Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


29. Chapter 29

He studied me for a few seconds before taking a deep breath. He walked over the bed, plopping down beside me. We sat in silence for a few minutes before he looked down at my feet.


    “You must be dying in those.” He says, motioning towards my heels.


    “I’ve never had much practice in heels. Not really the girly girl type enough for it.” I mumble, not wanting to push him anymore than I have. 


    “You can take ‘em off.” He says. I nod and kick them off, rubbing the balls of my feet where they began to ache. I don’t know how girls do that. So much pain to look good for somebody.


    “Mia was one of the first girls I had brought here. The only deference was she was really in an abusive relationship. She was stubborn and feisty, a lot like you. She was a red head, also. She loved to write and sing, that’s actually how we met. She had already graduated but she was dating a boy in our school though. I loved Mia. I never wanted to see her get hurt. When I found out that she was being abused by her boyfriend, I talked the boys into helping me teach him a lesson. That’s why I got expelled last year. I told her what I did and she got mad at me. She told me that she never loved me and never will.” Harry started, his eyes focused on his hands has he told me this. 


    I felt my eyebrows rise in surprise. Is he telling me the truth or his he lying to me? Why is he actually giving into my demands?


    “I got angry. I ruined my life for her, to protect her. I thought she would have been happy that her boyfriend had finally got what was coming to him. That he had got a dose of his own medicine. Instead she hated me for it. She started screaming at me and hitting me. I couldn’t stop her without hurting her. Soon enough I had her pinned to the floor with her nose bloodied. It killed me that I hurt her but she continued to yell things at me. Like what a bad person I am for trying to help her. I got so mad, after I hit her the first time I blacked out.” Harry continued, his voice low and husky as he revealed his dark secret.


    “I had beat her within an inch of her life. The boys found us and dropped her off at the hospital. She had to have twenty stitches in her head, thirteen on the inside of her mouth and countless other injuries. I went to visit her and beg for forgiveness or even offer to turn myself in but she didn’t remember me. She had lost all her memory. I told her I had the wrong room and left. That’s who Mia is. A girl I nearly killed after beating the guy that was doing it to her in the first place.” He said, burying his face into his hands.


    I felt my arm raise, leaving my hand in between his shoulder blades. I lightly rub the tense area there, not knowing what to say. How was one supposed to react to something like this? I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to say the wrong thing.


    “That’s what started all of this.” He muttered, shaking his head. His curls fell in his face but he left them there, putting his face back into his hands. 


    I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to comfort him. After everything he and his little friends have put me through, and I feel like I need to comfort him in this dark time of him revealing how it all began.


    I slowly reach around, my fingertips barely brushing against his cheek before his hand clasps around my wrist tightly. I try to jerk away but Harry’s grip tightens, not letting me go. His green eyes locks on mine and he slowly let’s go. I rub my wrist as he brushes his curls out of his eyes. We sat in silence for a bit, not talking but just appreciating that neither one of us are pushing the other to far. 


    “Ever since then I’ve had many, many girls here. I’ve never had a problem with punishing them. If they didn’t do what I said or disobeyed one of the boys, what ever the guy thought was decent to do was the correct punishment. The only rule was no bruises or marks on the face. Clothes can cover up body bruises, it takes a lot of make-up to cover up the face.” He said, fiddling with his thumbs again.


    “Speaking of covering things up, why didn’t you cover that?” He asked, his voice deepening to a disappointing tone. 


    “I didn’t want to get it infected by putting make-up over it.” I say, using the only excuse I had. I seriously didn’t want it to get infected but I also didn’t want to cover it up. He just nodded his head a few times before looking back down at his large hands.


    “I don’t know what makes you so different. I want to say it’s because you remind me of Mia but I’m not sure. I picked you for myself, I didn’t want to share you. But, after I had already told the boys I wanted you, I remembered the deal we all had. You can’t ever fully be mine and mine only.” Harry rumbled, looking up at me. I frowned, thinking why would I ever want to be just his anyway?


    “I’m sorry.” I say lightly, not wanting to upset him.


    “After everything I’ve done to you, you’re the one apologizing.” He scoffs, a cold laugh coming out.


    “We should get back.” He says, standing quickly. I sigh and put my heels back on, my mind still processing all the information.


    If he cared about Mia so much and I remind him of her, why is he keeping me here? I followed him quickly, nearly running into him in my desperation of trying to keep up with him. 


    “If I remind you so much of Mia and your mistake, why don’t you just let me go?” I say before I could stop myself. 


    He instantly stops, shutting the very door he had just opened. Harry turns to me, walking into my personal space. His large hands gripped my shoulder tightly and pushes me back against the wall. He rests his forehead against mine, his front lined up with mine.


    “You wanna know something?” He breathed, his hot breath washing over my face.


    “The only thing I regret now about the whole Mia thing is that she got away from me.” Harry said, his lips brushing against mine as he spoke. My heart plummeted after hearing these words but the eight words nearly made me cry.


    “I’ll never let you get away from me.”

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