actually liked the kiss.

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