Beautiful Monster

Amelia was an feisty innocent girl until a dark figure came into her normal, safe life, turning it upside down and inside out...


28. Chapter 28

“I’ll be right back” I say standing up from my position on the couch. I honestly felt like I didn’t belong here I mean everyone here seems to know each other so well.

And then there’s me. Just the outsider.

I just need time to think. My thoughts are everywhere at the moment and I feel like my brain’s about to explode.

I feel everyone’s gazes snap to me once again as I stand and I particularly notice the glares from all of the boys. They seriously still don’t think I’m going to kill myself do they?

“Are you sure you’re ok? I can come with you if you want?” Perrie offers sweetly but I shake my head at her and politely decline her offer knowing I would probably get beaten yup by the boys later on if I had let her come with me.

I sigh as I walk towards the door and I am mildly surprised when none of them stop me.

I swiftly walk back to my room and lean against the wall for support and heavily sigh. What should I do? I want to get out of here. Scratch that, I NEED to get out of here but how? I don’t know.

But what I do know is that if I stay here any longer I know I will literally go insane. I don’t want anything to do with their fucked up lifestyles but somehow I seem to be right in the middle of it.

I swiftly turn my gaze as soon as I hear the sound of the door shutting. I see no other than Harry standing there looking at me impassively. Oh god what did he want? Was he going to punish me for not covering up some of my scars?

“What are you doing?” he asks me lowly and I simply shrug my shoulders in attempt to not give anything away.

“I just needed a little alone time.” I say simply. He nods his head and slowly stalks over towards me until he towers above me. I gulp down the lump that was forming in my throat. Yep. He looks like he’s going to punish me.

I stares down thoughtfully at me and I frown in bewilderment. My frown deepens as he lifts up his hand and hovers it above my cheek. I flinch as his cool hand touches my skin. Daffuq is he doing?

I try to look away but I am lost in his intense gaze. His touch strangely sends unwanted tingles all through my body. What is he doing to me? He leans his head down and that is when I suddenly snap back to reality. He’s going to kiss me I know it but I can’t let that happen. Not again. Not ever.

I lift up my hands and push him away from me from his shoulders.

“Stop doing that.” I say through gritted teeth knowing if I shouted at him, he would probably go phycho on me. He tilts his head to the side and raises his eyebrow at me in sudden amusement.

“Doing what?” he asks me a small smirk playing on his lips. What happened? One minute he looked so blank the next he’s teasing me.

“You know what!” I reply pacing the room trying to control my anger. He can’t just kiss me like that when he’s done so much to me! He’s gotten his friends to rape me, abuse me and cause me to become suicidal and now he wants to fucking kiss me?!

I huff angrily and collapse on the bed putting my head in my hands. Yes I definitely need to get out of here.

I feel him moving closer towards me on the bed.

“You know that Harry scar you have on your arm looks really good on you.” He says thoughtfully. I roll my eyes at him knowing full well he can’t see me with my head in my hands. He’s such an ass.

“But I’m pissed that you didn’t cover it up. The girls are still asking questions.” He says his tone suddenly growing darker. Oh shit.

I lift my head up and peek up at him through my eyelashes. He looks emotionless once again.

“I could punish you right here right now.” He states and I gulp in fear once again. I was right. He came here to punish me.

“But I can’t.” he says simply. I look at him utterly confused. Huh? Why can’t he? Not that I’m complaining.

“Why?” I whisper.

“I don’t know!” he suddenly shouts making me jump. Whatever the reason is, it’s pissing him off and I don’t like it.

He suddenly stands up not taking his eyes off of me.

“I had no problem punishing all of the others so what is so damn different about you?!” he growls and my eyes widen in fear. Bipolar much? Whoa wait! There were more of them! I knew it!

“Like Mia?” I blurt out before quickly throwing my hand over my mouth in horror. Oh fuck now I’m screwed. Good going Amelia! He freezes momentarily.

“What did you just say?” he asks me quietly not giving any emotion away. Ah well! I’ve already fucked up now so I might as well get my answers.

“Harry? Who is Mia?” I ask him completely avoiding his question about me being different. I’ll come back to that later. First I need to know who this Mia girl is and why Harry called me by her name.

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