Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


31. Chapter 31

I flopped back onto the bed, a yawn taking over for a few seconds. My ribs were sore but not as bad as thy could be, I guess. I hear voices outside but I can’t tell who was talking or where they were. I’ve learned that sound travels very well in this house. You can be in the other room on the other side of the house and hear the conversation in my room if you were talking in a loud voice.


    I stretched as far as my ribs would let me, before gently rolling onto my side and brought my knees to my chest. I should really change but I’m to exhausted. Just that little bit of activity as me so tired. I let my eyes close as another yawn started, shutting out all the bad and welcoming in the good. Sleep.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Good morning, beautiful.” I hear someone rasp, making me look up. I smile sleepily at Harry, rolling onto my other side to face him.


    “Good morning.” I say, snuggling closer to his side. He’s so warm.


    “So what do you want to do today?” He asks, his long fingers twirling my hair around.


    “Mm, let’s eat first then we will decide.” I bargain, kissing his cheek before wiggling my way off the bed. 


    Instead of the dark, scary room I was used to, it had been changed. Light filtered through the large open windows, letting in the warmth and brightness of the sun. The walls were a tan color with white trimmings around the room. Hardwood floors were cool beneath my bare feet, smooth and clean. 


    I turn around and Harry is walking out of the bedroom in a pair of grey joggers, his curls brushed back away from his face. He smiles at me before disappearing down the hallway. I sigh and follow after him, plunging into the darkness of the hallway. Where’s the light? I throw my hands out in front of me to feel around and make sure I don’t run into anything. I walk blindly through the hallway for a few more seconds before a light is flipped on and I’m go blind for a few seconds.


    “Harry?” I call out, blinking rapidly to try to get my eyes used to the light. 


    Once they are working right, I look around, slow horror sinking in. I had managed to make my way through the house and into the room I had been raped in. I hear the door slam shut, making me whirl around quickly. I scrambled over to the door, yanking on the handle. It was locked from the other side, not budging from my tugs and pulls. 


    I take a deep breath to calm my nerves, telling myself that I’m just freaking out over nothing. I twist the handle slowly, my hopes crashing to the floor beneath my feet as I find that it was still locked. 


    “Amelia.” A familiar voice calls out, making me turn around. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall against the opposite wall from me, lined up about a foot apart. I press my back into the door, curling my hand into a fist.


    “You don’t have to worry. It’ll only hurt for a few seconds.” Niall taunts, taking a slow step towards me.


    I shake my head hard, refusing to believe this is real. I’m not going through this again. A cruel smirk plays on his lips as he takes his time walking towards me, the other boys flanking him. 


    I turn around, beating hard on the door and screaming for help. I don’t know who I expected to help me but it was worth a shot. Somebody has to be able to help me. Something in my brain clicked and I began to call out a familiar name. Harry. He has to be here, he has to help me. He was going into the kitchen, where is he now? Is he okay?


    I begin to forget about the predicament I’m in and begin to worry about Harry. I don’t know why but it’s important for him to be okay. I don’t know what I’ll do if he wasn’t.


    I jumped as someone began to beat on the other side of the door, screaming out my name.


    “Harry?! Help!” I scream through the barrier between us. It’s locked on that side, all the has to do is unlock it and let me out. 


    “I can’t find the lock! It’s gone!” Harry shouts back, beating on the door some more. How can a lock be gone and still be able to keep me in here?


    “He can’t help you, Amelia.” Niall says, his voice closer than I wanted it to be.


    “Turn around and face me, little girl.” Louis says, making me jumped as he grabs my shoulders and forcibly turns me around.


    “Harry can’t save you from us.”    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    I jerk up from my place on the bed, gasping for air. My face felt hot and sticky from sweat, my hair sticking to my face and the back of my neck. It was dark outside, telling me the sun had set. How long had I been out? What time is it? The lamp on Harry’s side of the bed told me he had been in here but chose to leave me alone, for now anyway. I shake the last scary images from my dream out of my head and make my way off of the bed.


    I dig through the drawers in the dresser, feeling disgusted with myself. I don’t have any clothes here and now I’m about to wear something the boys had stocked in here. I wonder just how many girls they’s had here so far. What happened to them? How do they keep El and Perrie from knowing what they do to girls? I want to ask Harry this but I think I’ve already used all my ask-a-question-and-get-away-unharmed-card for at least two days. Maybe.


    I check the size of the clothes I gathered and shake my head at myself. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. My stomach growls at me and I sigh. That apple was good but not enough. Maybe I can talk Harry into getting me some food. I twist the doorknob, surprised to find it unlocked. I opened the door, nearly peeing myself as I find Harry just on the other side.


    “Where are you going?” he quickly asks, eyeing me.


    “I, uh, was going to take a shower and get cleaned up for bed.” I answer quietly, not making eye contact as I look at his chest instead.


    “Oh. Okay. I’ll get you a clean towel.” Harry said, leaving my side to walk back down the hall.


     I stopped at the bathroom door, turning on the light and placing the clothes on the counter. I turn my water on and get it hot enough before turning on the shower, pulling the curtain closed. I took the pins out of my hair, letting it fall down my back in messy curls. 


    “Here’s your towel.” Harry rasps from behind me, making me jump. I didn’t hear him come in.


    “Thanks.” I mutter, taking it from him and placing it by the clothes.


    “Um, I’ll have something for you to munch on when you get out.” Harry said, scratching the back of his head. I watched him for a minute, mentally smiling. He’s so cute when he’s nice. Wait, what.


    “Okay. Thanks.” I say, offering him a small smile. He shared the same small smile, making his dimples appear. His bright green eyes were soft and sparkling at me as he turned to leave.


    “You have pretty eyes.” I blurt before I could stop myself. 


    Harry stopped and turned towards me, a shy smile on his face as his green eyes got even brighter.


    “Thanks, Amelia.” He says in a soft voice, giving me another smile. I manage to smile back before watching him leave, closing the door behind him.

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